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  1. S'all good. What you've put out is already more-or-less a finished product. It could be tucked away in an advanced settings window. You'd have to press a button to open it or something, I don't know. I agree that it would complicate the UI too much to but it all in one window. If you eventually get to implementing such a feature, you might as well let the user define their own class pools and assign characters to them individually. For instance, define Class Pool A as containing Nomad and Myrmidon. If Rath is assigned to Class Pool A, he'll be one of those two classes. If you want Rath to be a female myrmidon, simply set Class Pool A to only contain female myrmidon. This could also be a way to incorporate King and other silly classes without messing things up too horribly- you just leave them out of the default class pool. Would it be possible to remove the event entirely? I understand that it might be beyond your vision, but it could also simplify things.
  2. To horny jail with you! I'm still mad they didn't put in Gyro Man. On a semi-separate note, I actually have a Mega Man story in the works for this round, assuming I can hammer out the rest over the next few days. Did you decide if you were gonna do that or not?
  3. "We know something causes it, but we're not exactly sure what." Science incarnate. That does make me very curious though, I should look into that and see what I can find.
  4. Cantus attacks the knight using Flux! Cantus gains a level up! *** Charlemagne stumbled back, leaning against the wall to catch his breath. The figure inside the armor disintegrated, and the armor soon followed. That was all of the Masked, for now. Everyone had a moment to catch up, reposition, and collect themselves. "Right. That was a good bit of excitement," began Charlemagne, looking over the edge and down the canyon. "I don't suspect any other encampments heard all that, or else we would have some reinforcements coming this way already. The storm might have disguised some of the sound." The patron wiped some rain from his face. "I hope this little scouting mission found out...whatever we needed to. We shouldn't idle here for too long. I doubt tomorrow will pass without them figuring out we were here. We might have the night, though."
  5. Effie is now a Fighter and gets the benefit of 3 energy drops. She also starts with the Strength +2 skill in addition to her regular Defense +2. Let me know if slots become open for more than one unit suggestion, I'm sure I could come up with something creative.
  6. Hm, more Turks sounds like a good addition to Fire Emblem. Brigands, thieves, and Akinci. A diverse roster of classes which all carry the ability to enslave your foes. Now we just need to add an aristocrat caste of religious converts and give them primitive firearms. The question then becomes if you can capture and sell horses, pegasi, etc.
  7. "Bait-y" meaning that you can lure the enemies out one at a time by using a unit who does well against them as "bait". If you need some custom sprites, I recommend you check out this repository. These graphics are all "meant for" free use (there's nothing really stopping you from using assets which aren't), so while they have been used in other fangames, they'll at least be something different than reused official sprites.
  8. I had considered Holy Blood, though I'm not really a fan of using it as a metaphor or explanation for class differences. However, having capturable units with given bloodlines could give Holy Blood some actual meaningful use as a mechanic in a game without eugenics. Or, if it does have eugenics... Right, but it also sounds more wrong, since it's noun-noun instead of adjective-noun. The fact that they near-rhyme just makes it worse. Kaga also let you partake in the slave trade so I'm not sure he should be our standard for what IS will do in the future.
  9. This was probably the most interesting episode you've put out so far, just in terms of tips, tricks, and glitches. I was totally unaware of most of this- I never noticed that the helmet upgrade saved weapon energy, I wasn't aware of the miniboss skip, or that certain bosses where only weak to certain forms of Silk Shot. Definitely very informative. Speaking of Silk Shot, was it planned to have Serges appear in Crystal Snail's stage? Is the location of the X-Hunters manipulable or something?
  10. The portraits are reused and it only seems to cover the first chapter, but the eventing is pretty presentable so it's not bad at all for a first project made in two days. The one chapter which is included is a bait-y, which is to expected for the start, I guess. I do like the concept of the forts here but I would probably make it a smaller map. This is pretty funny.
