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  1. I like Velthomer and Freege particularly, even though they're part of the large Grannvale state. Verdane definitely felt very bare-bones. It's the most forgettable one for sure. I think a remake though could flesh out all of the countries tbh. Add to their history and culture to really differentiate themselves. I think Thracia and the Manster kingdoms are the only ones that feel like that because of the whole agricultural rivalry thing.
  2. Happy birthday!

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      Extremely late thank you...for the second year in a row!

  3. Yes but like 6+ months for it to be shipped TO THE ONLY COUNTRY THAT MATTERS! Don't crucify me pls I was being sarcastic
  4. Happy birthday!

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      Extremely late thank you :)

  5. Usually when someone's being an asshole, they're very blatant about it and what they tell probably won't be helpful at all.
  6. I've heard its odd compared to the other FE games. Anything significant I should know about this game before I start?
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    Just came to say.... Boah > Wrys :))))
  8. made a thread telling the future posters to not be salty
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