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  1. For Birthright, it doesn't really matter as all the characters from chapter 5 will immediately carry over. Feel free to give exp to all the units you want to use. Things are similar for Revelations as all characters will eventually be playable again, though some rejoin later than others. Again, fell free to give exp to units you plan to use. If you REALLY want to maximize exp gain, you can have Jakob or Felicia use up their Heal staff since they rejoin with a full staff in chapter 6, even if it broke earlier. You can do the same with Sakura in chapter 5 but only if you're playing Revelations.
  2. Friend list interaction is a common request. I was thinking of a “friend arena” where you fight the arena teams of the people in your friends list. Alternatively, we fight arena teams using random units from our friend’s list.
  3. I'll share some combos so please don't hurt me Draw Back + Bonfire + Spur Def 3 4* Sully: Draw Back + Spur Def 1 and 2 4*M!Robin: Glowing Ember + Bonfire + Spur Def 3 If you're like me and save Sully for Swordbreaker because Abel never shows up, she can be substituted by 3* Draug, 4* Priscilla, or 4* Chrom but you'll lose out on Draw Back Draw Back + Iceberg + Desperation 3 4* Mae: Draw Back + Desperation 1 and 2 4* Shanna: Chilling Wind + Iceberg + Desperation 3 Draw Back + Luna + Armored Blow 3 + Hone Cavalry 4* Nino: Draw Back + Hone Atk 1 and 2 4* Gunter: Armored Blow 1 and 2 + Hone Cavalry 4* Catria: New Moon + Luna + Armored Blow 3
  4. Natural 4 star characters: Natural 4 star duplicates:
  5. Natural 5 star characters: Upgraded 5 star characters:
  6. All consumable items are automatically sent to the convoy after Chapter 6 if it's not in a playable character's inventory, so don't worry about losing that Goddess Icon or HP Tonic. This also applies to Sakura's Bloom Festal, but only in Revelation. Her staff will be replenished when she rejoins.
  7. Luck Tonic gives +4 Luck, not +2. So with Potent Potion it becomes +6, giving us effectively 91 Luck. Throw in a Rally Luck (+8 Luck) and that becomes 99. At that point, might as well go the extra 1% for a guaranteed activation. You can use Rally Spectrum (+2 Luck), build the last statue, hold a Visitation Seal, whatever gives Luck. --- Miracle build is for battles. Gold build is for grinding. Both have an entirely different purpose when compared to each other, so it seems pointless to deem a "better" build in my opinion.
  8. Quixotic doesn't activate Profiteer, Salvage Blow, and Witch's Brew since those skills aren't "in battle" skills. Quixotic: Grants Hit+30 and +15% to skill-trigger rate to this unit and enemy in combat.
  9. Can guest units (units with a blue shield) be used in online battles?
  10. Yeah, you're correct. I forgot about those. Probably because the map they appear on also contain lava tiles.
  11. Well that's surprising. I booted up FE8 and tested it out on the first floor of the Lagdou Ruins. It actually works! I didn't know about this method, and chances are that not many others did as well. Great find OP! It think it was widely known that certain tiles activated the glitch. These include lava tiles, snag tiles, tiles mines were set on, and tiles where the torch staff was cast on. In this new method, apparently the top left tile adopts the same properties as the aforementioned tiles after some terrain changes, allowing the glitch to be performed on it. I don't know about others, but I certainly didn't know about it.
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