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  1. that euklyd guy asked me to mention he wants in if somehow this fills up y'all can sub him out tho since he's too lazy to log in himself
  2. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/21/arts/design/roosevelt-statue-to-be-removed-from-museum-of-natural-history.html For context, TR is not being canceled. The statue just sucks, as Ike said.
  3. Those are fine responses! They're also not what occurred in this thread. "I don't think deplatforming helps" "Well, according to the research that has been done, it does" <silence> If someone believes that it should not be done regardless, then they should make that case, but not without addressing the people who responded to their earlier points. You acknowledge the evidence that it does work, and you make the case for why even if it does, it shouldn't happen. You dig into why it's more important that nobody be deplatformed, and you engage with the rebuttals to that. Eventually, you will likely come to a true impasse of ideals, e.g., "I value all people having an unrestricted platform to speak from more than I value corporations having the ability to control their platforms," and at that point there may simply be nothing left to say. That's a discussion to be had, but its endpoint is several layers deeper than anything we've seen here. It requires genuine effort to engage in a longform discussion, and that is not happening in this thread. It's not even repetition of talking points--that was several pages ago. AFAICT raven only posted the first Google result, here's another: https://www.theverge.com/interface/2019/8/8/20759995/8chan-deplatforming-extremism-white-house-censorship
  4. Responding to your original point on this, with this clarification: If you deplatform @realDonaldTrump on Twitter for saying racist shit, you've deplatformed @realDonaldTrump, not the office of the presidency. Nobody saying this has ever addressed the evidence that deplatforming does help reduce racism elsewhere, which has been linked here. Nobody here who has said "well actually, deplatforming doesn't work" has provided evidence beyond "well if you think about likely outcomes..." There's a reason no self-respecting user—or former user—on this site takes this board seriously. This board isn't taken seriously because it's extremely rarely an honest exchange of ideas and evidence and rationales, and instead it's one or both sides simply repeating their own points. And despite the pinned thread on these boards I'm not convinced anyone has read it in years. This board isn't taken seriously because when anyone makes a normative argument people frame it as "well I don't think we should control how people act" rather than actually having a discussion. This board isn't taken seriously because it has a history of allowing ragingly insane bad-faith actors a privileged platform and has never actually grappled with it (at least not publicly, which is the important part), or the effects it's had on the users who were forced to tolerate them for years while just being told we didn't know the context. eclipse you have absolutely been talking down to raven this entire time rather than responding to any of his substantive points (addendum: you did in your most second-most recent post). It's a bad look for these boards when the only mods willing to post in SD take responding to the people there less seriously than if they were responding to a mafia game. "Your views will develop as you get older" is true, obviously, but it's an absurd argument to make to even a child, let alone a grown adult. If you're so much wiser than the rest of us, use that wisdom to make a decent argument rather than talking down to us as if we're merely children who don't understand how the world works. I used to think the serious discussion board was a useful containment zone to keep all this bullshit away from the rest of the forums, but as I've gotten older I have gotten wiser, and realized this is just a blight on everyone who posts here.
  5. are we doing this pooled ahead of time → donate as one big chunk, or are we all doing it ourselves live during the stream? either way i'm in
  6. Yeah that's where I'm at as well, unfortunately. I feel like there's just something I'm missing cuz there are definitely people with thick curly hair who wear it super nicely! unfortunately i also feel like sf is not a group of experts on this subject matter, heh
  7. as someone who has a similar problem (i grow mine out and tie it back, it works okay but i wish i had a better solution), i sympathize i wish i had an actual solution that could help you tho op 😞
  8. why did you pick this of all campaigns to steal from ike anyways
  9. I have such an increased appreciation for Hammer now, wow ty for the rehabilitation
  10. yep! but it is still better than lords! so they do have something. I still wouldn't use them lol
  11. ok it's not quite fair to dump on sentinel defenses without mentioning steadfast doubling? resistances on EP don't get me wrong I still hate the class but they're not THAT bad
  12. I remember exactly one thing about this campaign and it's exceptionally minor (the rare magic class) so I'll be watching with interest. It's incredibly frustrating that Memoirs doesn't even end with Delfador failing to save the prince's.
  13. i'd say both are kinda true? probably more the latter than former; i don't think t3 poachers really stack up that unfavorably compared to master bowmen or slurbows elves are just stupid lol
  14. oh right I forgot about xp differentials, which were even mentioned like, pages ago the point is trappers are sick as you will find out even more in a future campaign, mind you 👀
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