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  1. I found a new anime with some pagasus horse witch are used somehow like Fire Emblem. The anime is called:Romeo × Juliet. The romance theme is a bit too strong, but I'm sure Fire Emblem has some of the same love moments as well. .
  2. I think most manga fans have heard of this series at least once. Yeah, that series does have the fundemental values that Fire Emblem is all about. I've watched the anime. Read the manga. And caught up with everything. It just frustrating that the mangaka may not be able to complete the story. I've read Kingdom. In fact, I've caught up with the manga and anime. As for Ravages of Time, I've heard of it, I just never went into it. I will when I get the motivation. Thanks for the reccomendations. If you got more, please feel free to post them. I heard the hype of Akame ga Kill. And from that hype it seems to me that it's mainly focused on horror? I'll check it out ASAP because the hype is overwhelming. As for Ubel Blat, I've heard of that one a long time ago. Just never took interest. But if it really resembles Fire Emblem is some aspects, then I'll try to give it a shot. I appeciate the reccomendations. Hentai is the best when it has plot. So if you know some hentai titles that resembles Fire Emblem, please don't be shy to list them. As for No Game No Life, I tried reading the manga, but it didn't catch my interest at first. But when I watched the anime, HOLY GLORIOUS! I WAS HOOKED! To me, the anime is better than the manga. And yeah, this series does resemble some aspects of Fire Emblem allot. Kantai Collection...never heard of the series. I'll check it out. And as for Code Geass, I've didn't read the manga. I've skimmed through the anime. I'll go back to watch the anime again when I get the interest. I mainly heard of the series because people kept saying the main character wanted world domination & justice, but became the enemy of his little sister due to some wierd strategy misconceptions...wierd. It's interesting just typing about it. I'll give it another go. Both of these series look interesting. Thanks for the recommendations. Never heard of them, so I'll try them out in the future. Thanks for all the suggestions. If anyone has anything else that they seem resembling Fire Emblem, please let me know. Thanks.
  3. Anyone know any anime a manga that resemble Fire Emblem? Whether it be wars, magic, creatures, dragons, pegasus, weapons, characters, status, circumstances, tactics, etc. The only one that I know that bears a striking resemblance is an anime called: Madan no Ou to Vanadis (The King of the Magic Bullet and Vanadis) Info Links: http://myanimelist.net/anime/24455/Madan_no_Ou_to_Vanadis https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=69978 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lord_Marksman_and_Vanadis I have also read and watched all the Fire Emblem manga and anime available on the internet. If anyone, regardless if its only a tiny bit similar, I would love to know more. Thanks for reading.
  4. Wow, this is the only fire emblem game that has a black person, and the crazy part is that it's fan-made. In the next updates, try creating more black characters. I voted for Obama, so I'm going to play this game. Jokes aside, this is a very awesome hack. Thanks.
  5. Is it possible to provide a patch file version for us to use it with vba? My computer kinda get lags when playing this... Please reconsider making a patch.
  6. can someone give me the latest patch of this game? I can't find it. The link in the front post is dead. Can someone pm a pre-patched rom - upload it to mediafire. Please re-upload the patch that Superluigi genius made for us to enjoy. But I wonder, did Superluigi finish the patch for the game?
  7. I like this patch. Anything new? It's been like 3-4 months since hearing from Onmi. Don't tell me he's gotten sick of FE6 and adding new resources to it.
  8. Sorry guys, but is there an update? And the link doesn't work. Can someone upload it to 'mediafire.com' or something? Thanks. And thanks for making this patch. It would be a life savior if this actually works out.
  9. Yes....you changed your name back to TheEnd!!!!!!!!!!Yeah!!!!!!!!! This means that the manga is gradually on its way....Wooohooo ;)
  10. Wow, well it seems this thread is getting active. Thanks for the info on the updates on the front page uhh..... TheEnd (I think)...it's a little confusing now that you changed your name like 3 to 4 times...
  11. People are beginning to hate you...

  12. What does Fire Emblem mean to you? - Is it just a game to you?, somthing spiritual?, something to read or understand?, etc. In the beginning, I though Fire Emblem was litterally an Emblem of Fire. But now I see it as a story of adventure and mystery. Evil Problems being taken care of by Good People. People who would need to achieve greater strenght. So, what does it mean to you? It could be anything.
  13. Here is my definition of the shoe crisis: VollyBall TOURNAMENT!!!! or this one: or this one: or this one: or this one: or this one:
  14. That's hilarious...but I just wish the background matched so it could look like it actually happened...lol
  15. Romulation is great! I found the rom there...

  16. WAIT...They Released it in English Already??? I never knew that...wow...I feel stupid...lol... Thanks for the heads-up Vincent!!!! So...damn..forget it..I can't ask for the R _ _....if you know what I mean... can someone pm me it....
  17. I love your personal photo...

    I wonder if Ephidel was a Sage or Druid....

  18. Fire Emblem DS: The Dark Dragon and Sword of Light You see, this patch for the game is very well done. But I would like to know if anyone would be able to tell me if they have a script of this game in English, that way I could translate the rest myself. I don't know Japanese or any European language, except Portuguese..lol So, if anyone could give me more information on this, I would be grateful. Here is the source Link: http://www.gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=99511 Demo Patch Version 2.0 Patch Version 3.0* Final Patch*
  19. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was wondering why the waiting was beyond belief... Well, Thanks to Aquantis, the translation could be bearable for a short period of time.
  20. I wouldn't want say Lyn, but I just feel that they should have gotten her a "Special Pegasus" as a bargain with her promotion... Then she would have been the only Falcon that shot arrows, and unaffected towards them. So I would say Lyn...cause they should have improved her fighting abilities...
  21. Thanks for the comment on my sig...lol

  22. Nope. It's not. And sorry for the long waiting reply...

    I, however, do want to know you....interested?

