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  1. Castle Address: 00475-61305-11301-19309 Affinity: Nohr Avatar Name: Corrin / My Castle Name: EZ Seize Skills! Region: NA Food: Cabbage Mineral: Ruby Battle Level: Easy (Everyone set to 'Hold') Current Units + Skills: Corrin - Luna | Hoshidan Unity | Rend Heaven | Quixotic | Replicate Kana - Dragon Fang | Hoshidan Unity | Tomebreaker | Better Odds | Aptitude Camilla - Axefaire | Heartseeker | Savage Blow | Rend Heaven | Shurikenbreaker Leo - Malefic Aura | Heartseeker | Inspiration | Renewal | Lifetaker Velouria - Astra | Hoshidan Unity | Nohrian Trust | Savage Blow | Pavise Nina - Movement+1 | Dragon Fang | Rend Heaven | Astra | Vantage Azura - Luck+4 | Inspiring Song | Voice of Peace | Amaterasu | Vantage Shiro - Quick Draw | Luna | Life and Death | Spendthrift | Replicate Anna - Movement+1 | Locktouch (Anna's DLC is available on April 7th upon which I'll likely switch her out) Ignatius - Pavise | Luna | Wary Fighter | Renewal | Aegis (Ballistician) (Ballistician DLC is available upon April 14th) Ignatius - Defense+2 | Breaking Sky | Renewal | Wary Fighter | Pavise Leo - Malefic Aura | Heartseeker | Inspiration | Renewal | Lifetaker Shigure - Vantage | Lucky Seven | Darting Blow | Camaraderie | Rally Speed EDIT: Forgot that 'blue shield' units cannot be recruited or have skills purchased from EDIT II: My apologies, but I accidentally deleted my completed Conquest file with the above units. When I have a My Castle potentially worth the visit, I shall update accordingly.
  2. Out of curiosity, what supports would be eliminated? Those that are written poorly, those that have the least likelihood of occurring, or those that are perceived as sub-optimal for children based on class inheritance or mods? As far as your hypothetical example is concerned, Ricken is a decent magic option if you want Severa to end up as a Sorcerer or Dark Flier but have higher magic growths to offset Cordelia's poorer ones. And at least Ricken!Gerome makes a decent Dread Fighter with Luna access, and can inherit Bowbreaker to make avoiding the Snipers in his Paralogue easier.
  3. This might seem like a ridiculous question but I haven't seen this be brought up before: With regards to Kanna and Buddy Supports, if a unit that could otherwise A+ support Kanna winds up being their parent, can they still A+ support them, or no?
  4. Well, Midoriko would be interesting. Modwise, an Anna!Midoriko would have -2 Str / +2 Mag / +3 Skll / +3 Spd / +1 Lck / -2 Def / +4 Res She'd be lacking on the physical end of the spectrum, but she'd make a decent Shining Bow user. Also, she'd be the only Midoriko outside of a Luck boosting FeMU to have a positive Luck modifier which could come in handy for those wanting to get the most out her personal along with other luck-based skills. Both Kaze and Midoriko would presumably acquire Anna's base Outlaw class. The bow rank would make Midoriko's reclassing to Outlaw from Herb Merchant doable, though Kaze might not want to start over with a new weapon type unless he's already spent a few levels as a Puppeteer to build up his bow rank. Aside from that, based on her mods, a magic-focused child who has less of an emphasis on speed such as Foleo, or possibly Gurei.
