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  1. Godspeed indeed. I'm not allowed to vote on my own debate (which is good because I feel my arguments stand pretty strong), but I've been waiting to mention that one of bee's solid arguments would have been stronger, in my opinion, had he brought up Chapter 16 specifically. That's a very busy chapter in which you definitely have Percival and definitely don't have Niime, I think it would have quite improved his availability argument. This seemed like the best place to mention that.
  2. Oh hey new mugs, that's neat. Though I did think Tick's original mug suited him in an odd way. Where were such mugs as these procured?
  3. Throwing in another chip for Ross as the best, for reasons already mentioned. Amelia is the worst and Ewan is in the middle. Amelia might join earlier than Ewan, but the latter uses magic and so doesn't explode 90% of the time on counterattack.
  4. I don't really see how this would make Roy any better. Could you please elaborate on this idea for me? I am a master of balancing. I voted for my own idea and a few meme suggestions in the poll which everyone else has already voted on at this point. Bases > Growths, but +3 is honestly really high and I think being a bad fighter is kind of the point of Roy- what you're supposed to do is drag his frilly butt to the throne, and that's part of the challenge of all these seize maps.
  5. Now watch as Mangs doesn't check the site for three weeks, drops by to post a spotlight video and is immediately bombarded with notifications. So, while you're mostly known as a Fire Emblem channel, I actually found your videos through your Civilization series. Do you still play Civilization games, or did the exclusion of Byzantium from Civ6 really rub you the wrong way? What is the most epic work of fandom ever created? The one which most inspires awe in the soul and fear for the fate of humanity. You've indicated that you like overplayed memes. Does this impact your desire to see Waluigi in Soup or Smash Brothers? What is something you'd expect them to change in an FE6 remake that they should really leave the same? You must select one food item to be anthropomorphized into a significant other with which you will spend the rest of your life. What consumable do you choose, and why? In other words, if Louise were a food, what food would she be?
  6. My personal advice is the ever useful, always appreciated, critically insightful, "it depends." Namely, I'd ask what the reason behind this unique clear condition is. Is it about how normal, selfless lives are fulfilling? That might help inform your decision. *** Now, I personally don't buy into the whole "one true love" idea, so part of me says that having multiple love interests is fine- but that also depends on how fixed the personality of the player character is, or whether the two clear conditions (do good deeds or get married) are both ways to beat the game. If the player character has a fairly defined personality, then it might be best to focus on a singular love interest designed to compliment and challenge that personality. If you can also beat the game by doing good deeds and not getting married, then the player has multiple options without multiple marriage options.
  7. Give Roy 6 move before promotion. +1 movement is the promotion bonus Roy (and really anyone) misses the most while they wait to promote.
  8. I kinda like this theme. I have sort of mixed opinions on historical fiction (because it's "historical fiction" and not "history"), but I'm looking forward to seeing what y'all submit for this.
  9. Okay, a tie. I guess I should present some sort of solution. wait actually I didn't vote, so hold on- Congratulations to @jankmaster98, you are the winner of Round 14. With what prompt do you gift us?
  10. *Serenes Ring Saga Yeah, it's less of a Fire Emblem game than many Fire Emblem ROM hacks, and while those are romhacks, I also feel this is too small scale a project to really be worried about the Nintendo Hammer. I advocate for shades.
  11. Rebecca is not a very good unit in most cases, but the only time that being a good unit matters is in LTC playthroughs. What level is Rebecca? It might be worth promoting her if that's an option. If she's a unit you enjoy using, you can throw statboosters at her or whatever. Obviously not things like Dracoshields that belong on frontliners, but if a promotion bonus still doesn't help her gain ground you're free to invest those items into whomever you please.
