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  1. I agree, but I still enjoy the LB a lot, I hope it doesn't let me down in the end like Anastasia did.
  2. Thanks, I'll probably brute force my way since there aren't many interesting upcoming banners this year.
  3. Finally it's Abby's time to shine :3 I'm really looking forward to LB2, another attempt to get Brynhildr to NP2 or 3 (didn't get a single copy with 1000+ SQ last year). I'm still full of regret ;_;
  4. Finished The Coma: Recut today. While certainly no all-time favorite of mine it was way more enjoyable than people give it credit for, I'm looking forward to part 2 on switch.
  5. Yeah, same for me with Xbox. Although mostly the shoulder pads broke, I had to sell one because of drifting problems (my 4th controller in one Gen - I didn't have to switch in any former generation ~~). For Switch my first pro controller had drifting right out of the box, the second is fine (so far).
  6. Mostly FF XIV on PC. It takes way too much time but after 3 years without my love for mmos is rekindled once again. On Switch Coma: Recut and Stein's Gate Elite, but not as much as I'd like to.
  7. IMO it isn't silly, but lots of people might think so: Censorship. I haven't played/bought Tokyo Mirage Sessions because of it (although I'd love to) and even considered dropping FGO because of Demiya (and I would have If they censored Abby). Edit: I forgot to add publishers (not strict here, but I try to avoid stuff like EA or Blizzard) and extra launchers on PC. I've played exactly one Ubisoft game on PC because of the latter one.
  8. Just going to work. I'm getting paid and my job is 100% secure, so there's no reason to worry at all. But I'd actually like to work (normally) again.
  9. Damn that hurts. This won't help you, but I also wasted over 1000 SQ in the last gilfest banner without the rate-up SSR That's gacha for you. While I'm done with farming since a week, I still dislike this event. Too many different currencies and the only event where I skipped the story in the first run already. For some reason I can't stand Sanzang.
  10. In most cases it's easier for me to get the SSR than the SR on a banner. Like the LB1 one - got Anastasia 3 times before getting a second cat. But yeah, the rates are harsh. I won't forget the 1000 SQ I spend on the last Brynhildr banner and not getting her.
  11. Finally done with Gunpowder farming for Nyalter. Now only 216 left for Anastasia -.- In addition to 190 Void Dust.. at least my Apples finally have a use. A better battery and charisma aswell. Sieg certainly isn't bad, but one shouldn't undersell 5* in general (even Arjuna had his uses, he served me well for 3 turn farming).
  12. She IS great, but it doesn't seem like she's a specific favorite or something and gameplay wise NP2->5 doesn't offer an big improvement. I would go for her, just not NP5. Doesn't seem worth it. Shimosa was indeed overhyped (just how Agartha didn't deserve the hate), but that's mostly because of the Japanese setting and featuring one of the most famous (Japanese again) swordsman. It's reasonable that the japanese would hold this scenario in high regard. Still it had pretty though boss fights and interesting new "mechanics" (the duels, forced story support in the front), which mad it enjoyable (but the worst remnant for me).
  13. Why NP5? I went for NP2 (well NP3 thanks to the ticket from yesterday's login) and I don't plan to spend more money on that banner since she can spook. There are 4* tickets aswell and the benefit from further NP levels is negligible? I wouldn't go for NP5 on 4* stars at least. On Anastasia (LB1):
  14. Mario Sunshine. Yeah I was overjoyed these days. I'd wish for a remaster of Tenchu: Return from Darkness/Wrath of Heaven or F-Zero GX, both probably won't happen.
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