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  1. yep! but it is still better than lords! so they do have something. I still wouldn't use them lol
  2. ok it's not quite fair to dump on sentinel defenses without mentioning steadfast doubling? resistances on EP don't get me wrong I still hate the class but they're not THAT bad
  3. I remember exactly one thing about this campaign and it's exceptionally minor (the rare magic class) so I'll be watching with interest. It's incredibly frustrating that Memoirs doesn't even end with Delfador failing to save the prince's.
  4. i'd say both are kinda true? probably more the latter than former; i don't think t3 poachers really stack up that unfavorably compared to master bowmen or slurbows elves are just stupid lol
  5. oh right I forgot about xp differentials, which were even mentioned like, pages ago the point is trappers are sick as you will find out even more in a future campaign, mind you πŸ‘€
  6. i love both as well but it really is a shame that they're so much worse than their corresponding elf versions (respectively 7x2, 10x5 marksman; 8x4, 10x4, with ambush). at least the humans are better in swamps! i definitely didn't appreciate them nearly as much as i should've the first few years i was playing, though; these guys are sick
  7. i feel like her old version having rogue-type evasion more than made up for her defenses, statistically? i don't remember if they changed her hp as well, though
  8. i'm not sure i've ever encountered a map where the real optimal strategy was "dig in until the allied AI can carry you"
  9. petition to have you post a relevant youtube link for the map music for each update wesnoth music is sick* and i think the readers are really missing out *reasonably so, at least also can i apply to sub in for the next insufferably unplayable campaign, if one exists? e: im rly enjoying ur voiceover ike ty for picking that up
  10. why would he care about or remember some stinky dwarves?
  11. i hate the wesnoth spiders so much for exactly this reason i mean they're also awful to fight against but also they're HUGE SPIDERS D:
  12. wait who's the first also YES finally caught up wesnoth rules
  13. wow u actually did it look guys peer pressure works
  14. 1. First/current impressions? 2. Tell me about your education / career goals! What do you most enjoy, what do you wish didn't exist, what do you hope to do in the future? You've dodged talking about this before, and now you can't. 3. What parts of Fire Emblem (specific games or in general) do you think show promise but are under-explored and you wish were developed more? Gimme like, three. 4. What five things are you most looking forward to about Smash Ultimate? 5. In general, do you tend to see: - negative aspects of yourself in other people, - positive aspects of yourself in other people, - negative aspects of other people in yourself, or - positive aspects of other people in yourself? (Pick two, if needed.)
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