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  1. Definitely will be trying to implement more features at launch! Just was wondering if any more programmers were wanted. Thanks for the reply, and good luck :)
  2. Hi Yeti! I think I'm the one that prompted you to make this topic a couple years back when I asked if I could help with the programming while I was just a freshman going into college... Fast forward and I'm about to start my first software development internship, and though I'm sure I'm nowhere near you(or your team) in terms of programming experience, I'd like to offer any help that I can if your team wants an extra set of hands. Love what you guys are doing for the community with this project, and good luck!
  3. I tried with the regular pointers that markyJoe has in his tutorials but those didn't work either. And I never have more than one editor open when messing with my ROM so overwriting shouldn't be a problem. I highlighted everything I thought would be important/relevant in red. Deleted units. Also, is the "EventPointerTable(0x50,TileChanges)" necessary when using tiled? [spoiler=Events] //Original template by markyjoe1990 //Modified by Nintenlord //Modified further by Arch, you can/should probably delete these & most comments #define DISABLE_TUTORIALS #include "EAstdlib.event" #define ChapterID 0x01 //The value in the Chapter Data Editor EventPointerTable(0x51,Events) EventPointerTable(0x50,TileChanges) /*WorldMapPointerTable(WorldMapID,WorldMapEvents) - Same to activate World Map Events */ ORG 0xD80900 Events: POIN TurnEvents POIN TalkEvents POIN LocationEvents POIN MiscEvents POIN TrapData TrapData POIN Bad Bad Bad Bad POIN Good Good Good Good POIN OpeningEvent EndingEvent TurnEvents: OpeningTurnEvent(OpeningEvent) //Delete if you have a prep. screen enabled! TURN TalkEvents: CHAR LocationEvents: DOOR 0x10 ThirdDoorOpen [5,13] 0x10 Chest(Elixir,18,4) LOCA MiscEvents: CauseGameOverIfLordDies AFEV TrapData: BLST ALIGN 4 ThirdDoorOpen: MAC1 0x02 0x00 ENDA OpeningEvent: MUS1 0x0033 MUSI FADI 0x10 BACG 0x1B FADU 0x10 TEX1 0x0828 FADI 0x10 LOMA 0x2F [0,0] MUS1 0x0003 BACG 0x15 FADU 0x10 LOU1 Recruits ENUN TEX1 0x0829 REMA STAL 0x20 LOU1 DummyGood ENUN CURF 0x21 TEX1 0x082A REMA CURF 0x04 FADI 0x10 MUS1 0x003E MUSI BACG 0x34 FADU 0x10 TEX1 0x082B REMA TEX1 0x082C REMA MOVE 0x52 [0,1] DISA 0x52 MOVE 0x59 [5,0] DISA 0x59 ENUN STAL 0x20 MOVE 0x53 [0,1] DISA 0x53 MOVE 0x58 [5,0] DISA 0x58 MOVE 0x67 [0,1] DISA 0x67 MOVE 0x64 [6,0] DISA 0x64 ENUN STAL 0x20 MOVE 0x62 [7,0] DISA 0x62 MOVE 0x60 [5,0] DISA 0x60 MOVE 0x66 [0,1] DISA 0x66 ENUN CURF 0x22 FADI 0x10 BACG 0x34 FADU 0x10 TEX1 0x082D REMA CURF 0x04 FADI 0x10 BACG 0x34 FADU 0x10 TEX1 0x082E REMA CURF 0x25 CUSI 0x25 Ally CURF 0x26 CUSI 0x26 Ally CURF 0x27 CUSI 0x27 Ally ENUN FADI 0x05 LOMA 0x01 [0,0] DISA 0x56 DISA 0x57 DISA 0x61 DISA 0x63 DISA 0x65 DISA 0x04 DISA 0x09 REPOS 0x08 [10,23] DISA 0x21 DISA 0x22 DISA 0x25 DISA 0x26 DISA 0x27 FADU 0x05 CAM1 [11,19] MOVE 0x08 [10,21] ENUN MAC1 0x03 0x00 LOU1 Good ENUN TEX1 0x082F ENDA EndingEvent: MoveToChapter(0x02) ENDA /*WorldMapEvents: ENDA*/ TileChanges: TileMapEnd /*EscapePoints: EndEscapeList - Delete comment signs to enable thief escape points. */ MESSAGE Events end at offset currentOffset //The map for this chapter is at offset: ???????? /*EscapePointTable(ChapterID,EscapePoints) - Leave this at the end*/
  4. Alright so I can't seem to get the tile changes to work while using Fire Shell. I have: 1. Made the map, and the map changes on separate layers. 2. Assigned the appropriate property names and values. 3. Inserted the map into D66290, and the map pointer and map change pointer to D66710 and D66720, respectively. I did that because I believe Arch wiped the event reference table. 4. Went into nightmare, and put D66290 into the 0x4E-0x4F slot and D66270 into the 0x4F-0x50 spot in the event reference table. 5. Went into the chapter data editor, fixed the tilesets, put 0x4F as the map and 0x50 as the map changes. 6. In the events, I wrote a MAC1 code(MAC1 0x02 0x00) that doesn't seem to work, as in it doesn't activate the tile change. So then I wrote a location event for a chest and the chest activates and I get the item, but the chest doesn't change to look opened. So now I'm stuck because no matter what I try the tile changes won't seem to work and I can't help but feel I'm just missing some small detail. I have a relatively new version of Tiled compared to the one I would guess Nintenlord used, but I don't know if that would cause a problem(I would appreciate someone linking me to an older version so I can try it out). Anyone have any ideas?
