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  1. If it had not been for my current (erratic) schedule. I would be doing this workout weekly... 3-6 miles of running/walking 3-8 hours of various cardio activities: sports, workout regiments including that craze called Insanity and etc. 3-10 miles of hiking/rock climbing (yes this and running deserved separate categories). However I had to tone it down given everything being scheduled random every week.
  2. Most definitely. As an update, I received my copies of Blazing Sword and Sacred Stones. Having lots of fun with BS, just about to acquire Lyn's throne. Sacred Stones, I'll put on the back burner until I finish Blazing Sword.
  3. Sayri Walhart Gangrel Practically anyone who can be recruited but cannot bare children or is apart of the children generation.
  4. Indeed. I almost paid 300% the value of the original FE GBA games. However I was able to find some decent condition used ones that are 100% legit. Can't wait to play it.
  5. Successful Fire Emblem GBA game purchasing... now I wait.

  6. That's one aspect in your life you are missing out on. But kit kats aren't for everyone sadly enough... I don't know about the seaweed cracker. However a good melon pan is hard to come by in the U.S. unless.... a) You go to the Mitsuwa Marketplace (any branch in Los Angeles will do) and purchase one from one of the bakeries or confectionary spots in house. b) Find a confectionary/patisserie/bakery that's super nippongo authentic. There's one in Orange County and I only go there for four particular items, the melon pan is definitely one of them. Now all this talk of pan makes me want to watch yakitate Japan :).
  7. Super Robot Wars W > Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2 > Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation > Any spinoff of SRT:OG Now if only Super Robot Wars UX wasn't region locked. Darn Japan....
  8. 1) Crono Trigger** 2) Mario Kart DS 3) Pokemon any one of these (Platinum, Heart Gold or Black) 4) Animal Crossing: Wild World (was lucky enough to get some nintendo furniture for my house) 5) Advance Wars Dual Strike (DoR was kind of bleh for me) **Honorable Mention (and possibly my official number 1 if only it were NTSC localized): Super Robot Wars Taisen W. Despite lack of Japanese language skills and only learning from tutorials on youtube in confirming actions. You had all the greatest modern robos from the 80s to early 2000s. Gundam Wing, Voltron and the original SRWW bots themselves are all greatly designed. (Just started playing Shadow Dragon, haven't gotten far enough whether the remake is worth top five of my all time despite enjoying Fire Emblem overall as a franchise).
  9. Maribelle w/anyone. Sorry Brady, your stats had to suffer but you got to keep Pavise. Also at least she gets to make tea for Frederick.
  10. wincest. Same should be apply with MU x Nah.
  11. So I am a complete deviant art x fire emblem search noob. Was wondering if anyone has created or attempted to creatively add every single fire emblem lord there is from all the game iterations onto a single wallpaper desktop in HD? Helpful info is appreciated as always, cheers!
  12. I know, but I really want it especially since I still have my original nintendo ds/gba console :). Nice pretty lucky, sounds good I found one on ebay that's reasonable. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE HEADS UP. I saw, a lot of the AGB-AF6's being sold on both ebay and amazon prime. I'm about to purchase used cartridges of both fe and sacred stones. Do I have to worry about counterfeit copies on sacred stone or not so much?
  13. *high fives back* yeah somewhat confusing. See I don't like the idea of my cartridges being "homeless." Hence the need to find them a "home." Score! Yeah I totally lucked out... now if only I began my search for GBA games perhaps I would have been fortunate to get my hands on GBA Fire Emblem and Sacred Stones
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