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  1. Seconding this. He may be worthless as a unit, but he tries so hard, and from what little we see of his characterisation I can't help but love the sod. If you pair him up (which honestly you'd only do for this reason, from a eugenics standpoint he's basically a poor man's Lex), you can see he's devoted to his new family, and his lovers convo with Erin in particular is adorable (and to those who know what comes next, tragic). And if you let him die (you bastard), his death quote has him calmly saying he is proud to have served Sigurd all his life, and that he has no regrets. This pretty much sums it up. He may be a rubbish unit, but he's got a heart as big as his armour and I just find him endearing.
  2. No particular order within tiers: God Tier: Sigurd, Hector Top Tier: Ike, Seliph Great Tier: Lyn, Alm, Eirika, Ephraim, Micaiah Decent Tier: Leif, Celica, Eliwood Average Tier: Marth, Lucina, Chrom Bad Tier: Roy Garbage Tier: Corrine
  3. I noticed that too. Running RetroArch with a bsnes-mercury core, if that matters. It's not a big issue but it's something!
  4. Best: Hard to say. I guess Ashera? Honourable mentions would go to Ashnard, the Fire Dragon, Julius, Formortiis. Worst: Probably Veld. He barely has any buildup, any presence in the story, so he's not even good as a villain. And as a boss he's simply pathetic. Dishonourable mention to Idoun, who, while a pathetically easy boss, at least gets points for having a sympathetic backstory and semi-decent buildup.
  5. As a filthy Anglo-American half-breed, I have to say that the reception Trump has received in my birth country has warmed my crusty heart. I've actually felt a shred of patriotism for the UK, something that, since Brexit, has been a very rare feeling indeed.
  6. My favourites are probably both from Radiant Dawn. Those two would be 2-E (Elincia's Gambit) and 3-13 (Blood Contract). Both are Defence maps, which is my favourite objective. Both have the kickass theme Bearer of Hope (notably, these are the only maps with that theme). Both can be played your way; you can turtle up and let them come to you while holding the line (literally, in the case of 3-13), but you can also take the fight to them if you want to and are skilled enough. And both are challenging, yet fair (though 3-13 is considerably moreso, in fairness). 3-13 has the additional distinction of having the best character in the game, the legendary 3-13 Archer. Those two are what I consider the pinnacle of FE map design. I really hope that defensive maps come back someday.
  7. FE4: Uhhh, hard to say. Probably Ced with Forseti to give a very boring answer (the only real downside is he lacks a horse in Horse Emblem), but really you get so many absurd units in that game, and the eugenics system means you can have your God Units customised to your liking. Yet another reason I love this game. FE5: I'm going to go a bit different in this answer and say Karin. Now, she's not necessarily the best combat unit (although she's far from bad in that respect), but when I last played she got insanely MOVE-blessed (gotta love having a Move growth, however miniscule it is), she had something like 13-14 Move by the end of the game. As a utility unit, she basically outdid everyone without a staff to their name. FE6: I haven't played this game since like 2008 so my memory is fuzzy. But I remember Rutger being pretty good. FE7: Lots of great candidates here. I'd say Canas and/or Athos has the edge because Luna is just that broken, but if we discount that, I'm honestly not sure. Lucius has never let me down though. FE8: So many great units. Probably Seth, because this was my second FE I pretty much soloed the game with him because I didn't know better. But even then, some people call the game Seth Emblem for a reason. FE9: Ike, easily. Not because the other units are bad, far from it, but because Ike is just that good. Though the luck-based Black Knight battle is a strike against him I guess. FE10: Very difficult to say, as I've had quite a few units (off the top of my head, those include Micaiah, Soren, Kurthnaga, and Nolan) cap everything. If we're not including the Laguz Royals, I think Nolan with everything capped is truly terrifying. Give him a Crossbow and Dragonfoe, and watch him slaughter everything in 4-E3 aside from the big man himself. FE13: Probably Female Morgan, though I've not played this game in years so my memory's fuzzy. FE15: Delthea probably, though she's a glass cannon which hinders her somewhat. On Celica's path, Saber was probably one of the most useful. Overall: Impossible to say.
  8. I enjoyed the first two, but I never finished the third one. Not because I didn't like it, I just... stopped reading. Of course, I haven't read any of them in a decade, so my memory is fuzzy.
  9. Bishop Rodan

    Snow Days

    I love snow, aside from having to get it all off my car afterwards and shovelling the steps. Driving in it sucks though.
  10. My first FE was Path of Radiance. I got it because I thought it looked interesting and I was not disappointed.
  11. Yeah I was mainly thinking from a gameplay perspective in my response. I agree that in the grand scheme of the story you didn't need to have the dragon be the final boss, but I feel that, while it may have been unnecessary, it wasn't detrimental, if you get what I mean? Like, yeah, it didn't have to be there, but by being there it didn't necessarily detract from the game or your experience playing it. Hell, in some respects it may have been a positive thing. From a gameplay perspective, Nergal would have been a lame final boss. :P I do agree that Idoun is an interesting character. From a story perspective alone, she's probably a better final boss.
  12. I actually like this one more than any of the other dragon bosses (aside from Dheginsea, though he's not a final boss). Compared to the others, it actually felt like a threat, like a dragon should be. Compared to FE6, which had one of the worst final bosses in FE history, the FE7 dragon was actually a worthy final boss. Unless you cheesed it with Luna, of course. :P
  13. Hi, Many years ago I found a thread on Grandbell.net which had a complete list of Gameshark codes for FE5. Unfortunately, that site has since vanished from the internet and I cannot for the life of me find any other list of all the Gameshark codes anywhere, despite my best efforts. I was wondering if anyone here could help with that, either by posting the codes here or pointing me in the right direction. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.
  14. I didn't really touch my 3DS much this year. The only games I really played were Majora's Mask 3D (best Zelda game) and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire (which I still haven't finished). I mostly use it to kill time on the train.
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