  5. Ah. Thank you for clearing that up. I was wondering whether an Elise!Midoriko (for the +0 resultant luck mod) supported by a Mozume!Gurei with both classed as Basara would be an effective user of Miracle and Draconic Shield on account of her personal skill. She'd have 35 base luck, 5 from a Basara pair-up (as well as +3 res), and +3 luck from an S-rank with Gurei. There's also a +3 Luck bonus from Azura's special song skill -If using a Rallybot, +10 from rallies Spectrum and Luck With regards to other items: -the Visitor Emblem grants +2 Luck (and Defense and Resistance), -the Rainbow Elixer (the Fates equivalent of Tiki's Tears apparently) grants +4 Luck (and +2 everything else) So that's 35+5+3+3+10+2+4 for 62 base luck. So that equates to 62% base Miracle, and 31% base Draconic Shield. With Midoriko's personal skill (+20 to luck-based skills), +10 from Hoshido and +15 from Flamboyant, that results in base 107% Miracle, and 76% Draconic Shield. If only it could get a bit higher, but a 76% chance to effectively halve all damage sounds pretty nice. One would just need to ensure that both Midoriko and Gurei use Copycat Puppet.
  6. I have a question for anyone who's familiar with the children support bonus formula: Father's C-bonus + Mother's B bonus + Father's A-bonus + Mother's S-bonus What happens when bonuses from each parent that apply to the same stat? For example, in a Mozume!Gurei settup: By A-support, Gurei will get the following from Saizou: Skl +1, Spd +1, Lck +1 and the following from Mozume upon S-support: Skl +2, Spd +1, Lck +2 Will the resultant Mozume!Gurei receive +3 Skill, +2 Speed, and +3 Luck, or will the higher stat bonus simply take precedence?
  7. Actually, at A-support, Xander gives Str +1, Lck +1, Def +1, so wouldn't Seigbert wind up providing some luck (however minimal) of his own accord?
  8. Oh... Meant Kagerou!Gurei. Must've been cross-wired since their names both start with 'K' I suppose... Still odd though.
  9. Just bringing my recent pairings from this post to the fore. None of the first-gen pairings or buddy supports have changed (actually, I've decided on Elise!Ophelia, and Orochi!Kisaragi). With regards to the second-gens, I've done the following (bold indicates changes) Jakob!Shigure x Felicia!Syalla Azura!Deere x Hana!Velour Hinoka!Sophie x Camilla!Shinonome Sakura!Foleo x Nyx!Eponine Mozume!Midoriko! x Charlotte!Siegbert Luna!Soleil x Orochi!Kisaragi Elise!Ophelia x Belka!Ignis Rinkah!Kinu x Pieri!Hisame Oboro!Matoi x Kagerou!Gurei Corrin x Setsuna!Mitama Effie!Lutz x Mitama!Kanna May have also changed a few second-gen buddy supports accordingly as well.
  10. To help with the process, what is the likely secondary class for your MaMU? This in turn will have some influence on whom Kanna will buddy/S-support As far as Hinoka!Matoi is concerned, I'd recommend Sophie for her buddy support. Mitama's Priestess class doesn't offer anything in particular unless you want Magic Counter for even more mage hate. Syalla's Spellcaster partially overlaps with Matoi's Lance Fighter inheritance. Eponine's Outlaw provides decent utility, but Sophie's Cavalier still seems more favorable due to having a lance rank at base, as well as access to Luna and Diamond Strike. With regards to Orochi!Mitama: Syalla is essentially a non-option as