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  1. In Sword of Seals... Don't really know about Blazing Sword. In Path of Radiance, And in Radiant Dawn,
  2. Nolan capped EVERYTHING except Defense once, as a Level 20 Reaver.
  3. Alright, I'll check it out. Still think it might be Japan only, but I'll check it out. Update : All I see is snow falling from the sky... talked to everyone outside, and nothing.
  4. Yeah, I noticed. The moment I saw 'em, I was like : "Hmm... Could've sworn I've seen them before." And Paul and Jasmine were the ones I was trying to remember... Didn't think they were creepy, but they were oddballs, that's for sure. Can't remember if they were from FE6 or FE7.
  5. I play Pokemon... though not as often. But I can turn on my DS Lite, cram Diamond in, and be ready for battle. Been playin' since the RBY ages. When I was a kid, I was SO obsessed with it, it wasn't even funny. Stopped at around age 11. Edit : Hikarusa, isn't that for Japan only?
  6. To be honest, I can't remember much from FE6 and 7, since I haven't played them in quite a while. Valtome (FE10) is weird. Whatever it is, I'm just robbing it of it's Valaura and that's IT!
  7. Mist was great... but in FE9. I haven't used her in FE10, but Elincia is looking far superior right now. Besides... she needs a Holy Crown to promote, others can just level past 20/20, or use a Master Crown. Clarine is awesome, though. But my vote goes to Wyvern Riders/Dragon Riders... what have you. Miledy is great, Haar is a sleeping/flying fortress, and Jill was a speedy murderer. And I love her hair in FE10. I'll have to say... Swordmasters come in second. Not going too in detail... I like Fir, Karel, Guy, Mia, and Stefan. Random note : Haven't played FE8 at all.
  8. You! You're the right hand to the future king of Gallia... I was needed elsewhere, but you impeded my progress. Interesting maneuver, using the Hawks...

    Haha, don't mind me. =P

  9. Huh... that's odd. Could've sworn I heard someone say Skills were in other games. Nevertheless, I'm just talking about how the Mastery Skills look, that's all. It's not THAT important, but hey, I like visuals.
  10. Take Astra and Aether for example. In FE9, Astra was a 5-hit, rapid attack at half damage each. It was quick. In FE10, Astra was... well, it's at normal damage, but you just stop when you killed the enemy. In FE9, Aether was a badass, throw-sword-in-the-air-and-land-and-do-lots-of-damage-pie kinda thing. With the flipping and whatnot. In FE10, the same effect applies... but it felt slower, while Aether was faster-- and sometimes, Ike might only do one half of the Aether, and... that's it. Sol was a yellow glow in FE9, and the horse neighs, and you strike. Simple. Now, it's just two strikes, a neigh, and another. Gah. I miss the old Aether... sure, Radiant Dawn's graphics are awesome, but there's no blue-aura, the flipping and camera shooting Ike in the air... and I remember all of the sounds. SHING! Whoopwhoopwhoopwhoopwhoop... daTISH, TISH! Edit : Of course, I know graphics and the sounds don't affect how much damage and blah blah blah, but I liked how they looked. And now, they just look meh. Say, I've only played FE6-10. Were skills in other games?
  11. FE6 : Tie between Miledy and Dieck FE7 : Canas FE9 : Jill and Haar FE10 : Jill and Haar
  12. Jeez... I wonder how talking about horses turned into talking about Part 4-Endgame.
  13. Ah, snap. Guess I'll have to waste two coins then.
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