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  1. It's retired long ago. lol
  2. Anyone have a mission to get Jap classics off of their JP imported systems as I do.... For starters "Tokyo Mirage Sessions" It had heavy censorship and is still continuing over to even the Japanese version on the switch as the summer episode will be gone forever. Yes...because of the switch version will not be carrying it over in any version INCLUDING the Japanese version. You only have a month now to get this until August 30, 2022 before the e shop card option is gone for good. You will have to import E shop Japanese cards as I've had to get the DLC content of this game including their summer outfits which will not carry over to the Encore version on the Nintendo Switch. This is to heed for those who have the Japanese Wii-U and the game! Cannot use their E-Shop on a modded American/European console. So...in conclusion...the game will be utmost experienced in the Wii-U JP version because of it! JP Wii-U experience and games that I recommend to get if you own one... -Super Mario Lost Levels NES (Japan) -Any JP Fire Emblem title -Any JP FF title as they are uncensored -Mother series especially 3!!!!! (Uncensored!) -Breath Of Fire (The uncensored version is better) -Any Super Famicom Wars title NES and SNES as they too are JP exclusives. What do you guys plan to do before the E-Shop card option goes away. Because I've got the news online and from here about it closing down which brings some impact to Awakening, Fates and Shadows Of Valentia. Well unless you own a JP Switch, you will not be able to transfer any funds at all after next month as the E-Shop card option will close for good! So as VincentASM heartbunny says "Don't dilly dally". So far have Got... -Tokyo Mirage Sessions DLC Japan hate the US version. (Got Last Month!) -Mother 3 (So to legally own it!) ~_-(Got Last Month!) -Mother 2(Japan) Because...Uncensored!(Got Last Month!) -Super Mario Bros Lost Levels NES(Got Last Month!) -Final Fantasy SNES and DS 4 Japan(Got Last Month!) -Fire Emblem Fates Japan All DLC's including the Cipher units Marth, Minerva and Lucina. You have to get Cipher cards for the codes of the Cipher units. Probably gone now. -.-(Got years ago!) -All Fire Emblem Awakening both US and JP including Spotpass (For the series units!!!)(Got years ago!) -Fire Emblem Fates US All DLC's.(Got years ago!) -Fire Emblem Shadows Of Valentia All DLC's Thank God! I've got the remaining free DLC episode after hearing this closure news.(Got years ago except free Mila episode which was obtained last month. It's free!!) -Smash Bros Wii-U (US) and 3DS US All DLC's(Got years ago!) -Smash 3DS JP All DLC's(Got years ago!) Planned for next month... -JP Smash Bros Wii-U DLC as already have the game for the Wii-U JP. God it's around 80ish dollars worth of yen. -.- -Final Fantasy V and VI both SNES and DS versions because Uncensored -Famicom Wars and Super Famicom wars -Mother 1 because Uncensored! -Mystic Quest FF (Uncensored!) -Fire Emblem 6 Have other 5 1-5 with actual carts. -...And Breath Of Fires 1&2 because Uncensored!) Have to hurry...because it will be impossible to make purchases after next month without a Japanese Nintendo Switch merge account transfer after August 30ith 2022. Yes! The uncensored will give you new experiences that you never have had before upon these games. So...what are you planning to do with your remaining time before closure?!
  3. It's a free country after all!
  4. lol ------ The mother walks with me.
  5. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Some things come and go especially after they get out of school. Those who are dedicated do they stay ere.
  6. *Giggle* Delightful how it can educate little kids into doing things that parents may not expect out of them over some simple game. In this case life is more simpler than one may think.
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