Mitama already inherited Spellcaster. Matoi's Pegasus Warrior is also a non-option seeing as Mitama is paired with Shigure. Soleil's Mercenary is an interesting choice as well. I understand you're going for a more magically-oriented Mitama but, mod-wise, she'll still have +3 strength and +1 magic. Kanna I can't rule on until I know your MU's secondary class. And now for Jakob!Shigure: From what I can tell, his only option seems to be Hisame's Samurai as Foleo's Rod Knight is always redundant. With regards to the first-gens: Azura innately has Pegasus Warrior, and has Rod Knight through S-support. Sakura's Priestess is therefore the only option. Jakob innately has Rod Knight, Cavalier, and has Pegasus Warrior through S-support. Takumi seems to be his only non-redundant option. Rinkah has Oni Savage, and Ninja, and has Samurai through S-support. Kagerou's Ninja is redundant. Charlotte's Fighter is probably best due to its axe rank and skill synergy. Behind that, Oboro's Lance Fighter is a consideration, I suppose. Ryoma has Samurai, Pegasus Warrior, and Oni Savage through S-support. Cavalier from either Xander or Silas is preferable for Luna, Diamond Strike, and sword access. Saizou's Ninja is a consideration, but it can only use swords upon promotion to Elite Ninja. Charlotte has Fighter and... Rod Knight, as well as Cavalier through S-support. I'd recommend Rinkah's Oni Savage for axe usage and Ogre Strike. Although Berka's Wyvern Rider line also uses axes and has access to Swordbreaker. It depends whether you want more potential to crit, or a buffer against her WTD to swords (although she'll still have WTD to tomes iirc) Xander has Cavalier, Wyvern Rider, and Fighter through S-support. Ryoma's Samurai is probably best for an inherent sword rank, Swordfaire, and Line of Death. Hana has Samurai, Priestess and Bowman through S-support. Between Effie's Knight and Felicia's Rod Knight, I'd be more inclined to go with Knight whose strength growths corresponds with Hana's innate 55% growth in that stat. Takumi has Bowman, Lance Fighter, and Samurai through S-support. A toss-up between Leo's Dark Mage and Jakob's Rod Knight would cause me to favor Dark Mage slightly due to an eventual sword rank upon classing as a Dark Knight if he first took some levels through Samurai/Trueblade/Weapon Master as well as Vengeance still being a semi-reliable skill when considering its activation percentage. Sakura has Priestess, Pegasus Warrior, and Dark Mage through S-support. Between Hana's Samurai, and Elise's Rod Knight, I'd lean toward the latter strictly from a magic-oriented standpoint. Leo has Dark Mage, Rod Knight, and now Priest through S-support. While few of his buddy supports have much magical affinity aside from the redundant Dark Mage from Owain, I'd lean toward Outlaw as Adventure has 15% magic and 20% speed growths. That's all I could think of at present. I'll see if I can finish off providing suggestions for the rest of the first-gens later, provided some of my other suggestions at least seem decent.
