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  1. I loved it better in Blazing Sword when they have made them lower in speed and that it also sucks in the other GBA games, they are only given +15 crit. In general...Assassin is a worser choice by the badder bases that it has over Swordmaster for those that aren't fond of tedious grinding.
  2. Only that it doesn't have 100% accuracy like the other two sword skills Sol and Luna do which are actually the only ways that you can get 100% accuracy in this game! ----- Hammerine Mostly would use it to repair the Light Brand, Earth Sword and Thief Staff. Thief Staff mainly for things that cannot be stolen without such as Blizzard since it puts your enemies to sleep when hit and it's weight 20 makes it impossible to steal without.
  3. In Fates...Ninja's and bows broke the game as a whole. Still didn't warrant on them making Ninja Shuriken's a ridiculous trump that had to go in this game. Nearly any proof wpns didn't, actually. -.- The 40% chance of her getting any makes it that she should use only light weighted weapons.
  4. Nah. I actually found out that he is also kind of a jerk when he literally gives Hubert a knuckle sandwich of his personality in their C support and telling Edlegard to her face in their C Support that he'll strive to be better than her that she is flat out telling him that he is wasting his time. It could be that he may have a split personality disorder. Have to see the rest of his supports as Petra is the only character in the game that doesn't get turned off by him!
  5. Micaiah. As utility is always utmost important in Gatcha games if your going to be able to beat some of the content in the games as you need certain things to beat them. Micaiah brings the best utility of the four due to her being able to bonus damage two types of units which is always useful for the high rewarding content like Infernal Grand Hero Battles, Chain Challenges, Legend battle, etc as it is then profit! With Horse, Armor, Flier emblem teams. Micaiah is utmost helpful in Mage/Flier teams.
  6. Making it five in Heroes. Glad that it went to normal tradition as they crapped up the movement and making it one extra speed to double for money making purposes. Questionable though why they have Close Counter in this game. Has the nerf of the one range mage no retaliation(Without Counter Skill) remained in this game?!
  7. I haven't got the game yet...but I gather so far to the characteristics that I see on some videos on Youtube and that Ferdinand is one of the most interesting characters to date in any game alongside Makalov.
  8. 1st Edelgard-Since have never discussed her. She is cool in a way that drives people to be jealous wanting them to be around her as much as possible that she brings inspiration in people, beautiful and having good manners. Yes...even Hubert is trying to get his meeting to her as much as he can. Anytime that she teaches a class would certainly make them into her pets taming delinquency. She has the best character development in the game! 2nd Ferdinand-see this 3rd Claude- Claude. His smile is so adorable and that I like that he isn't such a goody two shoes. He seems more honest with his callous side a bit in Heroes as of this statement.
  9. His character has to be the utmost interesting in the game... He is somewhat like Mitsuo(Persona 4) only that that he can take the heat of the rejections and distaste. He has good self temperament even though that nobody likes him. He is quite knowledgeable about people. Because why would he adapt to their personality something along the lines of these... Bernadetta-He knows that she is shy and that he forces her out of her hermit shell that it drove her to tell him to get lost. (C Support) Dorothea-He tells her that why is she so cold to him (Even though that he knows that she is already a bitch and being sarcastic to him in the C Support.) that she replies that he is like a bee. (C Support) It's sad that he can never have sex as he has no S supports with any of the females in the game! Post any conversations about him as his character is most well developed in the game! He can even A support with Edelgard, Casper (Only up to B I'm afraid) and Mercedes which those sure as hell will be interesting to see. Has too much Emphasis as well as he is quite forceful at times.
  10. They make it worse that you could actually have a Bi relationship.
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