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  1. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  2. She canĀ“t equip the Sol Katti as Assassin
  3. Eirika should be a archer and Seth a Eye-thingy
  4. Like Beastbane is locked to taguel give them a skill that is also locked to them, like galeforce that can activate multiple times in a turn
  5. Noire because she was the only girl with orange hair ... and I like a fast sorceror
  6. Marisa. Those modifiers. Can you reclass them?
  7. I married Gaius!Noire just for her hair colour and some sweet modifiers on Morgan...
  8. Virion(classes) and Kellam(Does not give vantage). No Kid is forever alone in my runs I like kids from the future :3
  9. Noire cause she is my waifu and mostly cause I couldnt beat the (post)game without her.
  10. Mercenary...Horrible mercenary with 10% low hp, luck, and defence growths with mediocre strength, speed and skill growths and awkard high magic and res so they would probly reclass me.My other classes are: Dark Mage cause I love the bad guys more and wyvern rider cause I loved ze dragons! I would like to have cleric over wyvern rider but wyvern rider just fits me best. My supports would be with Chrom, Gaius, Gregor,Henry and Merric.
  11. Virion!Yarne as a wyvern lord is awsome even with triple weakness and Ricken!Yarne is one of the best Dark knights/dread figther mainly because is support roll
  12. For more than I love orange hair Noire Donnel!Noire is better, my problem is just gaius!kjelle isnt as good as donnel!kjelle, vaike!nah is superior btw
  13. I like to make Chrom or Aversa Loli so build 2 for both
  14. Happy Birthday!!!

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