  11. Up for another round of (Third Route) Rate the Pairings, anyone? For clarification, I'm not adverse to purchasing skills, so I'm mostly focused on unit mods and class distribution. [spoiler=Mostly-Solidified Pairings] Kaze x Mozume --> Mozume!Midoriko -1 Str, +1 Mag, +4 Skl, +5 Spd, +0 Lck, +0 Def, +0 Res Kaze: Ninja, Samurai, Bowman (A+ Silas for Cavalier, passes Astra) Mozume: Villager, Bowman, Ninja (A+ Oboro for Lance Fighter, passes Lancefaire) Midoriko: Herb Merchant, Samurai, Villager (A+ Kinu for Spellcaster, S-Rank Siegbert for Cavalier) Mitigates Midoriko's luck mod while possessing great skill and speed. Alternatively, Elise would suffice for a magic Midoriko considering Kaze's -2 Str mod. Jakob x Azura --> Jakob!Shigure, Azura!Deere +3 Str, -1 Mag, +4 Skl, +4 Spd, +0 Lck, -2 Def, +0 Res Jakob: Rod Knight, Cavalier, Pegasus Warrior (A+ Tsukuyomi for Spellcaster, passes Breaking Sky) Azura: Singer, Pegasus Warrior, Rod Knight (A+ Sakura for Priestess (only real option), passes ???) Shigure: Pegasus Warrior, Rod Knight, Wyvern Rider (A+ Hisame for Samurai, S-Rank Syalla for Spellcaster) Deere: Rod Knight, Cavalier, Pegasus Warrior (A+ Gurei for Ninja, S-Rank Velour for Fighter) Shigure gets inherent access to Rally Speed, Rally Defense, and Rally Resistance from his base classes, and Rally Magic through his S-rank. Deere can take advantage of his Cavalier and Pegasus class options for Diamond Strike+Mirror Strike tanking. And I've heard he might make a decent Berserker too. Either (or Jakob) can function as an anti-Mage with Tomebreaker and Mirror Strike. Silas x Hinoka --> Hinoka!Sophie +3 Str, +0 Mag, +2 Skl, +2 Spd, +0 Lck, +0 Def, -1 Res Silas: Cavalier, Mercenary, Lance Fighter (A+ Ryoma for Samurai, passes Line of Death) Hinoka: Pegasus Warrior, Lance Fighter, Cavalier (A+ Camilla for Wyvern Rider, passes Swordbreaker) Sophie: Cavalier, Mercenary, Pegasus Warrior (A+ Velour for Fighter, S-Rank Shinonome for Lance Fighter) Mods aren't anything spectacular, but they are decent. She still gets Lance Fighter in the end, through her S-support and only suffers from overlap between her innate Mercenary and Fighter A+ support. Xander x Charlotte --> Charlotte!Seigbert +6 Str, +0 Mag, +0 Skl, +2 Spd, +3 Lck, +0 Def, -3 Res Xander: Cavalier, Wyvern Rider, Fighter (A+ Ryoma for Samurai, passes Swordfaire/Line of Death) Charlotte: Fighter, Rod Knight, Cavalier (A+ Rinkah for Oni Savage, passes Ogre Strike) Siegbert: Cavalier, Wyvern Rider, Fighter (A+ Shinonome for Lance Fighter, S-Rank Midoriko for Herb Merchant) With this setup, Xander can function as a tanky Swordfaire-Hero with Siegfried, Charlotte can improve her crit-stacking potency with Ogre Strike (with a side of Luna), and Siegbert gets excellent strength and a decent speed modifier. Uncertain whether to pass Swordfaire or Line of Death from Xander's A+ support. Leo x Sakura --> Sakura!Foleo -1 Str, +5 Mag, +0 Skl, +0 Spd, +1 Lck, +0 Def, +3 Res Leo: Dark Mage, Rod Knight, Priest (A+ Zero for Outlaw?, passes Kunaibreaker) Sakura: Priestess, Pegasus Warrior, Dark Mage (A+ Elise for Rod Knight, passes Swallow Strike) Foleo: Rod Knight, Dark Mage, Priest (A+ Ignis?, S-Rank Eponine for Outlaw) The entire family has magical synergy. I'm honestly uncertain with whom Foleo should A+ support though (and I'm wondering whether Leo could have a better A+ support considering Foleo will likely access Outlaw on his own). Having access to both Defensive Formation and Swallow Strike provides decent speed control considering Foleo's +0 modifier. And Luna is nice too. Lazward x Luna --> Luna!Soleil +1 Str, +1 Mag, +2 Skl, +2 Spd, +2 Lck, +1 Def, +0 Res Lazward: Mercenary, Ninja, Pegasus (A+ Flannel for Fighter, passes Axefaire) Luna: Mercenary, Pegasus, Ninja (A+ Camilla/Belka for Wyvern Rider, passes Swordbreaker) Soleil: Mercenary, Ninja, Pegasus (A+ Sophie for Cavalier, S-Rank Kisaragi for Bowman) Relatively average modwise. At least this Soleil can still use Swallow Strike to improve her doubling threshold. Pegasus Warrior has synergy with both her A+ and S-support classes too. Arthur x Effie --> Effie!Lutz +5 Str, +1 Mag, +3 Skl, +2 Spd, -2 Lck, +1 Def, -1 Res Arthur: Fighter, Cavalier, Knight (A+ Zero or Flannel for Outlaw, passes Aegis) Effie: Knight, Rod Knight, Fighter (A+ Hana for Samurai, passes Battle Command) Lutz: Wyvern Rider, Fighter, Knight (A+ Hisame for Samurai, S-Rank Kanna for Ninja) Effie benefits from access to Fighter and Line of Death in conjunction with her personal skill. Arthur suffers a bit due to Cavalier/Knight overlap, but he'll still make a decent support. Battle Command synergizes with Lutz's personal skill and he still has Pavgis as a combo through inheritance. Benoit x Belka --> Belka!Ignis +0 Str, +1 Mag, +3 Skl, -4 Spd, +1 Lck, +6 Def, +1 Res Benoit: Knight, Fighter, Wyvern Rider (A+ Tsukuyomi for Spellcaster (only option iirc), passes Breaking Sky) Belka: Wyvern Rider, Fighter, Knight (A+ Oboro for Lance Fighter, passes Flamboyant) Ignis: Knight, Fighter, Wyvern Rider (A+ Gurei for Ninja, S-Rank Ophelia for Dark Mage) This was basically a means of pairing the spares for mitigating their respective poor speed modifiers. At least Ignis acquires both Basara-class skills through his parents' A+ supports. For those who'd argue that Belka pass Lancefaire, I'm of the opinion that Ignis would get more use out of his inherent Axefaire. S-Ranking Ophelia is more for Ophelia to get Defense Formation and Luna, though he might benefit from Bind and Vengeance. Zero x Nyx --> Nyx!Eponine -1 Str, +4 Mag, -2 Skl, +6 Spd, +0 Lck, -1 Def, +3 Res Zero: Outlaw, Dark Mage (A+ Subaki for Pegasus Warrior, passes Swallow Strike (or possibly something else)) Nyx: Dark Mage, Outlaw (A+ Mozume for Bowman, passes Bowfaire) Eponine: Outlaw, Dark Mage, Spellcaster (A+ Velour for Fighter? or Matoi for Pegasus Warrior?, S-Rank Foleo for Rod Knight) Despite restricting Zero and Nyx's class options, this at least results in an Eponine with excellent speed and great magic. I'm uncertain about her A+ options though. Acquiring Velour's Fighter coupled with her own inherent Outlaw would eclipse any offerings from Soleil's Mercenary class save for the base class itself. But she might function better in a Pegasus Rider derived class from Matoi, despite already inheriting Swallow Strike from Zero. Thoughts? Flannel x Hana --> Hana!Velour +5 Str, +1 Mag, +0 Skl, +2 Spd, +0 Lck, +0 Def, +1 Res Flannel: Garou, Fighter, Samurai (A+ Nishiki for Spellcaster, passes Breaking Sky) Hana: Samurai, Priestess, Fighter (A+ Felicia for Rod Knight, passes Tomebreaker) Velour: Garou, Fighter, Samurai (A+ Sophie for Cavalier, S-Rank Deere for Rod Knight) This Velour has only one point of strength less than Charlotte!Velour, and has an arguably more usable class in her Samurai inheritance. It's disappointing that Hana doesn't have supports with either Azura or