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  1. Nah, I'm not really liking it. I mean, I can post it if people are interested, but I'm not even sure the core design was a good choice.
  2. Anna vs. Gheb is one of those brilliant competitions which really shows how this bracket wasn't properly seeded. At least we get to witness this legendary battle for sure! Here's to Saul moving forward.
  3. Benching units early just means you have choice about which units to use early on. That's a clear strength of FE6 compared to other games. I thought it was funny how we spent a third of a page arguing about the merits of balance and then someone comes in and says the game needed more balance. It is a masterpiece of a game, of course. I don't think a turnwheel would destroy its difficulty or anything. FE6 doesn't call out for one, but it's a fairly hard game and a few rewinds wouldn't do too much to mitigate that. Maybe I'm just bad, though. I haven't played Three Houses, but from what I understand the problem with Divine Pulse is that it's used as a chapter design crutch to justify nonsense. FE6 is already a well designed game though, so it might cut out a few full-chapter resets but it wouldn't warp the game around it, since it's a layer on top. While I can't speak for the inferior manga continuity, I think FE6 implies it by having no half-blood dragons transform. I think Sofia even makes explicit reference to having a dragonstone in one of her supports but she can't use it in gameplay. Seems like the sort of thing you'd get in Chapter 20-something. Roy's promotion bonuses are underwhelming by FE6's superior promotion bonus standard, but I actually think they're fine. Using Roy as a primary combat unit is never going to be ideal but having the ability to work towards his level cap with more than a few chapters left would be nice. Perhaps it would make him too resilient to getting picked off by enemies (FE6 is essentially a series of escort missions), but a regularly trained Roy is already stocky enough to take a hit anyway.
  4. Probably going to close submissions and start voting on Monday, I think we've got most of who's interested though.
  5. This is exceedingly true. See though, it doesn't mean you reject the concept of value judgements. All because you should be able to do something doesn't mean you should do it, and there's a strong argument to make that people are obligated to tell you when you're wrong. You're right that parents are the foremost educators and authorities in a child's life, but people should still be able to call you out. Social mockery of people who spend money on gachas is beneficial at the worst.
  6. "Serious discussions" keeping us up on the important issues. Lootboxes and gachas are obviously blights upon the Earth, people just gotta learn to stop wasting their money. I blame LBJ for this state of affairs.
  7. That...might be a good idea, given that the Fire Emblem portion of the conversation had become a minority of the word count. Hahahah yep, sure did say that, definitely want it continually associated with me. I have more recently pointed out how only full blooded manaketes could transform into dragons until...well, FE7, the worst game ever made. So while it may be canon to Elibe, it's still stupid and only applies when the writers throw away all concept of effort and deliberation. It is best game. I wouldn't even mind additions like turnwheels which may significantly alter how you play, but they smooth things over rather than break them. Then they would be wrong! FE6 is pretty good, I think it's a lot closer to what people would consider a "good Fire Emblem game" than Gaiden was. Gaiden really shows its age throughout its design choices, I think Binding Blade doesn't need many updates to be enjoyable for new players. That, and I think remakes are obligated to be closer to the original than not. This would be good.
  8. Charlemagne looked around nervously. "Oh, bother. That's Noelle, Cantus, and Butter for. Karen against. We'll push forward a bit longer, but no more than a few minutes. We must add the same amount to our return trip." "Noelle can carry one person with her. Since she can fly ahead of the rest of, we should decide who will go with her. In the event that she encounters any trouble, we would want her to be in an effective team with someone. Who will that be?"
  9. Shinon sounds worse than his Radiant Dawn voice actor.
  10. The ancient civilization of Mu, because it worshiped and was lorded over by a giant computer, was probably the closest thing, since all interpretations were made by a machine. In theory ancient Hebrew law might be considered automated to Christians who don't put stock in the Talmud, but its mere existence shows that interpretation and tradition have always been functional aspects of Hebrew law and it seems to be more like common law overall. A neat idea though, go buck wild with it.
  11. People debating characters and games and all and that's cool, but I personally find few things more fascinating than interesting ability sets, powers than can be used in cool ways for extra cool that your average fighting fiend can't do. The rules are simple. You can nominate up to two powers. They can be pretty much anything, as long as you just think its thematically cool or makes for interesting scenes. You don't have to be super specific, "packages" of abilities are allowed so long as they're intuitive, just give them a convenient label. They don't even have to be powers for humans Voting will happen when I feel like updating the poll (probably about 24 hours a section) 32 entries max, first come first serve. I nominate [Sand Manipulation] and [Perfect Disguises] Entries:
  12. American law has never been designed for mechanical, automated function. I don't think any system of law ever has been.
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