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  1. I found a new anime with some pagasus horse witch are used somehow like Fire Emblem. The anime is called:Romeo × Juliet. The romance theme is a bit too strong, but I'm sure Fire Emblem has some of the same love moments as well. .
  2. I think most manga fans have heard of this series at least once. Yeah, that series does have the fundemental values that Fire Emblem is all about. I've watched the anime. Read the manga. And caught up with everything. It just frustrating that the mangaka may not be able to complete the story. I've read Kingdom. In fact, I've caught up with the manga and anime. As for Ravages of Time, I've heard of it, I just never went into it. I will when I get the motivation. Thanks for the reccomendations. If you got more, please feel free to post them. I heard the hype of Akame ga Kill. And from that hype it seems to me that it's mainly focused on horror? I'll check it out ASAP because the hype is overwhelming. As for Ubel Blat, I've heard of that one a long time ago. Just never took interest. But if it really resembles Fire Emblem is some aspects, then I'll try to give it a shot. I appeciate the reccomendations. Hentai is the best when it has plot. So if you know some hentai titles that resembles Fire Emblem, please don't be shy to list them. As for No Game No Life, I tried reading the manga, but it didn't catch my interest at first. But when I watched the anime, HOLY GLORIOUS! I WAS HOOKED! To me, the anime is better than the manga. And yeah, this series does resemble some aspects of Fire Emblem allot. Kantai Collection...never heard of the series. I'll check it out. And as for Code Geass, I've didn't read the manga. I've skimmed through the anime. I'll go back to watch the anime again when I get the interest. I mainly heard of the series because people kept saying the main character wanted world domination & justice, but became the enemy of his little sister due to some wierd strategy misconceptions...wierd. It's interesting just typing about it. I'll give it another go. Both of these series look interesting. Thanks for the recommendations. Never heard of them, so I'll try them out in the future. Thanks for all the suggestions. If anyone has anything else that they seem resembling Fire Emblem, please let me know. Thanks.
  3. Anyone know any anime a manga that resemble Fire Emblem? Whether it be wars, magic, creatures, dragons, pegasus, weapons, characters, status, circumstances, tactics, etc. The only one that I know that bears a striking resemblance is an anime called: Madan no Ou to Vanadis (The King of the Magic Bullet and Vanadis) Info Links: http://myanimelist.net/anime/24455/Madan_no_Ou_to_Vanadis https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=69978 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lord_Marksman_and_Vanadis I have also read and watched all the Fire Emblem manga and anime available on the internet. If anyone, regardless if its only a tiny bit similar, I would love to know more. Thanks for reading.
  4. Happy Birthday!!! (sorry for late reply)

  5. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  6. obligatory profile comment

  7. Wow, this is the only fire emblem game that has a black person, and the crazy part is that it's fan-made. In the next updates, try creating more black characters. I voted for Obama, so I'm going to play this game. Jokes aside, this is a very awesome hack. Thanks.
  8. Is it possible to provide a patch file version for us to use it with vba? My computer kinda get lags when playing this... Please reconsider making a patch.
  9. can someone give me the latest patch of this game? I can't find it. The link in the front post is dead. Can someone pm a pre-patched rom - upload it to mediafire. Please re-upload the patch that Superluigi genius made for us to enjoy. But I wonder, did Superluigi finish the patch for the game?
  10. I like this patch. Anything new? It's been like 3-4 months since hearing from Onmi. Don't tell me he's gotten sick of FE6 and adding new resources to it.
  11. Sorry guys, but is there an update? And the link doesn't work. Can someone upload it to 'mediafire.com' or something? Thanks. And thanks for making this patch. It would be a life savior if this actually works out.
  12. Merry birthday milady.

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