Hinoka to pass Swallow Strike, but I suppose that can be purchased independently. Aside from that, Hana has the mods to make a decent Swordfaire Hero, and Nishiki and Velour both appreciate Line of Death. Ryoma x Camilla --> Camilla!Shinonome +3 Str, +0 Mag, +4 Skl, +3 Spd, +0 Lck, +0 Def, -1 Res Ryoma: Samurai, Pegasus Warrior, Wyvern Rider (A+ Saizou for Ninja or Xander for Cavalier, passes Swallow Strike) Camilla: Wyvern Rider, Dark Mage, Samurai (A+ Luna for Mercenary, passes Axebreaker) Shinonome: Lance Fighter, Samurai, Wyvern Rider (A+ Gurei for Ninja, S-Rank Sophie for Cavalier) Results in a Shinonome with good Strength, Skill and Speed, and otherwise balanced stats. Subaki x Oboro --> Oboro!Matoi +1 Str, +0 Mag, +4 Skl, +0 Spd, -1 Lck, +5 Def, -1 Res Subaki: Pegasus Warrior, Samurai, Lance Fighter (A+ Saizou for Ninja, passes Copycat Puppet) Oboro: Lance Fighter, Herb Merchant, Pegasus Warrior (A+ Belka/Rinkah for Wyvern Rider/Oni Savage, passes ???) Matoi: Pegasus Warrior, Samurai, Lance Fighter, (A+ Sophie for Cavalier, S-Rank Gurei for Ninja) Subaki and Matoi benefit from Lance Fighter access, while Matoi becomes surprisingly physically tanky for a Pegasus unit. Granted, Hinoka!Matoi has offensive stats comparable to Oboro!Matoi, and has more balanced defenses, but I had a hard time juggling A+ and S supports for Matoi and Sophie such that both receive Lance Fighter and Cavalier access without significant overlap. Also uncertain which of the two A+ supports would be more beneficial for Oboro; I'm leaning toward Oni Savage from a scarcity value standpoint. Tsukuyomi x Felicia --> Felicia!Syalla -1 Str, +4 Mag, +0 Skl, +4 Spd, +2 Luk, -1 Def, +1 Res Tsukuyomi: Spellcaster, Oni Savage, Rod Knight (A+ Fuuga for Samurai, passes Line of Death) Felicia: Rod Knight, Mercenary, Spellcaster (A+ Hana for Samurai, passes Kunaibreaker) Syalla: Spellcaster, Oni Savage, Rod Knight (A+ Ophelia for Dark Mage, S-Rank Shigure for Pegasus Warrior) Syalla benefits from respectable magic and speed mods as well as a triad of magical classes to choose from, once factoring in her A+ support. Tsukuyomi and Felicia also benefit from having an additional magic class apiece, while the former admittedly could go mixed due to his comparatively balanced offensive mods. Saizou x Kagerou --> Kagerou!Gurei +5 Str, +1 Mag, +3 Skl, -2 Spd, +1 Lck, +1 Def, +0 Res Saizou: Ninja, Samurai, Spellcaster (A+ Subaki for Pegasus Warrior, passes Swallow Strike (or possibly something else)) Kagerou: Ninja, Spellcaster, Samurai (A+ Rinkah for Oni Savage, passes Ogre Strike) Gurei: Ninja, Samurai, Spellcaster (A+ Ignis for General, S-Rank Matoi for Pegasus Warrior) Another instance of pairing low-speed units together. At least Gurei gets good strength and skill out of it. His A+ and S-rank options help him out nicely in my opinion, allowing him to function as a tanky General with Defensive Formation speed control, or as a slower-than-average Berserker who can still double things with Swallow Strike. Hinata x Pieri --> Pieri!Hisame +3 Str, +1 Mag, -1 Skl, +0 Spd, +1 Lck, +1 Def, +3 Res Hinata: Samurai, Oni Savage, Cavalier (A+ Subaki for Pegasus Warrior, passes Swallow Strike) Pieri: Cavalier, Dark Mage, Samurai (A+ Charlotte for Fighter, passes Roundhouse) Hisame: Samurai, Oni Savage, Cavalier (A+ Gurei