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  1. Trickster's new ability: Decoy. Can deploy a decoy once, cooldown is (INSERT NUMBER) turns. It has weak stats, and the enemy will only have to hit the decoy in order to find out that it's a decoy. The Trickster can run away. Promoted Magic User's ability: Stone. Once in every battle. When you use stone, the enemy cannot move in the next turn, but can still counter attack. Assassin's new ability: Poison blade. Chance of having the enemy getting poisoned, damage over time. It ignores defenses and resistances, but will never kill the enemy. Hunter: Promoted from archer. Can set traps, if enemy stands on the trap, will take massive damage. Uses bows and swords.
  2. If you were to create a new weapon type, what would it be? I would rather hear ideas that state ideas since I'm lazy today.
  3. My Ideas for some classes were: Crossbowman. They are like archers, but they have much higher stats, such as higher attacks and defenses. They will automatically gain a skill that lets them have +1 Range regardless on what it is. (Like a Longbow) The Major Downside is the fact that they cannot move and attack. They can counter attack ranged weapons though. Can promote into a Sniper or an Arbalester. Can use bows to turn into crossbows. Arbalesters. Seasoned Crossbowmans with insane attacks and decent defenses. Raider. A special type of class that can be obtained by a mercenary or a barbarian using a Master Seal. They only uses swords, but they are very tough looking, some say insane. They have a special ability called, "Cause Fear," the enemy stat's will be reduced during the battle. (Unknown Name). Uses a new type of weapon, explosive. It's armed with a small type of rocket that fires a tiny cannon, but it's still explosive. The stats himself aren't the best, but can do great damage. Ranged unit, but the special thing is that it can attack at close range. Can promote into a (Unknown Name2) (Unknown Name2) A seasoned (Unknown Name) that holds a cannon with bigger cannonballs. The normal cannon launchers will look improved because of the fact that the new class has the ability to improve the weapon. The downside is that it cannot attack at close range. But this unit has bigger stats, the attack stat would be extreme. Camel Rider. Another type of cavalier. They travel well on the desert. Unlike the other cavaliers, they weld axes. Their special skill they will unlock have the horses fear them, reducing some stats of the horse riders against the camel for the duration of the battle. Their stats, however, are slightly lower than a normal cavalier. Promotes into a Camel Lord or a Mameluke. Camel Lord. A veteran warrior of a Camel Rider. Uses swords and axes, with heavy defenses and some resistance on the side. They aren't the fastest though. Mameluke. A special type of camel rider. They may not be able to use axes, but they can use swords and lances. When facing against a horse, the stats of the horse rider decreases even more. They have a decent attack stat and hp, but not the best defense. Scout Cavalier. Can be obtained from a Cavalier who used a Master Seal. Their stats, however, don't change much, but their speed, skill, and luck have increased by a lot! They may not be the strongest, but they are good for surviving using dodging rates and getting to places faster as it's the fastest unit. It can also obtain the same skill a Trickster can get, ignores accessible terrain disadvantages. Still uses swords and lances. Longswordsman. Welds swords, similar to the mercenary class. The difference is that they care about defense more. Can promote into a Heavy Swordsman or a champion. Heavy Swordsman. An experienced Longswordsman that has almost the same defense as a general, but they are much faster and their attack stat are half decent. Unfortunately, they can only weld swords still. Champion. They are tough swordsman with good defense and attack skills, can weld lances. They are often mistaken as Great Lords. Soldier. This is not a new class, but this should be a class. Seriously, it should. Can promote into a Skirmisher or General, but as a General, he/she will not get insane defenses like normal, but they are faster. Skirmisher. A unit that does well with ranged weapons such as javelins and spears. Also gets a skill when they skirmish, like a Risen battle not in the main story line, their stats increase a bit. They are fast units too. They can weld lances and swords, but they seem to be better of with lances. War Elephants. Cavalier's that have totally changed their mounts. War Elephants are a heavy tanked mount that contains loads of defenses and some resistance, but the downside of a much slower speed and movement. They are related to Raiders, they can also use cause fear too. They can use lances and axes. Sometimes, the elephant attacks long with the tusks, dealing attack stat divided by two. Gladiator. Gladiators are experienced mercenaries that are partially psycho, with insane attack stats and hp, but they don't seem to have the best defense stats of all the other classes. Welds swords and axes. Crusader Cavalier. Crusader Cavaliers are proficient cavalier riders that seem to have a lot of resistance, much more than a paladin They're defense stats are fine, and they are fast. They also have a skill called Zeal, as if their weapon was a brave weapon (Brave being like attack twice, four times,). Only uses swords. Ballistician. They need this class back, nuff' said. Miners. They are better off whacking minerals then enemies. In some maps, there are gold mines that only they can collect. They can find small bullions, but sometimes, they can find medium sized bullions. Rarely, they can find large ones. Welds axes, but it has their own pickaxe that does not take up inventory space used for mining. Can promote into a driller. Chances of better bullions would be something about the luck stat. Drillers. Drillers are experienced miners that have a higher luck stat for better chance of minerals. They can fight too, with extreme attack and some defenses, but aren't the fastest units. Welds lances. So you can either come up with classes or come criticize some.
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