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  1. I applied the patch, and the end result was such that the game is in English, but - upon clicking New Game, it displays a “k” where the Chapter title should go in the save slot - the opening narration is broken, with it displaying endless amounts of SSSSSSSSSSS that break the text bar - the game immediately freezes upon Chapter 1 player phase beginning can’t find a good result as to why this is happening
  2. I just love my tadpole buddy My account is fairly old at this point. That is a fact. But it's also a fact that I don't claim the me that I was back then. I believe that a year has changed me, in many ways better, but in some personal ways for the worse. I know some people might remember me, but I'd rather be treated as someone completely new. I don't see myself coming around very often, but I did just want to make some type of change.
  3. It really is the best thing, it's gotten me way too much happiness
  4. I'm developing an 11 player NOC game, but idk what the etiquette would be with the queue and even if people would sign up? I'm just starting, so someone tell me if it's a bad idea. It would probably start in August at the very least. Edit: lol actually i can already tell it would be a bad idea so i'm not sure if i should just trash the concepts i have written or not
  5. my discord is solrocknroll #8723, sometimes I forget to check the site because I'm an idiot, but I'm always available there!
  6. I finish like one game every few months. I collect games I guess lol. I just spread things too thin
  7. Why does it matter if it's FE6. Staff rank is important in every game. Luck is 100% throwaway. Stefan is the best Swordmaster in PoR and he starts with like 1 luck.
  8. Natasha has a lower staff rank, which is the main thing that matters. Maybe Moulder has less luck, but who cares. Luck is basically a throwaway stat to begin with. GBA crits are ridiculously unlikely, and if your healer is getting hit by something you didn't intend for them to, much less crit, you need a better strategy
  9. Ike is gay Ike is an awful character who is ridiculously unlikable. Tharja wasn't made to be traditionally "likable" 2RN is good and cool Ests are awful 95% of the time
  10. I prefer 2RN because it's easier to plan around. And also easier in general lol
  11. lol chill you look unironically angry (Also Wigglytuff is gay I don't make the rules) Maybe you should just ignore this thread and pretend it doesn't exist bye
  12. i'll start this eventually but get ready for a cultural upheaval only the gayest pokemon will be used. you know, stuff like mr mime, wigglytuff, hitmonchan, or magmar starts never, this run is cancelled
  13. Alright, I wrote a little thing once. ike and soren adopt two branded children. one little boy and one little girl. the boy is a mage, and he's very kind, but also a bit of a "crybaby." the little girl is a myrmidon, and she's tough and strong and wants to be strong enough to protect her family. the four of them explore the worlds outside of tellius, and meet lots of interesting new people to share experiences. ike and soren are soft dads who are kind and nuturing parents, and they aren't tough, because they know their kids have been through a lot
  14. Sounds to me like you don't want the main character to succeed ever. There's a difference between making a few mistakes, like Marth, Roy, or Seliph do, and literally making nothing but mistakes likes you're suggesting. People love Thracia even though Leif's journey never amounts to anything. It's basically just an endless cycle of him failing. How could anyone really find that interesting?
  15. Natasha is awful. She starts at level 1 three chapters after Moulder arrives and leveling healers in FE8 is incredibly difficult. also if you seriously say she's better than moulder because of her higher luck then
  16. Tharja. I love her character a lot when she isn't being weirdly abusive. Sothe, Charlotte, Fiona, Wendy, Marisa, and Natasha are all semi-bad units who I really like. I love their designs and personalities.
  17. That wasn't my intention @ forcing it on other people. I forgot to add me saying that was how i feel, because i agree that it isn't an objective fact or anything.
  18. I won't cover the other stuff right now, but how is that sexist? I'm a dude, and i generally think that feminine things are superior 9 times out of 10. Feminine personality traits are overall more appealing to me as a person. I myself consider myself more femme-aligned in the first place.
  19. I was pointing out your fallacy. Nothing more, nothing less. you can't just say that someone's a "true fan" like that regardless if what you're saying has merit. Also, I see what you mean, but that isn't the cast @ Chrom and Lucina. You stated that you were annoyed that their fans were trying to get Marth and Ike cut for them first and foremost, and you're then saying that you were annoyed they pretended the older games don't matter. 1. You don't seem to care to play FE6 or the Kaga games, so you technically fall under the definition of "not caring about the older games." 2. No one actually thought that Ike or Marth was getting cut, yet you seem to be caught up on it. I mean, Pokémon fans constantly argue about Pokémon that should be cut, but Jigglypuff fans aren't blaming Greninja fans because Greninja fans would rather have Greninja. That's not how it works. I personally despise Ike, but it's definitely not due to anything you said. What you say about Ike definitely doesn't help, but masculine things are always worse than femme things. That's why Micaiah, Leif, and Celica are my favorite Lords.
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