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  1. People are beginning to hate you...

  2. Romulation is great! I found the rom there...

  3. I love your personal photo...

    I wonder if Ephidel was a Sage or Druid....

  4. Thanks for the comment on my sig...lol

  5. Nope. It's not. And sorry for the long waiting reply...

    I, however, do want to know you....interested?

  6. Ok, sure...but only because you actaully asked...xD

  7. Nope, it isn't me.

    Wow, you seem like a stalker since you added me to your friends list and such..lol

  8. Yep, because I just wanted to hear people say why they checked because of the name I chose...xD

  9. You checkin my profile too?

  10. Why you checkin my profile?

  11. You checkin my profile too? lol

  12. lol, I knew that...

    I just wanted to see whether you'd hae the guts to say it...xD

  13. Looking at my profile?

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