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  1. no you goof, smooth drawings which imitate the aesthetic of the GBA sprites.
  2. I wouldn't be too upset if we got more than one vote either. @SoulWeaver come and partake of the judging and cast a vote please. I guess I should actually write a review or something.
  3. This is an illusion. We think we're special, but the only person anyone has ever been is who they are, so how would you really know the degree to which you are like or unlike others? The resulting confusion resulting from this limited reference frame is often misinterpreted being cosmically unique, when only Jesus was ever all that different from everyone else.
  4. I don't mind consistency or inconsistency with wyvern designs, but I appreciate the dragons / manakete designs having more variety. Anyway, the drawing is nice. It reminds me a bit of that How to Train Your Dragon movie.
  5. Easier in one sense, but it sounds like a bit of a nightmare to keep track of. It should be doable, though. SRPG studio is open source, right? Someone familiar with it should be able to whip that up.
  6. Moulder outclasses Natasha and L'Arachel to an almost comical degree, but it's never a bad thing to have more healers. That really only helps Natasha, though, L'Arachel is still too little too late. Even if you're doing an ironman and have lost healers, you'll have promoted mages by that point.
  7. Summon, I guess. Or something similar to that. Hm, now that does sound very interesting. For certain games I like that design philosophy, but I think it kind of breaks when you have an easy game with a small cast.
  8. Marisa is garbage. She is an abject downgrade to a unit you got like 5 chapters ago. She can't even use the killing edge at base. Who designed this unit?
  9. The complete lack of shading, possibly. Man, it'd be sugar for the eyes.
  10. Interesting. One of those ways they always have some utility. Jeigans are interesting from a hack design perspective, because you really only get the one and they're so central to how a game can be designed, so you can come up with a lot of ideas for them even if your ideas for the other 30 characters you need aren't so prolific. Grand plan for real life or grand plan for a video game?
  11. I'm going to make a hack with *several* summoners. Man, I really got to finish Vision Quest. Only on part 1 still. Time to learn JavaScript, I guess. Thinking of bringing back the Tears of Serenia idea and having summoners in it.
  12. I appreciate his garish colors, but I would like to see more of them around. It's such a cool class. Does SRPG studio have a summoner plugin?
  13. Summoner really should've been in more games. How many hacks incorporate summoners?
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