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  1. I'm enjoying myself when I read this thread with the arguments going around, but I have no intention of joining the fight until I read this It offend hell out of me. You can call us perfectionist or completionist and we'll stay neutral, but you're pitting us as grinding, slow, supports the same as completionist while making what you played hardcore elite. If this isn't elitist, it will be chauvinist pig. Grinding = patient, unless it has the intention to challenge one's self Completionist = Perfection Slow = Taking own sweet time Supports = Lovable, romantic 0% = hardcore(retarded for Chiki) LTC = masochistic Efficiency = casual/hardcore (in my opinion) You try hang yourself for the maximum duration without being out of breath since that is a challenge which no sound human can complete. I will not apologize in anyway until this guy wake up his bloody mind.
  2. Heh, I don't like to see characters left behind after rallying, CHARGE!!!! I say.
  3. Right, maybe I did it wrong. It's hard for me even though I have limit breakers. I never bring any rallybots however.
  4. Thought Ragnell is the only blade? Carrying 10 imposing axe seems fine if it is not thrown.
  5. Count me out on the number of people that agree with your view of better.
  6. Nanchucks and Claws (supposed fist weapon type)? Summonings? (like a tome, creates temporary fodder)
  7. Advantageous Staff - Grant vantage+ for 1 turn on target
  8. If you got limit breaker, and don't mind grinding a bit. Him using Sol Katti as a swordmaster is fun. Most of the time is overkill, but several criticals in Astra will give you the exhilaration. Sol Katti can be obtained at Yen'fay paralouge in case you have forgotten.
  9. Mind reader, No Guard, Lock-on => Rightful King, +Skills Lethality is like the only gimmick which everyone knows, so I think it is underrated when people don't like to see people using it. I use it on my Olivia because of occasional counter kill after she dodge the enemy attack/vantage. Plus, it looks awesome when she took out those staring at her with a branch.
  10. wow, how many times have you been practicing? there's like no to little pause in between actions to think. Nice videos.
  11. Yeah, sorry, I miss out the thought of using the SE for yourself. Always think of it as an object for epleen.
  12. [spoiler=Off-topic] This above video teaches allot of things. FYI
  13. Exactly, they don't realize they're complaining for something that is going to affect us. We can always make the game 'harder' and not other way round. If not challenging enough, there's always room to fine other challenges. Playing hanging upside down from ceiling is can be one, so is finishing the game without save or during single battery charge without adapter.
  14. Heroes counted? Severa with axefaire??
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