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  1. Super Mario Party literally has "Party" in the title but it's also Mario Party and thus pours salt upon the earth when played. Someone always ends up having to be convinced not to quit in my household. Overcooked 2 is supposed to be really good, haven't gotten it but it's a game I've considered for the same roll as you're looking for.
  2. I haven't been following this project yet, but this interests me. I shall now pay more attention. Woot woot best game time. It's a pretty easy thing to do with FE Builder, there's probably a UPS patch for it already. FE Builder comes with one included, but failing that I could send you a save.
  3. Something something aphthartodocetism. Very interesting insight indeed.
  4. Weapons are a core mechanic in Fire Emblem. Most games in the series have some sort of stat requirement to wield certain weapons. In the GBA games and just about every release since, this has been Weapon Rank. But is that the best system, though? I would argue that Weapon Rank is actually one of the worst systems that Fire Emblem has employed to restrict weapon usage. Weapon ranks level up by using a weapon of the corresponding type, but this takes forever to do and it means weapons gained on promotion tend to be pretty useless, because they start at such a low rank and it takes forever to boost that rank up. It's really tedious and restricts you to what you've already done the most of, which is really lame. In Genealogy, weapon rank doesn't increase as you use weapons, it instead depends on class and holy blood. I think this allows for more precise balancing, at least in concept, and it means you aren't hitting things with an Iron Bow 100 times just so you can use a Killer Bow. Gaiden did away with systems like this altogether and I don't think it broke the game or anything. The last approach (which was actually the original approach Fire Emblem took) is Weapon Level. Weapon Level increased like strength or speed, which is to say, randomly on level up. Unlike Weapon Rank, weapon level applies to all weapon types a character can equip, so a character with high weapon level can immediately use high level weapons in their new type. This solves the huge, gigantic, tedious problem of Weapon Rank while also letting you have a way for characters to improve their weapon selection as they get stronger. Weapon Level also lets characters be balanced around how good the weapons they can equip are. Someone with low strength, for instance, might be able to compensate if they have high weapon level and can use more powerful weapons. *** I think Weapon Level sounds like a big improvement over Weapon Rank. That said, I had this crazy idea for a tweak to Weapon Level that might work out even better. Instead of having a stand alone stat, the "weapon level" function is instead applied to Skill (or dexterity or whatever the kids are calling it these days). So, to use a Silver Sword, you need to reach a certain skill threshold. I think this would add more importance to a fairly useless stat, and I think it also makes sense thematically. Anyway, I'll get off my soap box. What's the best way to handle weapon ranks, in your opinion? Also 3 Houses did something else I'm sure but I didn't play it so please explain it to me down below and compare it to these other systems.
  5. 'Morning there friend. It is my good pleasure to welcome you to this internet forum. Stay big.
  6. Division makes men stronger. Bring on secession.
  7. I want a complete Tiny Head Mode patch by the end of the year.
  8. FE6 is my favorite game in the series but yeah, it's a bit difficult and I honestly think it's best experienced when you're already somewhat familiar with it.
  9. Anticipating Valentine's Day for us, eh? It would help if the voice direction in the game was better too.
  10. I've begun working on a Reverse Recruitment patch for FE6. I know we already have perfectly good ones from Paperblade and Iltranc, but I wanted to make one and figured I could try to do a few things a little differenty, so I've started working with FE builder on it. I wanted to incorporate a few other changes- namely I want to fix one of FE6's few glaring issues and make weapon ranks build up a bit faster. I don't know if it's possible to increase weapon experience granted, since weapon experience wasn't a thing in FE6, but how could I adjust the weapon experience needed to reach different weapon ranks?
  11. Don't worry, "no chill" is not actually an insult. Honestly the best Fire Emblem plot is FE6, and while I've never seen a primary source that's supposed to be a re-imagining of FE1 and I guess the second draft is usually better. Aw heck that's actually kind of funny.
  12. I have eclectic and continually evolving taste, but I try not to forget things. Also I was planning to respond to this post like 11-12 days ago but I just didn't so, uh...sorry? I don't necessarily follow this particular point. That was all I had to say, actually. Didn't really merit the wait, did it? It's a bit funny, actually. Mighty Gunvolt Burst is the beginning and end of my familiarity with Azure Striker Gunvolt- I have Mega Man fan friends who've played it, but I always found the aesthetic too off-putting. *** Ended up not finishing my little story, if I feel so compelled I may write it and put it up anyway. A few minutes left and I'll put the poll up.
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