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  1. It is the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ two-thousand and twenty one. Just look up the growth rates.
  2. I join Jotari and third this notion. Bad units are there to use if you enjoy setting up kills and such. Some people like to throw Perceval at the enemies and win, some people like to perform elaborate rescue trains, and some people like to play poorly. Having a bad unit to raise might not do much to increase your strategic options, but you do get a new experience in trying to raise them. Poke archers with a slim lance. If that doesn't sound fun to you...then don't do it.
  3. Very cool. Are you thinking of submitting to Speedrun.com or something? There might not be a category for all achievements at the moment but it would beat some other runs there in the 100% and any% categories.
  4. Nice, congratulations! I unfortunately do not see the leaderboard you mentioned.
  5. That seems like an unlikely scenario. A real conspiracybro would submit an 11th hour 59th minute low quality entry to ensure victory by default, which maybe I should have done. I understand that this might disappoint people whose prompts are neglected either due to bad timing or unpopularity, but I don't think giving them a second chance is any less arbitrary or any more unfair than moving on and treating them like any other contestant. Things happen, you know?
  6. That's good enough for me. Our next prompt will be, "Anything goes! Feel free to make suggestions." They might provide people with some inspiration. I've set the countdown for its usual two weeks, but you guys let me know if you'd like me to add what would have been our judging period.
  7. I kind of like it, but at that point I wonder why we don't just let people do whatever prompt they feel like. Nothing wrong with suggestions at that point, but if you're going to decentralize you might as go all the way.
  8. So, uh...what do you do with no entries, then? I'm taking suggestions.
  9. Tea > Coffee It's less an addiction and more so a lifestyle.
  10. I wouldn't say that. The last time we had more than three participating entries was round 34, which was about six months ago.
  11. Nice. Editing is very important. At least, so I'm told. Unfortunately it does not look like any entries have been submitted this round. We have eight hours left, but if no one submits anything, I'm not sure what the proper course of action would be. It might be a good time to put the competition on pause, given how slow things have been recently.
  12. Nah fam can't let @indigoasis down like that. It'd be improprietous. What a world. Pretty good post, the weird dreams are worth sharing in my opinion. It's always a treat when some surreal but "comprehensible" narrative arises and you get to share it with others.
  13. I'd like to apologize... To absolutely f(umbl)in' nobody.
  14. I got banned and there was a discussion about it. As I recall I was remembered as a racist hypocrite and almost everyone was glad I was gone. I figure that will happen eventually in real life but I'd at least like to finish the Ruined World before it does.
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