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  1. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Some things come and go especially after they get out of school. Those who are dedicated do they stay ere.
  2. *Giggle* Delightful how it can educate little kids into doing things that parents may not expect out of them over some simple game. In this case life is more simpler than one may think.
  3. Yes. He has a more attractive face...but Dimitri has better brawn and the steed makes him further dreamy. 😄 Well...she did say that it even didn't matter whom she'd have the throne as long as the said person she feels can or be responsible for. (Only to those who are as ambitious as her will she ever approve.)
  4. Which all points out in his supports with Mercedes and Dorethea as he is actually an honest man. Lysithea points out all of his mistakes in their B support which he probably already knew. He actually shows to not really be afraid to those who move him in a way to not distaste anything back to him. As truly they haven't after he wanted to help them back in return. Only that Dimitri is sexier. <33 No muscles at a younger age makes him more smitten as an Camus archtype. NEVER. No commoner like him is EVER going to have an audience with her. Her social status itself makes him a joke. Plus Hubert. -.- Sadly though in his C Support he actually be's frank with him telling him about that why he is such a problem. Jeralt is supposed to give you the ring somewhat around Ch7. Somewhat you get it at endgame otherwise. Anyone can clarify this?! 😕
  5. Um...it can never work out. Sorry. -.- Transgendering is never Nintendo's strong suit.
  6. True. But...she is the type to get fed up with incompetence in people. Still...she is someone to take into account to learn some socialization. Well...she only shows it after it is too late which is the only trouble with her character. But...needless to say they rewrite her relationship with them completely for their bonds to be tighter through battle rather than just hypothetically through conversation. She should have been one of the three house lords. Her character was written way to well for a regular character if you ask me... It's a more serious one. Even though Igatz struggles hard even on non independent issues. Um...if that were so... She would otherwise not want to have any word with them, nor support them. She is the type that is willing to listen but can't stand people who don't, or are incompetent to do so. Battles seems to be the only way that she can get along with those that she blows off later. Well...they intend to act formal more than rational to not have to go through the experience again. The kindness brought on her tend to hurt her more than make her happy as she is the type to only respect those that deserve it like with BylethXHubert A Support. She has to learn that herself in order to truly grow up. ^_^ What made her learn the start of a adult. :3 Even though she at first hadn't gotten it as the childishness was only a blip on her radar after finding out that he doesn't study. Yes. So far of knowing that she cannot tolerate incompetence. Gotta play the game to further point this out. Doing that pretty much would spell the end of her existence. FF Type-0 Even though she is right that he DOES need to pay more attention in class to stop from getting held back in school. Her supports with Cyril are what touched me the utmost though as she was like a mother to him for not having knowledge on how to read and write. Her supports are the nicest with Edelgard, Felix and Cyril. Showing that is not incapable of being kind just only gives it to those that deserve it. She's a 2.0 Hubert. She took it too far in that one despite that he is extra challenged and trying to make it in this world. Even though she is having that problem herself with what she had to have gone through at an even younger age. 😕
  7. Regardless, Raphael for his 15% speed growth. I really don't see him to be useful in any other class other than an Armored Knight. (If he can become one. Not played the game yet.)
  8. This is why that she is a character to look up to. Since others that see her rude to them will bring out maturity in them. She only is rude to some of them because they either don't listen before speaking and or are digging into her personnel problem too much. Marianne whom she did apologize to because of her knowing that she sucks at socializing with people. But...that didn't stop her from helping her out even with her own burden that she carries in the same support. Whereas she would blow Igatz, Rapheal, Lorenz, and Linherdt in their C one. Others didn't take it as a grain of salt to her character as this happens if you don't observe your surroundings and listen first before speaking. ---- How is she a problem character when a five year old kid can handle her? By example "I gotta go play outside". "See you later." Only Edelgard, Byleth, Felix, Annette, Hilda and Marinette(she apologized to her mid C Support) are examples to whom she is not cold towards in their C Supports because of them listening first before speaking. ---- That is what is so good about this game as the writers put alot of thought and time into Edelgard, Byleth and Lysithea. It's because of their behavior makes it not worth doing every other path as you won't mature as you would as fast otherwise. Especially, their writings are there to help giving you ideas from getting under peoples skin alot more without their guidance. (For those especially who don't socialize) They do educate you about life and to get along better with people are the purpose of their character writings are why that I love them the utmost in the game! As for her character...rated it 10 of course.
  9. 1. Which house did you choose first? Black Eagles 2. Who is your favorite Black Eagles character? Edelgard 3. Who is your favorite Blue Lions character? Ingrid 4. Who is your favorite Golden Deer character? Lysithea 5. Who is your favorite miscellaneous character? Flayn Overall...Edelgard. For her behavior that brings maturity out of people as well as her to bring understanding to people before speaking to them as people look up to those who listen. She may be a bit naive...but she does whatever that she can to make a better world. She is always busy and hardly has any freetime that you only see her get breaks in the Heroes game. She is such a wonderful woman.
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