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  1. Is Gaius a good husband for Tharja, since he can pass the Pegasus Knight line to Noire for her to get Galeforce? I was also thinking Kellam and Nowi, but this is my first time marrying people.
  2. I really wanted to marry Emmeryn since I'm the only one who can even have support with her, and it seems kinda sad that no one loves her or anything. It makes me sad. But then about Morgan, it's kinda weird to have a child with a mentally disabled person. Then I think about Aversa and how it would be really cool to have a Shadowgift Dark Flier Morgan. I'm on Chapter 17 and I've been training so freaking much, so the only people that I have married are Chrom to Sumia. What do you people think?
  3. Well I'll probably just use her as a Dancer only and pass Galeforce to Inigo.
  4. She's not too weak, her overall rating is 288 as of now. I've been wondering, what is the highest rating you've ever gotten from any character?
  5. I have the DLC, but I haven't completed it yet, so that would be an option.
  6. I'm just about to reclass her into a Dancer, and I need to know which skills are best for her to use. The ones I have are: Relief Galeforce Vantage Astra Swordfaire Speed +2 Luck +4 Avoid +10 Rally Movement Lethality Rally Heart Bond I'm definitely keeping Galeforce and I also think Bond would be a good choice for her as a Dancer. Maybe Swordfaire? Also, is her Special Dance skill good to have? Thanks, all!
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