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  1. 1. I never said that I didn't like being found scummy for having minimal opinions. I am still new to mafia in general (this is my 3rd game) and I'm more of the sit back and watch it unfold type. Which makes me slap myself every time I get a comment on inactiveness 2. I'm not liking Breezys attitude and that's really it. Breezy seems to be a not so serious newbie. 3. Derp. I'm not sure if he made a post before that post and that was why I pointed it out. 4. Did you read about Darros? I'm not liking his focused view. And all he has really talked about is JB/Terrador/Breezy. ##Unvote ##Vote Darros Why you no have more opinions even after I asked? (I am willing to consolidate if we can't reach lynch)
  2. So far... Nothin from Prims and Shin. Shinori seems to dodge Rapier's comment about the 5 page coasting. Darros seems to be all about Terrador and JB. Any other opinions Darros? Already talked about Marth. I forgot Scorri had been playing until he posted recently. Seems townie to me. Nothin on bearclaw or Rapier or Terrador Elie isn't coming off as scummy, just slightly odd. Breezy seems really breezy about the whole thing. Not liking his attitude. Nothin on Strege. JB why were you so serious first post even though you know about RVS? Kirsche seems a little less dedicated than last game, but I'm not really finding anything that makes here jump out as scummy. Verdict: I'm sticking with Marth and his coasting/little opinions right now. Finding Darros, Breezy and JB suspicious.
  3. He's the one that stood out to me the most right now...Looks like I'm gonna retreat to the ISO reading lodge for the night.
  4. The coasting is true though. Like Scorri pointed out, both of them commented on the lack of content, which still seems to be going on. What don't you like about Rapier's stance? Why do you not like Shinori's vote? I'm liking you less and less the more you say
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