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  1. List: Seth Franz Vanessa Moulder Natasha Saleh Tethys Tana Cormag Duessel Forde Kyle
  2. Oh, Nidhogg avoid... Yeah I forget about that.
  3. Ravers has double weapon triangle advantage /weakness.
  4. Swordmasters are good unless you don't have plan how to use them. High skill and speed can be really heplful. And Erika is definitely one of the best unit in FE8LA. I'm glad I did saw them with Ephraim support.
  5. Yeah, mrug deals more dmg with higher hit chance and extra avodi... But that's not my bussines.
  6. I'm finne with that. Ephraim could be too problematic.
  7. Such beauty... Such power... She will trade like 2 units and chip dmg to third.
  8. I'm kinda in love with Vanessa... You know... ;)
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