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  1. So. side bee debated CannedCaineghis about FE8. Then side bee debated me about FE6. Hey @CannedCaineghis, want to debate FE7?
  2. Thank you very kindly, God bless you as well. So, as detailed in the post, there's a lot of savescumming in this run, but that got me curious. Because it's an NES game, there should be some way to manipulate the RNG (even if it's a frame perfect thing), right? Did you learn anything about that in formulating this run?
  3. Oh yeah, certainly don't let them play FE7, I mean, just show them a couple of chapters or something.
  4. I was going to give a serious answer but honestly Yoshi is a pretty good one. The real answer is Hadrosaur though.
  5. I think this is a neat idea. I might actually have to try it at some point. Obviously it'll work better for some games than others, but I don't think it needs to have like, a billion contingencies and alternate rulesets. Apply as it works. It's a solid, simple idea which I don't think needs these additional regulations to accomplish its purpose.
  6. Furies belong in cages. A thing which should be banished to a cage cannot have significantly different value than another thing which should be banished to a cage.
  7. So, with regards to any suggestions involving showing porn to people- Don't. That's stupid. It's as far from conflict resolution as I care to imagine you could get in this case. You should feel bad. *** Now, personally, I do think these games are anime trash. I enjoy playing them anyway, but I don't think that's excuse to ignore valid criticisms. PeaceRibbon's suggestion was good. An older game would also be good. You're playing FE7, right? So just show them FE7. It's a fairly tame game, as I recall.
  8. Godspeed indeed. I'm not allowed to vote on my own debate (which is good because I feel my arguments stand pretty strong), but I've been waiting to mention that one of bee's solid arguments would have been stronger, in my opinion, had he brought up Chapter 16 specifically. That's a very busy chapter in which you definitely have Percival and definitely don't have Niime, I think it would have quite improved his availability argument. This seemed like the best place to mention that.
  9. Oh hey new mugs, that's neat. Though I did think Tick's original mug suited him in an odd way. Where were such mugs as these procured?
  10. Throwing in another chip for Ross as the best, for reasons already mentioned. Amelia is the worst and Ewan is in the middle. Amelia might join earlier than Ewan, but the latter uses magic and so doesn't explode 90% of the time on counterattack.
  11. I don't really see how this would make Roy any better. Could you please elaborate on this idea for me? I am a master of balancing. I voted for my own idea and a few meme suggestions in the poll which everyone else has already voted on at this point. Bases > Growths, but +3 is honestly really high and I think being a bad fighter is kind of the point of Roy- what you're supposed to do is drag his frilly butt to the throne, and that's part of the challenge of all these seize maps.
  12. Now watch as Mangs doesn't check the site for three weeks, drops by to post a spotlight video and is immediately bombarded with notifications. So, while you're mostly known as a Fire Emblem channel, I actually found your videos through your Civilization series. Do you still play Civilization games, or did the exclusion of Byzantium from Civ6 really rub you the wrong way? What is the most epic work of fandom ever created? The one which most inspires awe in the soul and fear for the fate of humanity. You've indicated that you like overplayed memes. Does this impact your desire to see Waluigi in Soup or Smash Brothers? What is something you'd expect them to change in an FE6 remake that they should really leave the same? You must select one food item to be anthropomorphized into a significant other with which you will spend the rest of your life. What consumable do you choose, and why? In other words, if Louise were a food, what food would she be?
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