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  1. first world struggles we all know that feel
  2. It's been stated officially that FEif isn't related to any other game
  3. You know for some reason Max reminded me of Zelgius for some reason. Now I know why
  4. On that point maybe they'll release the game around November 3rd not actually on the date of FE7's release
  5. Awakening was released in Jap in 2012, so 3 almost 3 year old assets. And Awakening came out in the west for 2013 so even though tho didn't make as much fanfare for it. It's something
  6. I'm going to say they are going to release it in America on November 3rd. Why? Fire Emblem 7 was released on that day and what better way to paramount how far Fire Emblem has come in America
  7. My wallet just picked a god and prayed
  8. Also going by that same vein of meaningful dates. November 3rd was the date of Fire Emblem first coming to the west in the form of Blazing Sword...release date possibly????
  9. The first Fire Emblem launched in Japan on April 20th 1990. Maybe Nintendo will do a special announcement/press release that day?
  10. Do you think Nintendo will release a bundle for the new fire emblem like they did for awakening? I was planning on buying the new 3ds when it released but after they revealed a new fire emblem the possibility of a sexy FE bundle made me rethink my plans. Any thoughts? Theories?
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