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  1. Take it a step further and let the main character gather a multitude of masks over the course of the game, letting you play as every monster enemy as pleases you.
  2. Oh heck, that'd actually be kind of cool. A weird combination of shapeshifting units with the Twilight Princess wolf form.
  3. I disapprove of anime as much as the next guy, but we don't need to be passive aggressive about it. This is a pretty good choice, I think. *** Though, if they did make an avatar using some variation of this idea, you could simply have them always be wearing a helmet or whatever. Then you can project whatever appearance you want underneath, instead of being restricted by a character creator which only lets you make a still portrait. It would actually be a novel look for the avatar to never be visible uncovered, and it would be more inclusive of conservative Muslim women.
  4. Not even giving the guy's name smh I bet Nero doesn't even deal bonus damage to Christians.
  5. Well, there is currently a four way tie going on. Huzzah. Thankfully, I've got a tiebreaker vote in my back pocket if we need it. That's pretty close to spot on, the only thing differences is that the siege of the castle is Nero's first assault on it, the unnamed empress has not been deposed prior to this. Honestly, that whole middle part is not very well done, it probably needs some sort of extensive rewrite or reimagining. Your interpretation may actually work better than what I was going at first. Also, "antimatter" in the story is just literal antimatter, it's not something specific to this setting. Hard Man and Nero are part of this little troop of villainous stock characters I've been mulling over in my head for a while. The Hard Man character does ultimate trace back to a take on the robot master, hence the name. It's definitely not a Warhammer fanfiction, but I'm not entirely sure what the setting it myself, so nothing to feel bad about there! *** I only have a review for @Benice currently.
  6. Yeah, but I think we really need to pause and question whether these fictional fixations are strictly speaking healthy. That said, we are all imbued with the capacity to refrain from those things we don't find edifying.
  7. Yes, but since it wasn't late and it wasn't by the prompt giver, I thought it would be funny if I put it in anyway. Wholly despicable. What absolute anime garbage. It wouldn't be horribly beyond the historical character of Nero to be transgender- for example, he was the bride at one of his weddings . That does not detract from the overall foulness of what I have just witnessed.
  8. Jokes on you, I was never hyped for FE16. I don't remember the vampire leak that well. Does anyone have a comprehensive list of all the stuff it claimed? I thought it was kind of interesting but again, not too strong of a memory of it.
  9. Here's a garbage little story that I wrote up real quick, hope you enjoy the ideas behind it at least. The Emperor
  10. Beeg Yoshi would eat him in one bite. Pathetic.
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