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  1. Goodness gracious man. I get the Pheonix Wright avatar, but don't be such a lawyer about it. Anti-Huffman and FEBuilder autopatches are fine, forgot about those. I probably wouldn't implement the QoL patches, because the point of the prompt really is to work with the strict constraints of FE8 and that includes the way it presents information. That said, WYBO has never really been big or strict on theme enforcement and I don't really intend to be that way here either. You can technically submit whatever you want and it's usually the "duty of the judges" to factor your keeping with the prompt in their assessment.
  2. I actually like puzzle-style maps. I think it's a good direction, especially for later maps which need twists and turns to keep them interesting. Just have some villages to visit that you need to move forward as far as possible every turn for, that'll boost the challenge real quick. If you want the earlier game to be easier, that's fine, but I quite enjoy the maps which require intricate but understandable solutions.
  3. "Yes, of course. Have a good night's rest, then." Charlemagne sat down near the fire and reached into his bag, pulling out a dark wooden box which he placed on the soil beside him. He removed the latch and opened the crate to reveal several compartments. Some contained decks of cards, others dice of various shapes and colors, and others still held long rows of vibrant poker chips. The patron tossed a few red wooden disks into three piles. One for himself, one for Butter, and one for Toki. "I prefer the 'hold them' style of poker, if that's alright." He shuffled the deck and gave each player two cards, suddenly growing unbearably plain-faced. *** "Now then, I'll go small blind-" The first three cards where a 4 of Hearts, a 5 of Spades, and Queen of Hearts. The queen of hearts was decorated with a picture of a soft-seeming woman with long dark hair and a round, pale face like the moon. The fourth card was a 5 of Clubs. Charlie folded. Lastly, Charlemagne flipped over the fifth card. A Queen of Diamonds, on the face an intricate image of a stoic and veiled woman, Nortia. Toki's hand was a 5 of Diamonds and an Ace of Hearts. Three fives and two queens combined for a Full House. *** "My my," said Charlemagne calmly. "Congratulations." There was a pause. "I suppose we really only have chips to reward you with, but, uh...you know. I think I'll go to bed." With that, he put away his game elements and slipped away into his tent for the night.
  4. I'll do my best to answer them. I hope these are helpful responses. *** They do. No patches. I would say yes, just try to be reasonable about it. The way the games handle final chapters (one part goes into the next) is fine, for instance. It is not. You can have a custom plot if you'd like.
  5. Welcome one and all to "SF Ruins Fire Emblem," the contest where we try our darnedest to avoid living up to the title. If you've ever thought about getting into hacking, this would be a good place to get your feet wet. We aren't here to make epic adventures or highly publicized masterpieces- just to make one chapter every round and hopefully have a good time in the process. Though each round has a winner, this contest isn't really about winning. Getting more hacking practice is the more important part. Everyone has a Fire Emblem story they'd like to tell, but what's a Fire Emblem game without fun chapters to play? "SF Ruins Fire Emblem" is a chance to hone your map design skills. It is currently Round 1 Design Phase. Round 1 Design Phase Countdown *** As there is no previous winner, I will chose the theme for round 1. Theme: Entries: Coming within 30 days *** @[email protected]@This boi uses [email protected]@Eltosian Kadath Remember, real life comes first. Have fun!
  6. Find an apprenticeship. Get your driver's license. Exercise.
  7. tfw didn't even have to cut into judging time And it was all for bad taste in games.
  8. Count it as afforded. Deadline will be midnight unless people ask for more. You all said you wouldn't mind cutting into judging time for that?
  9. "Rockstar" by Nickelback is a break down of how people want to be rockstars because their life is perceived as glamorous and luxurious, but is in fact empty and destructive despite the constant yearning people have for that position. "I wanna trade this life for fortune and fame, I'd even cut my hair and change my name" is about people throwing away their own identity in pursuit of celebrity. "The girls come easy and the drugs come cheap, we'll all stay skinny 'cause we just won't eat" reflects the unhealthy lifestyle of the rockstar. "Every good gold digger's gonna wind up there" is about how the rockstar becomes surrounded with false friends. "I'll get washed-up singers writing all my songs, lip-sync 'em every night so I don't get 'em wrong" shows how the rockstar might not have any talent or real outlet for artistic expression. The music video even has a guy who is quite obviously a devil figure trying to cut a deal with the would be rocker.
  10. Those resources can be allocated in massively different ways though, and luck can massively alter how effective those resources are. I do generally agree that difficulty should gradually ramp up but I get how the random and divergent nature of Fire Emblem makes that sort of balance extremely difficult. I think the reason for the series generally has a problem with the end game being very easy and the early game being comparatively much harder is because it has to account for bad level ups or "poor" team compositions, so the later game enemies can't have benchmarks as comparatively high as the early game unless you have a lot of pre-promotes. I think Conquest generally got harder as it went on, though sometimes I think it became a little too frustrating for its own good. It does show you what that style of map / unit design (units generally having low HP for instance) can do, though. Basically the opposite problem of regular Fire Emblem.
  11. That's pretty cool to know. I had actually forgotten about about some of these minor characters who were recolors.
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