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  1. Oh shit that icon is amazing. Where'd you get that? Also, happy birthday, buddy.

  2. FE8, FE9, then some version of together we ride. hmm.. Despite FE8 being one of my least played FE games there's a lot of thing I like about that game. Not so much the non linear map, though..
  3. I never liked awakening's hero design. Linus and Raven had the best hero design. see? that's just awesome.
  4. I've seen both of these skins on Brawl Vault. In fact, here's a video of a the Lucina mod. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YP6QwuDjQYs
  5. Good point. Its not so much meant for your "I've done everything I can file" as it is for new files.
  6. The "awakening redesigns" aren't really unique to the character. They're just using models from the already established default classes. In marth's case, its really just "Marth in Lucina's clothes". I say stick to the look that's unique to himself.
  7. If you're blazing through a map with a "superpair" your units are already powerful enough to take on the map with ease. You probably don't need the pair up system to do it. Its in difficult maps that the complications shine. The early lunatic maps come to mind. While rescue is there to primarily undo your mistakes, the pair up system adds more depth to combat. You get a more powerful pair when paired up but you also lose to ability to attack with both. Its a more defensive stance while rescue is either "oh shit, I didn't think things through" or "I'm gunna transport this guy across the map". One of my rules for my lunatic run was that Frederick was not allowed to ever be declared the map hero. I can tell you those first 6 maps were a hell lot of fun and extremely hard. I had to thoroughly plan out my actions and the pair up system added more possibilities, although it was not always the best choice. It would not have been that engaging if it were not for the pair up system. Rescue really would not have depend the experience.
  8. Yes. Rescue lets you take back a move by replacing a weak character with one of your overpowered ones. With pair up you cannot do that. Once you place a character, they will be in that spot receiving whatever blows you positioned them to receive unless you use a rescue staff or a lot of units to make a wall. That's how it should be; unforgiving.
  9. Hmmm... Alright. Chrom Isaac King K. Rool Little Mac Megaman Palutena Paper Mario Ridley Robin Shulk
  10. Rescue doesn't add to the game. It lets you get away with poor placement when there should be major consequences. With the pair up system you have to plan ahead and think things through. In fact it adds more depth in thinking about the placement of units corresponding to others. Some people say its overpowered but that's not true. The enemies and maps are strengthened to compensate. If you still disagree, then kick of the difficulty and quite grinding.
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