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  1. Hold on, new ROM hack experiment just dropped. To be fair though, money is never really a problem in GBA FE, so you can just buy 100 hand axes and functionally have unlimited uses. My FE4 experience is more limited, but I imagine it's more impactful there.
  2. Generally turn-based, although that's mostly because I didn't want to git gud as a kid and the habit stuck. I don't think either one is inherently better, though. I enjoy games from both, and games that are both- Megaman Battle Network being a prime example of the latter. Yet a traditional rhythm game would obviously be trash if it were turn based.
  3. Magic is basically the best weapon type as long as you have an actual magic stat, so I would understand not giving it to "better" movement types like cavalry and fliers- yet they really don't have many issues with that. Fliers (with some restrictions) have had tomes in most recent games- Sliepnir, Dark Flier, Malig Knights. Those haven't been terribly broken, though. I'm not sure why they wouldn't give tomes to armors. I suppose there is valid concern around having a unit that is especially resistant to physical enemies but also hits them back very hard. Obviously armors tend to either not be that resilient or never get attacked in practice, and they might not even have a good magic stat, but I say this is a guy who plays on higher difficulties. For people on normal mode where stat thresholds are more forgiving, it might be harder to balance them so they don't trivialize that difficulty and yet aren't useless on hard. That fate kind of befell Bors and Barth in FE6.
  4. While I'd like to have more control over the stats of characters like Byleth and Alear, assigning individual growth points would be annoyingly granular. Maybe not broken, since growths don't matter that much (depending on the stat-scaling in the same), but I would rather pick a couple boons and banes instead.
  5. Wrong game, but while Dark Mage is a terrible reclass for Peri, it does give Heartseeker and Lifetaker, both of which are skills that suit her character very well.
  6. Magic in Fire Emblem is usually depicted as something that can be studied and standardized in the way that natural forces can, and therefore probably doesn't meet an actual definition of magic.
  7. Cool dudes spare Shura. He has a whole support exploring the concept of national spirit. Best unironic character in Fates.
  8. Darn, this is just like a Luau at Isaac Peterson's place.
  9. How to combat dodge tanking? Hm, interesting question. If only there were poison strike, chain attacks, enemy engage attacks, surge tomes, certain blow-
  10. I think the issue is that it would, in some odd sort of way, disregard the autonomy which the games ostensibly gave to you. It's not all about shipping, because I'd feel the same way about character deaths (though most people don't ironman so you can more safely assume everyone lived). Part of the appeal of Fire Emblem is having control over who lives, who levels up, and who marries who. If games want to have canon pairings out of the gate (like Shadow Dragon), I'm fine with that. But it's weird to give me the option and then say it doesn't matter. I do disagree that this is "rare" though. FE10 assumes everyone in FE9 lives, FE3/12 assumes no deaths in their prequel, etc. I don't think it impacted Thracia sales either, but I can imagine that, where I invested in FE4, it would be weird or even off-putting to see all those choices ignored. They're separate games, but it makes it Kaga's fanfiction more than my playthrough, which is weird. In this since, I actually favor the FE7 approach (as loathe as I am to praise the game). Or at least the reverse approach, since it's a prequel. If a pairing in canon in FE6 (like Bartre and Karla), it's canon in FE7. Things which can change in FE7 aren't canon/specified in FE6 (like Wolt's father). In a game so full of retcons, I respect that attempt, though I would appreciate if FE games instead put games within the same universe sufficiently far apart that it wouldn't matter whether Radd married Laim or not. This is also coming from the perspective of someone who replays these games with different units and different pairings, so I'm not totally attached to any vision of what it "should" be. Then again, I'm also used to these things not being set in stone.
  11. I apologize for neglecting these in my previous message. We have to join whether we want to or not?! I'm very excited for October. 'Ey, I know the feeling of not having the clip you wanted. It stinks! I got mine done basically all tonight, but the concept is from before they posted the prompt. It being one scene makes it very convenient to put out last-minute.
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