  23. Naturally, FE 7 - Blazing Sword. Since it was the first Fire Emblem game to ever be translated and sold in North America... Plus, it has my favorite character...Lyndis
  24. There were some remarks on what I wrote. Merely on how long, deep, or how one thinks of Fire Emblem. And there was one comment about me saying I should post more often. My remark - I’m quite pleased. (Seriously, I was blushing pretty hard when I read those comments.) Anyways, back to the subject matter. There was one remark on dark magic that I was quite impressed. I mean, it was quite obvious, but I was glad it was bought up. You are right about Canas calling “Ancient Arts” I believe that there are two categories when one talks about Dark/Ancient Arts. I mean, let us cut to the chase...All magic that do not have any unity from God are forbidden or is not supposed to be known to the humans. For that reason alone, it can be suggested that Dark arts are like steroids – corrupts the soul; even if it be a little, it has caused damage. That ‘damage’ is not supposed to occur, if you have lived the sacred life you creator has forged for you to live. So in essence, human knowledge, usage, or activities relating to Dark arts is a sin which is why it erodes the user’s soul. It is safe to assume that if a person first learns Anima (natural magic; water, earth, fire, air) and if one learns Light Magic (magic that correlates with God’s power) you would be much safer to then learn Dark Arts – if you so desire. I have simply indicated to the fact that Athos (an Archsage) has lived a life of prosperity and good fortune, for he has done things within the law of magic – he understood the limits of the soul. He had knowledge from the dragons to help him achieve greater things – to help preserve his soul and flesh. Most importantly, I believe that he knew “ENOUGH” of the truth to correlate with the Dark Shady arts. I adore this theory! Light Magic is, of course, from the holy ones. The pure secrets of the unknown – God’s string of power! When you say that Radiant magic comes from a ruling divinity of a continent, it makes me unsure on what you are trying to say. I understand your thinking, for it is not entirely wrong. The ruling deity is where it was born from – where the knowledge of light began to be understood clearer by “All People.” I believe that all men/women were meant to know the knowledge of light magic in today’s world, but lack it because of problem with knowing God or doing sinful things. So in termination, even if we did acquire the knowledge of light magic, we would have to pure in heart at least 60%. (Ok, now I’m getting too crazy…lol) For this reason alone, not all can use the power of light magic. Yes! This is what I pointed out in my intro post – That Magic is taught or learned through the knowledge of seeing those who do it, use it, or chant words of it. That would explain how Nino (a precocious 14 year old mage who worked for the Black-Fang in return for Sonia’s, her step-mother/Nergal’s Morph, love or affection.) gained the knowledge as well as the power of natural magic. Here is conversation she had with Erk: After reading this conversation, I just had a craving of wanting to take a shower for some reason; I was overwhelmed. I….I just want to know the truth – I REALLY WANTED TO KNOW MAGIC!!!! Seriously, I wish a book, like what Erk mentioned, was somewhere hidden in my house basement so I could find it and use it for awesome purposes; of course, not for Nergal’s purposes. This theory seems to be correct. But you are wrong in some cases. The knowledge of Quintessence is knowledge for both Anima/Dark users. Users of the light do not need that knowledge, for there are only concerned with there relationship with God or a divine source – The more Faith or belief they have in that source, the more power they will acquire, as well as the how much experience they have in using there powers makes or allows them to grow in spiritual power. In conclusion, they could do what Mages and Shamans do without having to rely on another source of magic as long as they follow the rules or path of their divine source. The technique Nergal is using compared to the light users (Bishops, ArchSages, etc.) is basically a steroid-ious method in gaining his own spiritual power. Nergal must have studied somewhere (maybe in some magic book) that Light magic can only give maximum of ‘this & that’ power. But Nergal wanted more power so that he could control the world. He wanted power to a great extent that he would give up his tensions towards love and friendship. When he did this, he has found out that his use in divine power has lessoned dramatically that he would have to depend on Dark Arts to increase his essence, his quintessence, his fundamental nature, his spirit, his core! He wanted more power BEYOND Compare! That is why he was happy to show Athos the power he has gained when he met them to steal, kidnap (or Dragon-nap) Ninian. I forgot the chapter it was. But I do know it was in either “Hector Mode” or “Eliwood Mode.” But truth be told, I don’t think Nergal read enough of Dark arts (or at least to know what would happen if he were to pull off such a thing he has done). But then again, I don’t think a writer would know unless they have done what Nergal has done and human hearted enough to write a book about his observations so that students of dark arts would understand more of the fundamentals of Dark Arts. I just wish to know the secrets behind Athos’s immortality. Even after he died, we later found out in the Manga called “Fire Emblem – The Champion’s Sword” (dedicated to the “Sealed Sword” game) that Athos somehow attached himself to the world of the living in order to protect the Dragon Village to some degree. That is when Al spiritually came in his sacred shrine and talked with him; allowing him to obtain a dragon stone as well as more power for Al to use to accomplish the goals. Reasonably, I suppose I’ve typed an adequate amount in this post. But please, I want to know other people's concerns on this. Like I said earlier, if you disagree with me, please say why. I want to know your ideas on this.
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