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  1. Lots of archers carried swords though. Unlike in FE where Archers/Hunters/Whatever can't attack at close range most of the time.
  2. Having an AFGNCAAP player character doesn't work for games where the player character is supposed to be the main character and the game isn't a sandbox game, platformer, etc. There are at least 3 ways to have an AFGNCAAP: 1. Have an antagonist or another NPC drive the game's plot. 2. Have the player's allies and/or party members do the moving of the story direction with the player providing a managerial role, a "behind the scenes" authority or an "unsung hero". 3. Set it up where the character looks ambiguous, but is actually a character with NPCs a set home, etc.
  3. Sigurd and Deirdre were married. Arvis and Aida weren't.
  4. That just shows you how unrealistic the weapon triangle is.
  5. No it wouldn't. Spears have been the primary weapons for so many armies that were around before firearms came to Europe. Think about that.
  6. Even for Awakening Lucina is the least important Lord and Say'ri wasn't really important outside of the Valm arc. Which was a filler arc.
  7. Looking back, Legualt really should have known where the Black Fang's HQ. So yeah, whoever came up with Lyn's tracking scene was trying too hard to make Lyn important after the tutorial chapters.
  8. Thinking about it, why couldn't say, Matthew do that? He's a Thief, and I say tracking would be something a Thief would want to look into.
  9. 1. There is a timeline where both Severa and Morgan both fight under Grima!Robin. Too bad for Grima!Robin that Severa and Morgan are the Scratch and Grounder to Grima!Robin's Dr. Robotnik. 2. Grima is a sexless being. Or Grima can be both man and woman, or is both. 3. Grima's humanoid face is from Medeus.
  10. Or the writer wanted the Black Knight and Oliver back and put them in RD. Even if took some asspulls or retcons to do it.
  11. If Camus, Michalis, the Black Knight, and Oliver all came back after reaching 0HP why not any of the Spotpass characters?
  12. Do all corrupted Earth Dragons get humanoid faces and bunches of eyes?
  13. Grima is way bigger than any of the dragons in Marth's games, has a bunch of eyes, and a humanoid face. Grima really isn't a dragon who came from being hatched. Put in how the Binding Shield was taken apart and the Dragon's Table is used differently and Grima coming from all those sealed Earth Dragons fusing isn't really a stretch.
  14. Are the kids in the Drama CDs the ones that are available from default or the ones from the Future Past DLC?
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