for Ninja, S-Rank Kinu for Spellcaster) Yet another pairing that started off as a 'pair the spares', but actually turned out decently. Hinata gets another class he can use swords in, while Pieri can utilize Line of Death quite nicely. As for Hisame, he gets some strength and resistance, and his speed is patched up. Ninja seemed to be the best class from his A+ support options, while Kinu's Spellcaster lets him access the coveted Basara-class skills. Nishiki x Rinkah --> Rinkah!Kinu +1 Str, +1 Mag, -4 Skl, +4 Spd, +2 Lck, +1 Def, +3 Res Nishiki: Fox Spirit, Spellcaster, Oni Savage (A+ Flannel for Fighter, passes Roundhouse) Rinkah: Oni Savage, Ninja, Spellcaster (A+ Charlotte for Fighter, passes HP+5?) Kinu: Fox Spirit, Spellcaster, Oni Savage (A+ Kanna for Ninja, S-Rank Hisame for Samurai) An unusual pairing modwise, as most seem to be when Rinkah is involved. Low but balanced offenses allow Kinu to function decently in any class, or mixed as a Basara. Her high speed will all-but assure that she double-attacks with a Beaststone+ or in a class such as Elite Ninja. Her atrocious skill mod, while deplorable, is less of a concern as she'll be doing most of her damage passively, through a combination of her personal skill, Four Fangs, Snake Venom, and a purchased Deadly Breath. Asama x Setsuna --> Setsuna!Mitama +3 Str, -2 Mag, +2 Skl, +5 Spd, +0 Lck, +1 Def, +0 Res Asama: Priest, Herb Merchant Bowman (A+ Arthur for Fighter, passes Roundhouse) Setsuna: Bowman, Ninja, Priestess (A+ Hinoka for Pegasus Warrior, passes Swallow Strike) Mitama: Priestess, Herb Merchant, Bowman (A+ Soleil for Mercenary, S-Rank Kamui for Ninja) Produces a decent physical Mitama that has some nice skill and speed. However, I considered this pairing more for the potential it holds for Kanna. Kamui (+Spd/-Def) x Mitama --> Mitama!Kanna +3 Str, -2 Mag, +4 Skl, +9 Spd, +1 Luk, -2 Def, -1 Res Kamui: Nohr Prince, Ninja, Priest (A+ anyone, passes TBD) Mitama: Priestess, Herb Merchant, Bowman, Ninja (A+ Soleil for Mercenary, passes Swallow Strike) Kanna: Nohr Princess, Ninja, Priestess (A+ Velour for Fighter, S-Rank Lutz for Wyvern Rider) This Kanna has decent strength and skill, and excellent speed. A modifier of +9 ensures that no second-gen unit aside from certain Kinu setups can double her as the highest any of them would otherwise be able to hit is +8 (a +Spd MU and a +3 speed parent such as Kaze, Zero, Azura, or Setsuna). And with Swallow Strike as a Elite Ninja, she'll be able to double almost any of them in return. [spoiler=Uncertain Pairings] Odin and Takumi Elise and Orochi I'm having trouble deciding on pairings for them. Either way, Ophelia will have great magic, and Kisaragi will be effective as a Magic Bow user. However, Orochi seems to be more in-demand for her high skill mod which improves both a unit's hit rate and its crit rate. So I'm considering Orochi!Ophelia for a higher potential critical hit rate in conjunction with Ophelia's personal skill and tome. Admittedly, compared to Elise's -2 skill mod, this is only a 2-3% difference in Ophelia's crit rate. But I'm also considering Orochi!Kisaragi for a +6 skill mod, which as a Butler (courtesy of an A+ support with Deere) would allow him to be a better use of Misfortune and Sin which isn't affected by Hit/Avoid related skills iirc.
