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  1. Lawl. I've been away for too long and some crappy "joke" quotes have made it to the top. *sigh* Eh. Spose thats partially my fault.
  2. See that just makes me like Libra and all his quotes more. I think its cool that when he needs to get his hands dirty and tear a bitch down he gets a little dark and twisted. I like it. Maribelle has better lines. I dont like the one that was voted as her "best"
  3. Eh. Whatever. I was so fucking sick of all this election shit that Im glad its all over.... I didnt give a shit who won the election tbh. They're all the same if you boil everything down.
  4. I think his support with Noire as a father is the most fitting. In Henry and Tharja's supports Henry is the superior curser but for Noire he took them all on himself even though he could've stopped them. All of the adorable. :3 also: Permanent :D face.
  5. Overwhelming support for Henry's "I'm gonna kill you! :D" line makes me a happy chap. Keep it up SF :3
  6. Heh. I've got one of them. Sain as a girl. Oh the irony :3
  7. Plesioth aint that bad >_> Honestly I had WAYYY more trouble with the Baleful Gigginox... Everyday I'm enragin'
  8. MaMu 12 Chrom 5 Frederick 9 Stahl 11 Virion 12 Gaius 14 Lon'qu 13 Ricken 12 Kellam 9 Donnel 11 Gregor 10 Libra 11 Henry 8 Owain 10 Inigo 13 Gerome 10 Laurent 14 Yarne 4 MaMorgan 10 Brady 11 Basilio 10 Yen'fay 10 Gangrel 6 Walhart 11 Priam 9
  9. Yay! I'm officially in the credits. This is my first contribution to anything anywhere :3 Going over Luna's names with a thesaurus and a giant red marker for crossing out shit is fun. :D
  10. Fair enough. I was trying to fill in some blanks. I'll stop now. Edit: Awesome. I think the Eclipse effect looks silly anyway :3
  11. Same way you get a Sleep stave to sleep for "X" turns. You would create a new version of sleep and set its duration to "X turns" Also: Apparently Luna is going to make it more than 1 turn. Basically trades range for uses (A sap is melee only, no counter attacks and has more uses than a standard Sleep staff)
  12. I think this is more "It has WTA on Anima AND Dark Magic." which is why Light magic was so...meh. Alot of the enemy mages were Anima with a sprinkle of Dark thrown around so Light magic with its lower power got bootstomped on.
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