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  1. She IS great, but it doesn't seem like she's a specific favorite or something and gameplay wise NP2->5 doesn't offer an big improvement. I would go for her, just not NP5. Doesn't seem worth it. Shimosa was indeed overhyped (just how Agartha didn't deserve the hate), but that's mostly because of the Japanese setting and featuring one of the most famous (Japanese again) swordsman. It's reasonable that the japanese would hold this scenario in high regard. Still it had pretty though boss fights and interesting new "mechanics" (the duels, forced story support in the front), which mad it enjoyable (but the worst remnant for me).
  2. Why NP5? I went for NP2 (well NP3 thanks to the ticket from yesterday's login) and I don't plan to spend more money on that banner since she can spook. There are 4* tickets aswell and the benefit from further NP levels is negligible? I wouldn't go for NP5 on 4* stars at least. On Anastasia (LB1):
  3. Mario Sunshine. Yeah I was overjoyed these days. I'd wish for a remaster of Tenchu: Return from Darkness/Wrath of Heaven or F-Zerl GX, both probably won't happen.
  4. I don't have any hope for the Tsukihime remake. It was announced what, 8 years ago? I want it, but I can't see it happening.
  5. Formalcraft is fine (in some cases better thanks to better looping potential). New beginnings works too - start np is great, but the mixed stats suck. Another ending is still the best overall.
  6. Fair enough. I use apples in most events and do some daily quests if I'm done early or farm mats (like Dragon fangs during valentine).
  7. How do you even spent all of them in lottery events 😕 I had ~120 golden and 80 silver ones for Christmas and I was able to spend about half of them. I've used apples for half ap door events, Shimosa and Salem, events, lotteries and I still can't get rid of them.
  8. Is that really an issue? I haven't been able to spend all of my apples in months (never below 70 golden apples in the last two lotteries). I'm at 91 again despite spending quite a bit on the knk rerun. On the topic of buyable wellfares: I think the price is okayish, it's not like you need more than NP2. You don't even need them to complete the story.
  9. I wish I could stop at 75 million chocolates, but I need more dragon fangs for Semiramis. The event didn't feel too grindy for me though.
  10. I was looking for a new character name in World of Warcraft and I love eastern/Assyrian names. On my search I somehow stumbled across the solar hijri calendar and there it was: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_Hijri_calendar
  11. I enjoy(ed) Setsubun quite a bit since it forced me to work with rarely used servants. I'm at floor 190 atm and I intend to finish it this night shift.
  12. Okay thank you, that sounds interesting. I will give it a try.
  13. Do you gain the same skill amount from enemies? My byleth didn't even get a single S Skill on hard, imo it takes pretty long.
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