  12. For clarification, if a unit is A+ ranked by someone, they can still A+ another unit in turn, correct?
  13. If Arthur A+ supports Flannel, what class would he get from a Buddy Seal?
  14. Ah. That seems to be what I was confused about. Thanks for clearing that up. Also, with regards to a third-gen!Kanna, a new avenue I'm considering is Setsuna!Mitama!Kanna. Despite starting as a Priest, Asama's mods seem far more physically inclined, resulting in the following. St/Mg/Sk/Sp/Lk/Df/Rs Asama: +2/ -3/+0/+1/+0/+1/+0 Setsuna: +0/+0/+1/+3/-1/ -1/ -1 +1/+1/+1/+1/+1/+1/+1 Mitama: +3/ -2/+2/+5/+0/+1/+0 Ma!MU: +0/+0/+2/+4/ -1/ -3/ -1 (+Spd/-Def) Kanna: +3/ -2/+4/+9/ -1/ -2/ -1 In contrast, Setsuna!Midoriko!Kanna with a +Spd/-Luk MaMU has the following mods: -2/+0/+6/+11/-3/ -1/+1 Again, her ending class is likely to be Elite Ninja. What I'm wondering is whether Midoriko!Kanna's skill and speed are borderline overkill, especially considering her lack of strength? Mod-wise, the highest any other second-gen could achieve is a +8 speed mod (a MU with one of Zero, Kaze, Azura, or Setsuna) with any non-MU second gen having only a +7 speed mod at best. Basically the trade-off is a difference of 5 strength in favor of Mitama!Kanna, or the additional 2 skill and speed that Midoriko!Kanna possesses. Out of curiosity, do you intend on purchasing skills via Logbook or My Castle interactions? I'm guessing so, as based on your skillsets some of them seem impossible otherwise... Mod-wise, Hinoka!Matoi has the following spread: St/Mg/Sk/Sp/Lk/Df/Rs Subaki: -1/+0/+2/ -2/ -1/+3/-1 Hinoka: +1/ -1/ -1/+1/+0/-1/+2 +1/+1/+1/+1/+1/+1/+1 Matoi: +1/+0/+2/+0/+2/+3/+2 Her best points (mod-wise) are her defenses, luck, and skill. Although technically, one can consider low strength/magic mods to be a blessing in disguise on account of Matoi's personal skill. As a Falcon Warrior with these mods, her stats will come out to: 29/27/32/34/37/30/37 Her best assets in this class are her Luck and Resistance, with Speed trailing a bit behind that. One thing I might consider is to stack attack-boosting skills, such as Lancefaire to operate in conjunction with Matoi's Prodigy skill which increases damage by four if her attacking stat is lower than her enemy's corresponding stat. So skills such as Aggressor, Line of Death, Extravagance and the like would be recommend. Since she has decent skill but comparatively low base attack, a proc like Breaking Sky could also be a consideration. Alternatively, you can have her function as an anti-mage tank with Mirror Strike and Tomebreaker coupled with her high resistance.
  15. Thank you for pointing these out. 1. I seemed to have forgotten that only Mozume's kid can acquire the Villager class... 2. Really? I thought that if a unit had their spouse's primary class as their own primary or secondary, that they wouldn't get a new class from using a Marriage Seal. 3. Yeah. I must've misread the units Orochi can A-support with. I'm unsure as to how I arrived at that conclusion, honestly... So I've adjusted my pairings thusly: Nishiki x Orochi -> Nishiki x Rinkah - The rationale is that Kinu is going to primarily be a passive damage dealer, and can inherit Snake Venom and some decent mods from Rinkah. Odin x Elise -> Odin x Orochi - Has a focus on skill while still retaining high magic. May need Defensive Formation or Swallow Strike to deal with that -2 speed mod though. Takumi x Hana -> Takumi x Elise - With this pairing, Takumi can still access Samurai through A+ supports with Ryoma or Hinata. Meanwhile, Kisaragi gets +1 strength and +4 magic, allowing him to switch between a Mighty Bow and a Shining Bow at whim. While Elise does hurt Kisaragi's skill, he still has a +2 mod in that stat, and she patches up his otherwise lackluster speed. Flannel x Camilla -> Flannel x Hana - Velour gets +5 strength, +1 magic, +0 skill, +2 speed, +0 luck, +0 defense, +1 resistance. The mods seem to complement each other perfectly, resulting a Velour with reasonably high strength, neutral skill, and a positive speed modifier. She gets inherent access to LoD and Swordfaire which can also see use as an alternative 'faire as a Hero. Ryoma x Rinkah -> Ryoma x Camilla - Results in a Shinonome with +3 strength, +0 magic, +4 skill, +3 speed, +0 luck, +0 defense, -1 resistance. Ryoma arguably doesn't get as much out of Camilla's Wyvern Lord as he would out of Rinkah's Oni Savage, but the skills he wants can be acquired regardless.
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