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  1. How do you feel when shows makes jokes that lose all meaning when translated into another language?
  2. How do you feel when a game gives you an item that has extreme importance in the story but has terrible stats/ your current is already better than it?
  3. Unlike before this is legit. I must move on. I thank each and ever one of you for these wonderful memories.
  4. As long as Capcom never pulls the Jill Valentine and Shuma Gortha DLC crap I'm good. If it does happen I hope they keep the same roster from UMVC3 and add from their. I expect less X Men and more characters from the Marvel Cinematic universe(since it's so popular).
  5. Does all of life end? Would we be frozen in time for eternity?
  6. From toxic behavior to elitism, what are some examples that just destroy it for you?
  7. Every Fire Emblem Myrmidon.
  8. By struggle meals I mean when you have very little food in your kitchen, and you just eat whatever you can find. You mix and match what's in there make the most out of it. I once ate a ketchup sandwich.
  9. Mines is when a person is looking at a picture and the light just so happens to cover up the face of a character.
  10. After a long fought battle the boss drops their weapon, explodes in flames, and you move on to the next area. I say the Castlevania series has the best death animations.
  11. When someone uploads the soundtrack to a video game(which are normally around a hour or two) and doesn't put any time stamps in the description. So your forced to randomly click through the video in order to find the track you want to listen to.
  12. How often do you use such inappropriate language?
  13. Like today, I spent all day thinking about how I'm going to play Etrian Odyssey 4. But not once did I even touch my 3DS.
  14. Super serious question. A question that not even our ancestors know the answer too.
  15. Hey guys question, if the Wii U was successful do you think the Nintendo Switch would have launched anyways?
  16. You can only play as Ridley on the regular version. He's too big for the portable mode.
  17. Super Smash Bros. For 3DS Super Smash Bros. For Wii U Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo Switch?
  18. Since it uses cartridges for it's games, do you think the Switch could play 3DS games?
  19. You're near the end of the game but all the passion you had at the start is gone. Do you still push through or put the game down?
  20. http://kissanime.to/Anime/Keijo This is both the best and worst thing ever. Japan.....why?
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