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  1. in online mode i found some people with low lvl chars with 3 wing spear, levian sword etc, how did they get those? o.o
  2. the main problem is that i need to get 11 useless chars to die on chapter 6, lost plenty of xp for others this way and is hard to complete with only 3 strong chars :( and i like everyone alive just to see their ending etc :P
  3. haha my entire team will be ppl who need to die then :( thx for the help man and just a final question, the other 12x, 15x, etc chapter need 15 or less too? i didnt want to kill every bad person that join my team later :(
  4. Hi, can someone tell me why i cant enter chapter 6x? i completed it with 15 chars, and got to chapter 7, then i completed with 14 chars and still chapter 7... is there a turn limit to enter it?, because i boss abused for about 120 turns him on the 2 times i tried thx in advance and sorry for the bad english, not my first language :(
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