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  1. Over ten years, actually. Absolutely majestic. Truly a once in a decade experience.
  2. It's a nice mountainscape, though a bit lacking in contrast. So much blue! There seems to be a green line in the expanded version of the image, what's that about? 7/10 it's pretty good
  3. As a laguz, Lucille is not actually a member of the same dragon tribes as manakete characters or the main villain dragon cult. The dragon laguz live less in a banished state and more a voluntary exile which has become systemic. Their domain is a great subterranean desert where blue light from luminescent fungi replaces the sun, giving the whole region a dark and alien appearance at every hour. White Dragons such as Lucille glow when transformed, but this is not normally noticeable when the sun is out. Circumstances lead her to inherit more authority and inspirational power than she wanted, and she seeks to bring the dragon laguz to more hospitable lands where they can be more independent. This is partially to alleviate herself of the burden of leadership, though it is also what is expected of her. Lucille is vain and enjoys being the center of attention but is very uncomfortable with the responsibilities that often accompany it and insists she's not the right person for important jobs. She'll often use her appearance to help her pass the buck.
  4. It's like they say, man. No one hates Fire Emblem more than Fire Emblem fans. *** When you open a chest and get a promotion item- that's a good feeling.
  5. You can say that Gonzales sucks all you want, but assertions without numbers make Ping's arguments for him more compelling than your arguments against.
  6. Virgil's personal skill is Managerial, which gives each player unit a chance to conserve weapon uses when he is deployed. This chance is based on Virgil's own (base) luck stat and is independent of the stats of the unit actually using the weapon. Supports: Esther, Sarcastic Squire: A "battle of wits" in which each is trying to get in more digs against the other without them noticing. Wukong, Primal Warrior: Virgil sets about getting Wukong to put his strength to good use, moving around supply crates and the like. Virgil purposefully gives Wukong incorrect information about global culture and hides his laughter when Wukong acts on these wrong assumptions. Mule: The two discuss good financial practice and inventorying methods, seeking to improve the efficiency with which the army supplies itself. Galfir: When asked if he is suspicious of Galfir, Virgil states very plainly that he does not indulge presumptions or assumptions. He totally suspects something is up with this axe guy though, perhaps he's even in the loop. Isaac: Virgil is distrusting of Isaac due to his connection with the evil cult. Isaac's own jokes fall flat and are often met with sharper, more carefully constructed remarks from Virgil. Thane: Thane is perhaps the thickest skull which Virgil can support with. He recites several variations of "you very nearly hit it" during their supports, and tends to use Thane as a bit of a verbal punching bag for him to make fun of without the target knowing. In their A support, Thane starts developing confidence issues because of this, only for Virgil to basically say, "but when you do manage to hit something it really hurts" and that puts Thane right back to where he was originally.
  7. That's why y'all gotta go Elphin Route. Gonzales can then promote as soon as he joins you.
  8. Very well said considerations. It's hard to say Rutger is good despite being a Swordmaster when Swordmasters are actually good in FE6. When you have very decent prepromoted axe users like Hawkeye and Geitz, it certainly calls into question whether the classes can be blamed for the low speed of the unpromoted examples. Elphin Route Gonzales OP, joins at level 11 for instant promoted power. *** I don't think I have much to say that hasn't been said already. Armor Knight has always been a strictly disadvantageous class, but Effie is useful for defense pair up bonuses and her excellent attack power. Lukas is pretty decent, but that probably has a fair bit to do with all the villagers starting out as total scrubs with 4 move. Lukas is a pretty tough dude with 4 move. His stats are serviceable, he makes good use of the Ridersbane against floods of cavaliers, but he still can't handle witches so he falls off pretty hard as the game progresses. I haven't played the original Gaiden but apparently he is quite good in that game because of the Speed Ring and Warp rendering his issues non-issues. Axe using classes are pretty bad in FE6 (I would agree with Ping that this isn't really the case in later games, but FE6's axe hit rates are problematic for a lot of units), but I actually think Garret is...maybe not a definite "good," but he's alright. He has, like, 16 base skill on Hard Mode and has enough HP to take a few hits. I also happen to like Garret as a character so maybe I'm just biased.
  9. I don't know, man. I like Fire Emblem and all but I don't think it really needs a big 30th anniversary celebration. It's had plenty recently, and I would honestly rather have some cool Mario stuff than, I don't...another arranged concert or whatever.
  10. I would also argue that more options is not inherently beneficial to the game. Seth is an option in FE8, you don't have to use him, but he's so broken that he overall decreases the quality of the experience. To produce the most fun, you have to force the player to confront certain challenges, typically enemies. Forcing them to deal with fatigue may also produce more fun, depending on circumstances. You're wrong, though. You said, "healers shouldn't miss because people aren't trying to avoid healing." Still targets don't try to avoid being hit. People still miss them. If your argument is entirely based on "sense" as it applies to magic, then what's sensible about the implication that dodging be the only way for an action to fail? Again, it doesn't matter whether other games do it. If Mario was the only game with jumping, it wouldn't make jumping a bad mechanic. It's hardly sensible that this chubby paisano can hop thirty feet in the air, but it's still fun. How likely is it that someone is going to emulate Thracia and not know that staves can miss? I feel like the chance of a Japanese player not reading the manual is much higher than an English-speaker emulating it and not knowing about that.
  11. A plot-irrelevant filler unit who can be of whatever generic class you choose.
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