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  1. I can understand why that might be considered, especially with there being no poll up. However, late votes are still late, and Jotari has already given a prompt. If Chloey wants to challenge that, she's welcome to, and Jotari is welcome to concede if he feels that is best, so long as he does so in the next day, preferably the next few hours.
  2. In spirit, perhaps, but the voting period is not a week, rather only 6 days. As such, these votes were submitted past the deadline. I see. I did try to introduce some things little by little, but I definitely understand how that would fall flat. It's a lot of backstory from a long-running (now unfortunately defunct) campaign halfway through being mutated into a rebooted setting. Maw and Gladius aren't even the characters I think are best to introduce the setting with. I just thought they really fit the prompt with how Maw went from a student of Gladius to his sort-of-in-a-weird-way adoptive son, and the legitimacy of that as a parental relationship was part of what I wanted to get convey. I do really want to what @TheSilentChloey wanted to get across with her story, since I didn't pick up on it. If she doesn't mind answering, I'd be cool to hear her intent.
  3. I consider them different, even beyond viscosity (which would still be enough to separate them). Dips are predominantly for chips, while sauces are predominantly for meats. Gravy? Sauce. Tzatsiki? Sauce. Honey mustard? Sauce. They go on meats. Artichoke dip and guacamole are mostly for dipping chips into, and are not found on meats outside of a few novelty burgers.
  4. This, weirdly enough, strikes me as one of the more well thought out things I've read in your posts. Conglaturations. *** I'm going to go back to Makalov real quick. I actually liked Makalov's support with Astrid. How grounded he is constitutes a big part of why I like Makalov. He's "a guy with problems," his life is a wreck but not in some hyper exaggerated way. He's pathetic, and while he's definitely responsible for his actions they're still the result of, you know, a chronic habit. There's an extent to which he can't help himself, even when it's something destructive to himself and those he cares about (which his A support with Astrid does a good job emphasizing). It makes him pitiable, and I find it very compelling.
  5. Those are dips. Not sauces. I like myself some honey mustard sauce, some some barbecue, some sweet and sour. I'm a big fan of sauces, but I will put honey mustard as my most favored sauce for dipping.
  6. How do you beat a pickaxe? With an ax pick!
  7. Getting punched really, really hard.
  8. The straw poll is currently tied. I don't know if the vote for Choose Mercy was actually there last midnight EST, but either way I'll abdicate the win to @Jotari.
  9. Yeah, but it invokes the image of mint chocolate chip ice cream, which is a truly superior flavor. *** So, this isn't anything on the same "magnitude" as others have mentioned, but I still think it's weird that a lot of people default to disgust when talking about Makalov. Like, there are serial killers it seems everyone's a fan of, but a guy with problems is where we get grossed out.
  10. Alright everyone, time for a quick update! I still can't update the opening post, which is very sad. However, just because I can't add the voting phase timer to the opening post doesn't mean it's not in effect. The second it turns Sunday 15th in the Eastern United States, voting is closed. If no votes have been posted by then, the "victory" will go to, uh...um... The victory will go to the person who least recently won a round by default if no votes are posted. That would be @Jotari, who last won in Round 4. So, be sure to get those votes posted in the next couple of days, even if you liked Jotari's story the most. Real sorry about the inconvenience of not being able to get a poll up.
  11. It's really funny because a lot of the synopses are just episodes of Sonic Underground, but with the main characters replaced by Civil Air Patrol members and Osama bin Laden replacing Dr. Robotnik. It's a better fever dream than I could ever hope to concoct.
  12. This thread is funny but I have a hard time enjoying it because of how much I unironically hate Lyn mode.
  13. AnonymousSpeed ("Choose Mercy") Jotari ("Unconditional Love") TheSilentChloey ("The Rhythm of Life")
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