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  1. I'm sorry, I just don't really get it. Could you please explain?
  2. Does the chair become a tree, then an acorn, and then cease to exist? Or does the acorn revert to its parent tree, which must in turn also revert to an acorn? I own a very large quantity tea-bags.
  3. To be fair your honor, my client was in "goblin mode"
  4. Good. Reject gacha completely and you will be one step closer to achieving Nirvana and escaping the cycle of reincarnation.
  5. It's a Magic the Gathering card, apparently. I don't play these kinds of games but I've also taken up tabletop recently, which fills me with the immeasurable fear that I might start playing TCGs too.
  6. Those are all excellent and thought-provoking examples of why his performance in a run like yours is different from his performance in a general run. Certainly it sets a floor, but the term "worst" is relative by nature, so "absolute" quality doesn't really apply. Not saying Niles is bad, just to clarify.
  7. Three kinds of people. I can't repeat all I have to say about them on the air. Blue Eyes White Dragon Pot of Greed Screw the rules, I have money Eldritch Werewolf Two Pair Apparently there's a multi-part documentary series on the evolution of the Yugioh meta. Have you seen it?
  8. Surely he can perform well, but since unit comparisons are relative, his ranking may decrease in a normal run. A 0% growth run severely changes what units are useful for what purposes at what times, for instance. If other units gain massively from using guard stance while Niles gains very little, we would expect his relative position in the tiers to adjust.
  9. To be fair, that does seem like a kind of niche challenge run, so it might not reflect his general performance.
  10. Don't be allured, Ruben. Their macaroons are overrated and overpriced! I suppose I'd like to talk about the lack of a bishop pre-promote in this game. I know GBAFE always does you dirty in terms of having broad access to the different magic types. You literally only get two characters with dark magic per game (including this hack), and in FE7 one of those is Athos. That said, I'm a little disappointed your light magic options are so limited in this game, because you get tons of great units that can use anima at base. Even counting bad ones, you get Liane, Leo, Sergei, E****, K****, whereas Simon is the only unit with base light-magic rank.
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