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  1. Yeah lol it's mostly a yaoi problem. I'm going team Takumi since I like prickly characters ^^ added you anyway though! My lead is Bridelia. (assuming you were talking to me)
  2. Ok cesspool was too strong of a word, but certain tumblr users tend to overreact to these kinds of things. The userbase is generally pretty young (?), so things can get out of hand when fictional characters are involved lol yes. I really like Ike and Soren's relationship, but a lot of Ike/Soren fanfics really really bother me...especially in how they characterize Soren
  3. Tumblr is a cesspool, most Team Soren peeps are normal (I hope). Meanwhile I'm still trying to get over the fact that we had an entire gauntlet around hair.
  4. I mean, Fates characters are popular so they're going to be in a lot of gauntlets. Gauntlets are boring if there don't include a couple fan favorites (see Healer Gauntlet).
  5. RIP Soren TvT I was really hoping we could multiplier-shenanigan our way into the final but oh well. I'm pretty fond of Takumi, so I'm joining him this round. FC is 4434461182 for anyone who wants to use my Bridelia. Edit: @Skylorella Con just added you!
  6. I hopped on team Robin but I've been getting a lot of randoms since most people on my friends list are on other teams. If anyone on team Robin is looking for more friends, my FC is 4434461182 and my leader is Bridelia.
  7. Decided to support Elise, but I'll definitely join up with Frederick if he makes it farther than her! My friend code's 4434461182, and my current leader is Leon but I'm swapping in B!Cordelia for the gauntlet.
  8. *stares at 4 star michalis and 881 feathers* *sweats* you had me at "feathers" but seashell dad is still very tempting
  9. I'm really torn between Team Elise and Team Frederick. On one hand, I have Elise and I adore her, but on the other hand, seashell Frederick is my favorite thing.
  10. As happy as I am to see more Echoes, every time a unit gets Miwabe Sakura'd I die a little inside. I don't think her tome will be better than Gronnblade+ (there's an obvious difference between +10 damage on specials vs +20 damage per attack with all buffs), but Res Ploy and Mirror Strike look pretty interesting, and it's always nice to have a mage who can tank a few magic hits. I actually really dislike her art for some reason and it makes me sad since I adore her design and personality. I'm glad you like the art though.
  11. F!Robin is adorable and Frederick looks hilariously fantastic. Just when I thought my orbs were safe... Am I the only one who isn't the biggest fan of Tiki's art though? I really love Tiki but her face in this artwork looks a bit off.
  12. I went into this banner with a little over 200 orbs and came out with Caeda, Jakob, 3 Cordelias, and Charlotte. I'm fully prepared to pull nothing but Est for the next year or so.
  13. Super psyched for this banner due to Charlotte and Cordelia with good art. Staff Lyn is a bit of a bummer and I'm not the biggest fan of her artist, but my Genny might like her staff. Caeda's art really bugs me for some reason (I think her eyes are a bit too far apart?), though her dress is so pretty and I'm so tempted to pull for her too. As a side note, I understand why people are frustrated over the lack of grooms in this banner, but I don't really like the implication that this is somehow an affront to the entire female playerbase. Not all of us play solely for husbandos, and not all of us are straight.
  14. Welp, looks like I'm going to have to break my wallet in half for this banner, I need all the floofy dresses.
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