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  1. It is really woth it! What I did is I just got a bunch of weak spot pass characters and went in with Chrom and Sumia and got Aversa in no time! Plus it's cute seeing Morgan trying to be a tempress XD.
  2. DLC Macaiah can't support anybody, but Morgan can support and dark magic is very useful on non-sorc units!
  3. I like redundancy so I said that because I like redundancy! But seriously SG, GF, Sol, Tome Faire,and ArmsThrift(Or LB) AmrmThrift for Aversa's nights
  4. What i do is A rank Lucina until I get Aversa and get the best Morgan ever (w shadowgift).
  5. I always go with Aversa!Morgan 'cause Shadowgift Morgan is OP. She makes a great Sage with Nosferatu, Ghetto Aether, and TomeFarie.
  6. don't think they would put that in the game
  7. I bet Viron would have a son that would be a huge fruit cake like his father
  8. what class would it be for? or just lunatic+?"Nya ha"
  9. If there were rally critical than there would have to be rally hit/avo and rally attack
  10. note I said realistic skills
  11. Just come up with cool REALISTIC skills that would have been cool in fire emblem awakening I skill I would of liked for Priam or Walhart to have a skill called Lone Wolf: Increases all stats by 4 and adds Hit/Avo+15 when the unit is not paired up any new skills you would of liked to see?
  12. but maybe for a console version... besides this game didn't have terrible directing!
  13. time travel is complicated
  14. I wish they made all the characters plot relevant beyond there recruitment, I mean it would be cool if they had something like the "walking dead tell tail game" so the plot changes depending on who you recruit. Because with Henry it's just a few jokes and nothing more etc. no more story stuff with him
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