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  1. no soul dont dont become a equuphile soul stop please think of the children do you want to be the guy who gets off to a show enjoyed by children dont do that soul dont be that guy please no
  2. People mentioned other religious traditions in ThreeHouseslandia. Dedue's C-support with Mercedes states that Duscar has its own polytheistic religion, but it's not well explored and its a stupid support because people who think all the religious traditions should just get along and learn from each other are wrong. Which is strange, since distrust for the earthly institutions of religion were more common in the European world the game seems to be inspired by than actual atheism. The difference is that you don't have to run from place to place nearly as much, you don't need to grind support points in MyCastle to recruit characters, and you can clear out all the MyCastle rewards in about five minutes if you have arthritis. It's kind of annoying to run around a twisting faux-Gothic structure with an over-the-shoulder camera compared to moving a sprite briskly across a simple overhead map. Side-quests in SoV are also relatively short, all things considered. There's about thirty or so of them, most of when you'll complete naturally. When they do take longer, it's usually because you have to go and get actual items by, you know, playing the game. Hunting bonewalkers for oil or whatever. I think I heard someone suggest that as a challenge run once, but I never actually saw if anyone did it. Maybe I'll try it out eventually, I hear Silver Snow and Verdant Wind are basically the same game so I could spice one of them up by doing that. Anyway, those are all my posts for the playthrough, see y'all when FE17 is announced.
  3. This seems like a fun run. I'm definitely excited to see Barth, Garth, and Grieth running around on your team. I'm no expert on any of this, but I wouldn't stress out too much about "One Unit Per Map" if there's multiple named units that would be interesting to recruit for you to pick from at once. The fact that they have to be named units already puts a limit on your team size.
  4. Nonsense. Actual planning had to go into getting Valbar to this point. It's payoff, something Awakening snowballs lack.
  5. I personally do not care. To be entirely honest I think it's a silly question- to answer it requires you to "build off" the idea of what a "Fire Emblem" is, but the Fire Emblem can be darn near anything, so long as it's in a Fire Emblem game. At that point, there's really nothing to build off. This makes sense considering that in half the games in the series, there either is no "Fire Emblem" or its name-dropped almost out of obligation.
  6. Which brings us back to our previous question- "Conviction" meaning something other than certainty, correct? That was more the angle I was going for earlier, but both can be discussed.
  7. It's efficiency of brain power. Once Valbar is not at risk of death, he can be thoughtlessly thrown at enemies. No mental energy required. Use big brain to negate need for brain. It's automation at work.
  8. >imagine not even acknowledging the importance of defining truth smh I mean how can you even know what a lie is without knowing what truth is? Every definition of "lie" I'm aware of defines it relative to the truth. I'll actually go a step further and show that there is indeed immediate relevance. If a woman asks you if she looks good (as you and others have discussed) and you say yes, she does...isn't that an opinion? Do opinions have truth values? I thought "opinion" was something which could neither be proven or disproved, so how would you even determine whether an opinion was true or not? Whether you hold that opinion may be determinable, but can any stated opinion really be a truth or a lie?
  9. There could have been perfectly practical business reasons for those things.
  10. But...what is truth? And what does "fully aware" mean? What constitutes "fully aware" as compared to "mostly aware" or "partially aware"?
  11. [ RUBENIO ] has entered the chat. C'mon, Doylism is great. Sure, it may be silly, but when it comes to an opening moment like this, it makes perfect sense to go with the option which will most efficiently introduce the consoomer to the context of the story rather than to do what makes perfect sense within the context they don't know yet. I probably won't finish Blue Lions ahead of you despite my head start (being on chapter 7) because I like to be leisurely in that sort of thing. I hope you are filled with righteous indignation by this game. One thing I will say is that (based on my unfinished experience) I wish they'd gone with Byleth being less "stoic or vacuous" and more so "psychopathic", in the most clinical sense possible. I mean, you're already choosing responses you think people will like so you can build support points (basically good rapport) with them, so why not lean into that angle of emotionally manipulating those around you for glorious success? Pretty sure Professr is supposed to have a weird origin that leaves them emotionally stunted or whatever, so it'd work fine.
  12. Just play the one route for the thread but review all the routes (either as separate games or, more likely, rolled into one) at the end.
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