  11. Shouldn't it be "Soviet Thracia"? While I don't think Fire Emblem has the guts to let you ransom people for money, I do think it would be a cool mechanic. If you combine that with the ability to take weapons and items from captured enemies, it would add some lovely new dimensions to the game's resource management. Doesn't it also prevent you from getting Attack Stance and the associated support bonuses? Perhaps, but that's more a complaint about Niles and Orochi than capture itself. A promotion of the thief having capture would work fine, although the name "Slaver" would be a definite no-no. If capture is tied to class, then brigands, pirates, and their promotions should also have access to the capture skill. I mean, c'mon. It's a perfectly piratey thing do ransom someone for booty. *** So yeah, the above responses probably give a good picture of my opinion on capture. I think it's pretty cool, I like the idea of recruiting generic enemies into your army. Makes things feel a little more dynamic, y'know? That's in addition to giving the player a little more expediency over their ability to be a merciful dictator, and probably being the only way we'll see recruitable enemies as a proper mechanic in the series for the immediate future. That said, I'm fine having to capture certain characters to recruit them, as in Thracia. I think the mechanic should be more widely available, although it doesn't have to be universal. It could be tied to certain classes, multiple characters could have capture, said characters could capture enemies under different conditions, that'd all be very cool. Take their weapons to use or sell, and potentially ransoming them off for further profit. It would be kind of neat if you could see an enemy's social status at some point- higher status enemies would be worth more gold, but would also have certain benefits over the rabble. I'm not exactly sure what benefits, but it would prevent it from making it so you sell all the rich and recruit all the poor.
  12. Dang, this is a lot of words y'all've posted. Allow me to contribute. Supports are a pretty awful as a narrative device, but I think the real problem is a fundamentally misguided approach to storytelling in Fire Emblem. The actual narrative is pretty weak, and essentially has to be because of factors like permadeath which the plot can't really account for. Trying to make the written narrative the main focus is kind of a mistake. Fire Emblem plots (what the characters say and do) are always much worse than the stories that arise from gameplay. When a unit gets RNG blessed and unexpectedly becomes MVP? That's a cool Fire Emblem story to share with people. When Franz gets killed on Phantom Ship so you try and raise Forde but he gets berserked, kills Artur, and then dies because fffffffrick Forde? That's a cool Fire Emblem story to share with people. Perhaps most importantly, this "emergent narrative" actually accounts for what happens in the gameplay. If a character dies, that's the end of their role in the player's story. If your best character dies, the story probably won't acknowledge it. Your army has been crippled but that's not really important. A character is better or worse than normal? That's reflected by different performance in battle, whereas the written plot doesn't really care if Bartre has speed equal to his level. If you really like a character, you can turn them into one of your most powerful units with enough care and attention, but such favoritism can never make them the protagonist of the written story. However, it can it so, at the end of the game, you look back and know that your favorite unit was the real hero who did all the heavy lifting. That said, supports are still useful to establish a little bit about characters. They provide you with a starting point, give you just enough to semi-arbitrarily get attached to someone instead of utterly arbitrarily attached- not that using Ralph just because he looks like a chad is an "invalid" reason. However, using supports as a serious narrative device is silly and reflects the general narrative failings inherent to Fire Emblem. Supports should thus be very self-contained. The relationship between two characters can grow but the characters themselves cannot grow because it won't be reflected anywhere else. Anything which is more contextual should instead be reserved for base conversations, which I think everyone here has said they liked? Not sure, I don't want to check. Some people have suggesting getting rid of permadeath and making the use of characters more traditional, and I understand the impulse. However, if you get rid of permadeath, you might as well get rid of growths and make it Final Fantasy on a grid. The randomness of a character dying or getting different stats is one the core features of Fire Emblem, part of the appeal, part of the reason you play this game and not something else. It's fine to want a different game, but it would be better to just find a game which already suits your tastes instead of changing Fire Emblem. Categorical labels themselves are gross exaggerations. I mean, do the panties really have to fall in the category of "once-missing" for the spirit to be the same? EDIT: Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.
  13. >tfw Charismatic so you hear this verse like five times a week You guys know Gothic churches? Did you know many of them have a cross-shaped floor plan? The symbolism is so overbearing it almost works.
  14. Oh nice, people still remember the Tartarans. I'm honestly honored. This reminds me that I got to get around to the sequel, featuring Tantalus. It would have continued that sort of dialogue by bringing up Cleon. It very well may be a dumb way to live, but I think it's only fair to be honest about thinking so. You should probably work on that.
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