  12. darn, i played myself. On the note of availability, I was counting Gaiden chapters. The thing is that Percival is not only easier to recruit in Chapter 15 (where he comes to you, while he has to be baited in Chapter 13), and not only does he come with a silver sword only in Chapter 15, but recruiting him in Chapter 15 is the only scenario where he gets Hard Mode bonuses. The way they work in FE6 is that they're only given to units who spawn in after the start of the map. Rutger and Chapter 15 Percival get them, but not Raigh or Chapter 13 Percival. Since Chapter 14 is a desert which sucks for Paladins, the ideal recruitment time for him is Chapter 15. That means he can contribute in 15, 16, 16x, 17, and 18. Agreed on these points. I mean, there are some people who would argue with you solely because Percival is a pre-promote, but they're wrong. No mercy. Fair point. I think Tate Thea would have been a stronger case, honestly. Better than Percival just for that early game. Thus, if Marcus is the worst unit, Percival is worse than the worst, so bad he breaks logic itself. Saul might have marginally better statistical durability than Niime, but he also can't weild Nosferatu. Both die to two hits. If Saul gets hit, he dies when hit again. If Niime gets hit, she can heal back to full on counter attack. So Niime's practical durability is better. RIP Oujay, Geese, Echidna, Bartre, and Garret. Percival might make pretty good use of the Armads compared to others, that is fair. In practice, I think that hampers his usefulness more than anything. Joining with C axes still means Percival has to perform about 150 axe swings before he can use Armads, which should happen around the time you kill Jahn. Because FE6 axes have pretty low accuracy, that much investment into their use means Percival is missing a lot more than if he focused on Swords and Lances, severely hampering his usefulness. His high axe rank does convey some advantage, but its largely redundent given his Lance rank. Sorry, Hector. We just can't spare someone to follow your violent path into the afterlife. I don't know if this elaborate metaphor was really necessary. But it speaks to me on a very deep level, so I appreciate you making it. Sophia also has a weird neck, so that's like, a double no-go. ... Wait a minute. If Niime is a stone cold fox, then surely she is "derail the war effort" level, right? Not only that, she's useful without even doing that much for her. Surely that puts her above Percival, yes? Interesting argument, funny you mention it right after the free guiding ring known as Sophia too. It's arguable whether this counts as an advantage for Percival or not, with the answer probably being the same as whether Sophia's guiding ring counts as an advantage. I can honestly see it going either way, but for the sake of debate I'll say this doesn't count in Percival's favor here. You can get the Knights Crest and drop him, just like you can drop Sophia after Chapter 14 or Geese after pirating his brave axe. Getting the Chapter 13/15 Knights Crest doesn't require utilization of Percival's strengths, it just requires that you keep his allies alive under the turn ends. Percival could be sucking his thumb a safe three tiles behind the front just like Sophia would be, the main difference being you would actually want Percival to contribute. Honestly I disagree, because Hard Move Percival is a little better than your other Paladins. My point was that he isn't so much better than you can't substitute him out, while Niime is just that far about Saul in staffbotting use. What could pawsibly go wrong? Can't object, especially because one of Niime's joining tomes is Eclipse. Being a mountain hermit just isn't as prestigious as being a hot shot Etrurian general, I guess. *** Since this is my last post, I would like to try and hammer in my big points to end of. Niime gets much more from the use of Warp and status staves than her rival staffbot units. Warp and status staves are just really good in general, but especially in Niime's hands. Percival doesn't eclipse his competition nearly to the same level. The difference between her and Saul (our go to example) is must greater than the difference between Percival and Alan (our other go to example). Points 2-4 reinforce this. Status staves in particular let her neutralize major threats from up to 15 tiles away from her current location, allowing status staff druids and wyvern lords and all other manner of nasties to be dealt without well before they can even think of counterattacking. In addition to being a staffbot, Niime can use Nosferatu to boost her survivability. This gives her more freedom in positioning. Even without a Seraph Robe, she survives one hit from a decent number of hard mode enemies, then heals back to full. In addition to letting her get closer to where she needs to be, this also gives her a secondary use in taking out enemies which is strictly an advantage compared to being useless in combat. Because of Niime's self-healing and higher staff range, she gives the player more room to make mistakes or be inexact. Thus, compared with other staff bots, Niime saves the player headache. Niime joins late, but confers major advantages during her time in the party, which is still about 8 chapters. She isn't missing out on a bunch of productive warping time in the lead up to then. Percival's availability advantages are not particularly large when taking that into account. Good debate, Mr. Bee. I look forward to seeing your response, and hope it is as well humored as your last one. No pressure, though.
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