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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Pokemon easily. With all the cards, plushies, Anime, movies and figures I have bought and whatever other merchandise there is on top of all the games, it would easily go into the thousands I have spent on it. So far nothing else even comes close.
  3. Elli

    Hey Hey

    I have been mostly good. I have pretty much spent the last few months writing different stories which kept me occupied for a long time. And then I joined Tumblr as well and used that a lot. How about you, how have you been? Yes! You could say your name ringsabell, haha. But yes I remember you. It's good to see you too. I was surprised to still see so many familiar people here, I thought people might have left but I guess not. It's nice to see you all again.^^
  4. Elli

    Hey Hey

    You should remember me haha, I have you added on my 3ds too I'm pretty sure. Yes I think so too. I remember you too. I remember most people, but I was the nobody on here so I'm not surprised most don't remember me or they forgot me XD but I'm really happy some of you still remember me ^^
  5. Elli

    Hey Hey

    Hey, I sure do remember you! Hello! I remember you too! I had to check your username history but yes I remember you too! Hello, thank you!^^ If anyone remembers, I use to make those hurt/heal threads and Crit quote and death quote threads awhile back.
  6. I remember you from when I use to visit these boards^^ Unfortunately I don't have a kitty cat I do have 8 birds though...
  7. Elli

    Hey Hey

    Hi! I remember you. Yes it's Shelie XD most probably won't remember me due to me being very quiet and shy, so I really didn't talk much. I stopped coming on the forums much after I got a Samsung galaxy s4 earlier this year and well... I got addicted to romance apps you could say, haha and after that I joined Tumblr and have been using that a lot.
  8. Etrian odyssey milenium girl + Tales of Xillia 2. Would make one interesting, possibly hard game.
  9. Just thought I'd say hello. I don't know who here remembers me. I still see quite a few familiar people around and I also see a lot of new people. So hello to everyone new and old! ^.^
  10. Happy Birthday, sorry for being a week late!!!

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