  5. How in the hell does BladeMaster do it? Good content again Ghast, the transitions were a lot smoother in this one.
  6. As Matt said, I have quite a few great beta testers already. I will definitely keep you in mind if one of them opts out though :)
  7. Well thank you for not posting it ;) I have quite a few new characters planned for this chapter. And thanks, I'll make more progress once I get back to my laptop :P 2spooky4me
  8. Update: Damn, a month already... Well I'm glad to say that everything is wrapped up with school for now. Slow progress is still being made on ToW. Currently working on finishing the opening dialogue scenes for chapter 1, and then on to gameplay. Work on this should pick up even more next week, and the way I have the story currently planned out in my head, I can see a public release being viable after I finish chapter 3. To put a date on it, I'm hoping to have it for FEE3 if it's still a thing, but I'm not making any promises yet. For the meantime here are some screens of work being done: [spoiler=Update]
  9. Cool idea! If I can make a suggestion it would be to not give up with eventing. The vast majority of the information is out there waiting for you to learn it so you just have to grind through the basics and you can make a great hack. You'll also find that people like to see the creator of the hack have some progress before they decide they want to help with the hack. This usually means doing some of the initial sprites and maybe make a chapter or two that you can show off to get people interested. Good luck and keep your nose to the grindstone :)
  10. 2. There is a LOT of dialogue that you can replace if you're making a full custom hack so I wouldn't worry too much about that. Just write over the old stuff, hit apply and save and then point to it in your events. 3. I'm a little confused by what you mean by "insert them into the item module". They should already be there. Just go to the item module and scroll down until you get 80. 4. I may not have been clear enough on this. This is not done in nightmare. The only thing you use nightmare for is to find where the pointer is if you want to add more to it(DO NOT CHANGE THOSE POINTERS unless you know 100% what you are doing). For new effectiveness lists you need a program like HxD that lets you edit the hex. I found someone who can answer it better than I can: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=27014 shadowofchaos explains it perfectly. 5. No problem, hope I helped.
  11. 1. Try going into nightmare and changing the "Weapon Ability 1" to 0x41, that's what lightbrand and runesword have. Then find your weapon in the spell association editor and change the "Animation Used" to whatever animation you want it to play. Save it and try it out. 2. There could be but I am not aware of any(don't know why there would be empty ones either). I'm assuming you are doing a reskin or something so you don't want any of the original text gone so I don't have an answer for you on this one. 3. Pretty much the same as my answer above. There should be some bronze weapons starting at 0x80 that I don't recall being used(but I haven't played through the actual fe7 in a while). There are also ones like "towering bow" and "cleave bow". ALSO: For your last question, you have to actually find the effectiveness pointer in nightmare, go into HxD, add the class ID that you want the weapon to be effective against, and make sure to end the list with 00. To make a completely new one just find some free space in your ROM, type in the class number(for example druid is 0x26, so you would put in "26"), and end it with 00. Then type that pointer into the effectiveness slot. Remember to add 8000000 when putting the pointer into nightmare. For example if you wrote the classes you want it to be effective against at DD0000, you would put 0x8DD0000 into nightmare's effectiveness slot. I would back up your ROM before you do this.
  12. That was pretty cool honestly. Like Blademaster said, I was really surprised to see how up to date everything was. Interview with Arch was very interesting and shows how far the community has come. I like that you finished off the LP of tRtR with an interview with Prime. It was great to get all that clarification from the creator himself and have him describe his project's world as he sees it. Really nice stuff, and thanks for putting in the work to get this done, especially towards the end of the school/college year. Can't wait to see the next one!
  13. Thank you very much! And I'm glad to hear it, I'm planning on making some changes to other classes to help with their vulnerability to the new ranged weapons, so hopefully I can find a nice balance.
  14. UPDATE: Alright, I guess we can make updates a weekly thing. I got the story for chapter 1 planned out but the real changes came to the gameplay. So I've been messing with the classes and PRF arrays and items and I've managed to add some new functional pieces to the game. First off, I split the knight into the regular knight(lance and sword) and a new class called "sentinel"(axe and bow), and I updated their map sprites with Agro's version of the lance and axe knight. The second change to classes is a split between cavaliers. The cavalier(sword, lance), and cataphract(axe, lance), and of course their respective map sprites. The biggest change comes to bow users though. Since people seem to agree that bow users needed a buff, I wanted to try something a little different. I made longbows 2-4 range weapons that can only be used by archers/snipers. They will be much more common and affordable for the player in an attempt to make archers/snipers better without having to buff stats a whole lot. Along with that though, the majority of bows are being changed to 2-3 range, but here's the catch: weapons that have multiple ranges have their damage/accuracy/crit reduced on the farthest range. For example: 2-4 range longbow: And the range drop-off is going to be applied to javelins/hand axe/etc as well. However, they will be receiving an increase in power to make up for it, and probably a reduction in cost. Oh, and now longbows are broken up like regular bows(iron, steel, silver), so archers/snipers will have a variety of weapons at their disposal to help them be competitive for spots on your team. Big shout out to icecube(range value fix, range penalties hack) and vennobennu(PRF weapon array), wouldn't have had a clue how to do any of this without them.
  15. Wow, very nice! I can't wait to see it in action.
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