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  1. Does Minior's ability shields down actually increase its defense while it's still above 50% health? I know it negates status conditions, but if it doesn't increase its defense, then Minior's defenses might not even be good enough as is.
  2. I'm pretty sold on the Mareanie and Toxapex line. Sure, it won't be terribly effective against steel types, but it has a lot of diverse options to handle everything else, as well as recover, venoshock + baneful bunker, and that one physical water type attack that lowers the opponent's defense. Merciless and regenerator are some pretty neat abilities too.
  3. Let's just kind of pretend that you've never heard of me before.

  4. In case anyone is confused: Spiky -> Robinigo

  5. What do we know about the class of those characters holding fans between 1:25 and 1:27? I haven't ever seen anything quite like them, and the magic that the paired up one uses is new to me as well
  6. I'll preface this whole thing with a link: http://www.reddit.com/r/smashbros/comments/2roj3l/touhou_super_smash_battles_a_melee_inspired/ So an independent game company is creating a fighting game which uses many of the mechanics prevalent in Super Smash Bros Melee for the Nintendo GameCube, with many if not all of the fighters being Touhou characters. The project has an Indiegogo campaign going and is looking to raise $10,000 to produce the game and eventually release it on the Nintendo E-Shop. This game is planned to be compatible with the Nintendo GameCube controller adapter, will apparently revive some of the techniques lost in the shift from Melee to Brawl such as wavedashing, and the gameplay is reminiscent of although not quite exactly like Melee's. The Indiegogo page is here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/touhou-super-smash-battles There's a preliminary video showing off early gameplay at the top of the Reddit link if anyone's interested, although it is rather rough due to the project not being funded yet. I'm not a big fan of the series myself, but I figured someone else would appreciate it
  7. I'd ideally like to make a fresh start sometime because of how obnoxious and immature I was when I originally joined. I love the community here, but I feel so disconnected because of what a brat I was, that's why I don't post much anymore. Hoping to be better this time around

  8. It sort of depends on who the person in the relationship is and who the people they're friends with are, personally I have a friend who started dating someone else and then really didn't want to be around a couple people in our group, but didn't mind if I was around with the two of them. My other statement was just what I've seen more often than not, there's no right or wrong answer to this, humans are too diverse
  9. According to pictures taken at the Smash Wii U event on October 24th, the quality of the Amiibos is not quite what it was originally promised to be, a couple of examples: Link Peach I'm a little disappointed, but I'm still thinking of getting the Robin one when it inevitably gets released, it's sad to see such a promising project not be the highest quality it could be
  10. I've always wanted a fire-breathing, purple puppy that could slash me to pieces at any given time
  11. Having close friends in a relationship usually tears apart friendships. Whether they bring their significant other everywhere with them, or they can't balance time with both their significant other and their friends, you end up drifting away from them. I'd just be glad you don't have to mediate between your friend and their significant other when they fight or argue, I got stuck as the guy who had to apologize to my friend's girlfriend for all of the stuff he did wrong. All that pointless stress for something that barely concerned me left me way too happy when he finally stopped being obsessed with her
  12. I'm sure it's just me, but that Glalie kept using headbutt on my Swampert and managed to get the flinch every single time. I ended up losing because I didn't realize the catch rate was set to 100% The demo isn't terribly interesting, it gets really boring and tedious after the fifth or sixth playthrough of random fetch or battle quests, at least to me. It's cool to see Hoenn again and I shouldn't expect much more from a demo of all things I guess
  13. Learning the meaning of the word "moe" opened so many doors for me

  14. Not gonna lie, this is pretty entertaining, I'd like one once you've got time
  15. It's fine, I've got to apologize for dropping the salt on any Little Mac mains, it wasn't really called for. I'll give shield-grabbing a shot
  16. With all due respect, I do know how to beat Little Mac and I agree that it's easy once you understand how to do it, it just isn't fun, regardless of how skilled the player is. And when over half of the characters I play against are Little Mac, you can't help but get sick of him
  17. With 51 playable characters, I find it odd how many people are already claiming that they have no characters that they enjoy playing as. I find that the only way to find more characters is to sit down one day and just play a handful of characters online for a little while until at least one of them seems viable to some extent. I never thought I'd enjoy playing Ness, Game and Watch, or Wii Fit Trainer, but they're some of the most fun I've ever had in a Smash game. It just takes leaving your established comfort zone and being willing to invest more than half an hour into a character and decide they're not worthwhile. Except Little Mac, don't play him, I'm sick of Little Mac being two out of three people's mains that I play online, there's no joy or excitement or anything in playing against a Little Mac, even if I win consistently, getting to that win is a hassle Regardless, I find that characters that I never thought I'd play were the ones that clicked with me. Robin and Lucina were my original mains due to the sheer amount of hype I poured into them, but I tried other characters and enjoyed them even more. The only character I like that doesn't surprise me is Wario due to personal bias back in Brawl, but otherwise, my original roster is nothing like what my roster would be now. Alright, sub-posting aside, I get a lot of lag in local play, enough to throw everyone in the match off. I know the Wii U version won't have that at all, but it's the only complaint I can come up with about the game other than the circle pad giving everyone I know a nasty case of BNF I haven't reached that level of competitive awareness yet that everyone else seems to be on hahaha
  18. Home run contest is really satisfying once you start getting better at it, current record is in the high 2700s which I'm sure is really mediocre but whatever
  19. Since there hasn't been a male Wii fit trainer amiibo revealed yet, I can't help but think we won't get a female Robin one as well
  20. Falco's English VA sounds so familiar, but I just can't put my finger on who it is Robin's everything I expected him/her to be, their neutral B is useful enough while their side B is one of their best moves if you know what you're doing with it. The down B is tough to land unsurprisingly and the up B works well enough. The Levin Sword is definitely their shining moment though as it's some of their only KO potential, it's also a lot of fun to use, but that might just be me. I keep hearing people say that their dash attack is bad, but I don't see it just personally, it's just lacking in range compared to other characters Lucina's a lot like old Marth, her counter feels like it lasts longer than any other FE rep's though. I prefer her over Marth this time around, the bulk and power probably makes him useful as well as his tipper mechanic, but I'm not great at spacing and Lucina's sword doing the same amount of damage all across it suits me better
  21. Gotta wait until three to get my copy ;-; so close yet so far, watching other people play is something though
  22. First thing I'm doing is getting repeatedly destroyed as Gold Robin until I start getting destroyed less frequently
  23. I'm just more accustomed to the Japanese voices than the English, as much as I enjoyed the dubbed version of Awakening, I kept switching the voices language just by personal preference. Plus once you learn a little of the language, you can get a rough idea of what's being said. I specifically enjoyed Male Robin's Japanese, it was strong sounding while not being unnecessarily deep, as stated by everyone else though, it all boils down to preference. Also weaboo, that plays a part
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