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  1. Byleth's nickname being Ashen Demon always intrigued me because it didn't really seem to have any relevance story wise. So this DLC introducing called Ashen Wolves is making me wonder if it'll be relevant in the DLC. Does this connection between Byleth's nickname and the new house exist in other languages? Cause if it's only in english, its probably just a coincidence. @Silver Lightning So far, the DLC has just been referred to as a side story, so it's uncertain if its just an interlude in part 1 or an entire new route. Though I'm thinking it might be a route considering the borders seem to turn purple in the trailer and I think the reason the new house only has 4 new members is because you seem to be able to use every other unit in this side story (as shown in the shot where you see all 3 house leaders behind Byleth and the map where both Edelgard and Hilda are deployed, which is normally impossible).
  2. I did that Paralogue in my Hard Classic BE run and it was pretty easy. The boss didn't aggro until i had units other than Marianne right next to him. My guess as to why he aggros earlier with some players is that he aggros as soon as it's in range of a unit other than Marianne. Since I had no fliers, I could be pretty close to the boss without actually triggering it thanks to all the trees slowing my movement, but with fliers ignoring terrain, he might aggro pretty quickly. Can't test that theory at the moment though.
  3. Yeah thinking about it the debacle around SwSh seems more like a problem with Game Freak pumping out a new game every year and less with pure lazyness. People keep comparing how unpolished the game looks compared to titles like BotW and Odyssey, but these games had years of development that permitted that level of polish. BotW came out literally 6 years after the previous instalment, while Pokemon is a nearly annual thing at this point. Game Freak also seem to struggle since the jump to 3D, so allowing them to work with other studios affiliated with Nintendo as well as allowing them to wait 4-5 years between pokemon release might allow the games to reach a level of polish similar to what fans are expecting. Though still, I think this whole ordeal is a good occasion for the fanbase as a whole to realise that the series has far from a perfect record. GF has been cutting out beloved features from their games for years now, always to replace it with a new gimmick that usually disapear in the next installment. The fact that 3rd versions are often glorified DLC released at the price of a full game is also not a new thing. And I really think everyone involved in the development of Pokemon games (Game Freak, Nintendo, Creatures Inc., etc), should think of the valid criticism they're getting from their consumers right now and take their time with the next game, not release Pokemon Sharp Sword and Sturdy Shield next year. Though if the game sell well even with the uproar, they might just ignore all of it and continue as is, which would be a shame since I really think pokemon is not living up to it's fullest potential and as stagnated for a while now. I still had fun with Moon, but I completely skipped USUM and can see myself doing the same with SwSh since pokemon games basically feel like the same experience with a new coat of paint at this point. Which is probably part of why I never really felt the itch to go back and replay a Pokemon game, since the experience is mostly interchangeable (the other part being that the presence of a single save file would mean erasing all my pokemon and progress). And though the core is fun, after experiencing it with little change for now close to 20 years, it's gotten kind of routine sadly. Though you never know, they might announce some big news with regards to SwSh that will shake things up massively, but from what we know as of now, I kind of doubt it.
  4. My biggest beef with the national dex being dropped is that excuse given as to why it was necessary, that they needed to create high quality animations, smells like BS. The animations we saw from SwSh are the same basic lacklustre animations we had on the 3DS and the models for all the past pokemon are all already created. The animations in pokemon Colloseum, a 16 years old game, are more detailed than those in SwSh.This decisions just seem to stink of lazyness (or even greed if it turns out you'll need to buy other pokemon games to transfer the pokemon not included in SwSh to gen 8). Mechanics like Mega Evolutions and Z-Moves being dropped in favor of a lazy mechanic like Dynamaxing is just the cherry on top. I really don't think I'm going to be buying this game and it's not just because of the national dex things. I've been growing less and less interested with the series for years now because of how stagnant it is. These cut features are just last straw in my case.
  5. My hype for SnS has honestly been pretty low and this latest news kinda killed any interest I had in the game. I thought the reason they had spent ao much time doing high poly 3d models for the 3DS games was to future proof the series. But now, we have Masuda stating that from SnS forward, national dex is a thing of the past and you'll only have access to a certain region's pokemon. I guess it's going to be "gotta catch some of 'em" from now on. This debacle on top of me really not liking Dynamaxing and the focus it seemingly has in-game and I don't even know if I'll pick this game up when it releases. From all the gimmicks they introduced to "spice up" the gameplay since gen 6, mega evolution I really liked. Z moves were pretty boring, but I at least like it better than "we'll make your pokemon ridiculously huge for 3 turns" that we're getting here.
  6. Yeah, looking at it closely for a while, it definitely seems to be the light.
  7. I have no idea if I'm imagining things or being fooled by the lighting, but in one scene of the trailer, Edelgard hair and eyes seems to have changed to a greenish color, reminiscent of Seiros (looking at it again, it might definitely just be the light). And while the image from the artbook is too blurry to truly tell, her eyes looks more greenish than purple there, which could mean they both happen around the same time. Byleth holding their sword at Edelgard's neck could make sense since in the scene I previously mentioned, we see Edelgard seemingly on her knees saying "my teacher", right before we switch to Byleth looking in her direction with a grim look. And considering Seiros and Nemesis were enemies and Edelgard and Byleth are related to them, they might be continuing a long lasting feud...
