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  1. I did a quick check for you by reclassing both Kaden and Hinata to Oni Chieftain and putting them both on the enemy team. The answer is nope, it's generic. Hinata's only unique promotion is Swordmaster.
  2. Here's pictures of Ninja Camilla and Troubadour Jakob. Also, I think the only error the main post has is about Midori. Her Merchant class costume is not unique (although Merchant is her "canon" class). It's identical to the generic Merchant costume + when Merchant Midori's on the enemy team, it'll change to the enemy colors.
  3. The Hidden Truths DLC, Laslow x Odin supports, and Odin x Selena supports imply that these children are the ones from Awakening's main story rather than the Future Past DLC.
  4. Anankos casts his spell that alters Severa, Owain, and Inigo in some shape or form. Severa complains that her hair color changed. Owain complains that his Brand is gone. Inigo doesn't specify what changed about him. Anankos: I thought it would be wise to alter your appearances before we depart to our destination. Any characteristics that could hint at your true lineages must be kept hidden. The developers left it vague if Owain and Inigo's hair color changed. Only Severa adamantly complains. The reason why Severa's the only character to complain about her hair color change is because Cordelia's shade of red is not possible to obtain on her, not even with Male Avatar help. Owain doesn't specify if his hair is changed to keep the possibility open that his father had blond hair. Also, Inigo doesn't specify what sort of change happened to him (hair color and/or Brand removal), to leave open the possibility of Chrom being his father. The vagueness cannot be proof of a specific father, since specificity would lock out certain fathers, when the developers definitely intended for the "canon" fathers to be vague. Also, Anankos' magic that gave them new strength and potentially new classes could also have easily factored into their stat changes as well.
  5. Here's pictures of possible children hair colors. It's not possible to have "canon" hair colors for every child, since characters like Midori (green), Asugi (orange), Mitama (pink), and Soleil (pink) would all need the assistance of the Female Avatar for the proper hair color, and other characters, like Siegbert (yellow), Forrest (yellow), Percy (yellow), and Ophelia (yellow) can't all be accomplished simultaneously when there's only Charlotte and the Female Avatar who can donate yellow hair (and Elise donates an off-white yellow color rather than the true yellow needed). If you're more interested in supposed "canon," it might interest you to know that for Revelation, it's possible to pair up every non-neutral character with one from the opposite kingdom, even the children units. Each character has 2 potential options from the opposite kingdom, meaning if you pair up every possible character with somebody from the opposite kingdom, there's 2 unique combinations possible (for each kind of "sub-group") that have no overlap. -------------------------------------- Royal Hoshidan Males - Ryoma x Camilla - Takumi x Elise or - Ryoma x Elise - Takumi x Camilla -------------------------------------- Royal Nohrian Males - Xander x Hinoka - Leo x Sakura or - Xander x Sakura - Leo x Hinoka -------------------------------------- Hoshidan Males - Saizo x Beruka - Hinata x Peri - Azama x Effie - Subaki x Selena - Hayato x Nyx - Kaden x Charlotte or - Saizo x Charlotte - Hinata x Selena - Azama x Beruka - Subaki x Nyx - Hayato x Effie - Kaden x Peri -------------------------------------- Nohrian Males - Laslow x Hana - Odin x Orochi - Niles x Setsuna - Arthur x Kagero - Benny x Oboro - Keaton x Rinkah or - Laslow x Orochi - Odin x Kagero - Niles x Oboro - Arthur x Setsuna - Benny x Rinkah - Keaton x Hana -------------------------------------- Hoshidan Male Children - Shiro x Nina - Kiragi x Velouria - Asugi x Soleil - Hisame x Ophelia or - Shiro x Ophelia - Kiragi x Soleil - Asugi x Nina - Hisame x Velouria -------------------------------------- Nohrian Male Children - Siegbert x Caeldori - Forrest x Rhajat - Ignatius x Selkie - Percy x Mitama or - Siegbert x Mitama - Forrest x Selkie - Ignatius x Caeldori - Percy x Rhajat
  6. Clicky_pen does a good job explaining why it's likely to be Gunter in this post.
  7. No, the problem is that he's your Castle Assistant. You'll need to change the assistant to someone else if you want him to appear at the Mess Hall. Then wait for a day phase to pass or do a battle.
  8. Yeah, you can catch infinite Nichol's, Candace's, etc. Every unique capturable paralogue boss appears there, but you won't see Daniela, Haitaka, or Kumagera. (And Omozu's un-capturable, like how he's un-capturable in the main game.)
  9. (Not sure if difficulty changes the Ninja spawns, but this is for Lunatic difficulty.) End of Turn 1: Ninjas spawn on the top forts. End of Turn 2: Ninja spawn on bottom forts. End of Turn 3: Ninjas spawn on the top forts. End of Turn 4: Ninjas spawn on both the top and bottom forts. Turn 1 You prolly can't reach the top forts on Turn 1, so don't worry about it. Just kill the Oni Savage closest to you towards the upper-right of your starting area. Turn 2 Sit your butt on the bottom-right fort on Turn 2, so that one of the Ninjas is unable to spawn at the end of Turn 2. I would say sit on both forts, but you should leave the bottom-left Ninja alone so that Chrom and Frederick have something to distract themselves with so that they don't advance too far. Turn 3 Kill the 2 Ninjas that have advanced to the bridge. Turn 4 Take out both upper Ninjas. This is so that Frederick and Chrom are less likely to die a Ninja-y death. If you are unable to, then camp on both the lower forts, out of the range of the upper ninjas (and pray for Frederick and Chrom). You want to sit on both the upper forts and lower forts if possible, since you'll have to deal with less Ninjas on Turn 5. Turn 5 Get rid of any remaining Ninjas first. After that, it's a Rout race. You wanna try to take out the boss before Frederick or Chrom gets there, since the boss has Counter and will most likely kill them.
  10. Thanks a bunch for uploading these resources! It's called Puzzling Empty Dream.
  11. Yeah, it's a known glitch that when you buy 2nd gen. Einherjar units, the game will mix up your actual unit's proper hair color with the Einherjar's hair color in certain sections of the game.
  12. Male Kana and Female Kana are supposed to be the same age. But the localization deemed Kana as underage, which is why they changed 99% of Kana's S-rank supports to platonic, when they were originally romantic in the Japanese version. And the localization team prolly decided that it was inappropriate to be able to give the "bathing suits" category to Female Kana.
  13. Male Kana and Female Kana have many identical dialogues, like in the Treehouse and the Hot Spring, so Female Kana's reaction would have been most likely identical to Male Kana's.
  14. This will really ruin your day then.
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