  8. Those design are too similar not to be them, especially since they're introduced in the trailer right after a 5 years time skip is mentioned. And I assume that Byleth's hair change is due to some story related event or to his powers. And this isn't confirmed, but in one shot, Edelgard also seems to have different hair and eye colors, so that would also point toward in-game magic being the cause for the changes, not customization.
  9. Dimitri looks so tortured in those pictures. Really wonder what happened to him during those 5 year. And it seems that all 3 are going to get bone weapons similar to Byleth's. So Edelgard only having a sword in the trailer doesn't mean she stops using axes (assuming what she's wielding is an axe).
  10. @Lord_Grima I'm pretty sure Edelgard is using the same sword as Seiros.There's some high quality pictures of the trailer on Nintendo's E3 website and we can see the similarities : We can see that the base of the blades are really similar and the crest of Seiros on it. And I don't know if it's the lighting of the scene, but Edelgard hair and eyes seems to have changed color to become more greenish, similar to Seiros. And I'm wondering if Byleth hair change is supposed to reflect Nemesis, not Seiros, since he seems to have a slight green tinge to his hair in the picture.
  11. Regarding Lysithea, if she does die, I think the best to go about it would be to have her die if you pick the Black Eagles or Blue Lions, but have her survive if you choose the Golden Deers. That way, you sidestep having players lose a character they invested heavely into. Assuming the iron maiden is Edelgard because it bears the crest of Seiros seems like a stretch to me. A lot of thing related to the church bear that symbol so my guess is that it's a generic enemy rather than Edelgard.
  12. Welp this thread has died. I'm still playing the game and enjoying it, though I definitely understand where people are coming from when they say the game is too time consuming. I personally dropped the two other gachas I was playing before (FEH and FGO) to focus on this one, since despite the amount of time required to do dailies, I enjoy the gameplay here more than in any other mobile games I played. I finally managed to break the 5k barrier with 3 characters recently (Freya, Shelfaniel and Luna) and I'll have my first two 6* SSRs tomorrow when I sweep the last shards I need to upgrade Shelfaniel and Tiaris. I now also have every character in the game except for Lanford, since I finally got Altemuller and was lucky enough to pull both Rachel and Landius from the last banner.
  13. Finally managed to beat SS Ultimate for this week. I thought I might not be able to beat it this week since the enemies moved, but by sacrificing tons of resources to get my Bozel Seal and Earthquake and master Cherie's Assassin line, I was able to beat it. I required some luck and several tries, but it was really satisfying to finally beat it. Moreover, last week's reward was an underwhelming Giant's Belt, but I managed to get a Veil of Light this week, which is best in slot for Luna. Speaking of Best in Slot, Cherie is currently rocking a Last Rite and a Lone Star ring and I just got Jormungandr's Eye from a gear map event. Just missing Ragnarok to replace her current Devil Axe to truly max her out. Regarding the daily grind, my mindset is that this game isn't a race. If I skip a few dailies here and there, it's not a big deal. I haven't even touched the Eternal Temple since I tried and got destroyed by the level 60 Leviar after easily beating the level 55. Thunder Dragon is still just level 55 since my Elwin isn't up to par and I just beaten the Fire Dragon level 65 this week despite being lvl 60 for a while now. Not to say that I wouldn't welcome any changes that would make the dailies take less time, this is just how I deal with how time consuming they are at the moment.
  14. Really hope we get the collab here too since getting 4 more units for princess would be nice. My Ullr's Bow is still at level 30 since she wants it for the +1 range and not for the stats. Only thing upgrading it would give her is HP since Atk is useless for her. Also, you should keep Demon Hunters in mind as an option for her. Having 3 range attacks with the chance to lower the enemy's mobility is pretty good. Next focus banner is Luna/Dieharte/Tiaris, but the one right after is Shelf/Bozel/Lana.
  15. I think my biggest problem are people saying "Ditch Freya the moment you get Ledin, she's unusable late game". The way I've kept seeing people word it, a princess player that doesn't get Ledin is pretty much SoL late game because Freya's gonna be useless, which was definitely not the case for me. While my Ledin is level 60, I basically never touch him outside of the Thunder Dragon. Ledin is not perfect for princess team. He can't guard and have faction buff turn 1 unless you waste Act Again on him and he can't bring Burning Sun, so he can't maintain his DEF+MDef conversion all the time. I think that ideally, a princess team user would want to raise both since Freya can tank turn 1 with Faction buff and is arguably better when dealing with any time laws that reduces the damage you deal or requires you to use fixed damage. Def conversion is't gonna do much when the enemy takes 80% reduced damage. The same way fixed damage won't help against bosses. I also like that Freya is the only tank beside the upcoming Randius that can damage ranged units (and Kanzaki from the Sakura Wars collab). Seeing weakened ranged units kill themselves by attacking Freya is pretty fun.
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