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    I mainly like Tekken and Fire Emblem. I'm also studying Japanese independently.

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  1. He's the Meme King of Persona Emblem: Meme Houses. ... Honestly I have no idea though.
  2. I just caught up with this. Congrats on getting this far on Ironman Lunatic. I make so many mistakes when I play Fire Emblem, I don't know how you manage to play and remain so focused. You're almost at the end of your journey now! Good luck!!
  3. I usually play with windows open as well. I've only ironmaned Awakening once and it was when I first got the game several years ago. I'm thinking I should start doing that too. I've never really used the children characters in either game much, so it would give me something to try out as well. I think that mentality is perfect for learning and improving! You can help others and also compare knowledge and maybe see a different perspective too. I think I'm going to make notes on pairings for Fates on my next run. That is definitely a lot of supports haha.
  4. Thanks for the responses guys! These are great! I was working so I could not respond right away. I'm liking all the responses. While there are some things that differ, I feel like they're a lot of things in common and now I have a better understanding of the types of notes I need to take. That's a good idea to take notes of the pairings you want beforehand. I should start doing that with. And that spreadsheet is really awesome! Saving notes for specific items on characters to reach stat benchmarks, that's really important. Yeah keeping reinforcement notes for games like Conquest makes total sense. These are very good. I love the tips on making characters useful, that is something I will do as well. Uh... Why did the text turn white...? Compiling things you do not find on a computer makes sense. I've been thinking to do that in games that don't have the enemy stats online. I haven't beaten FE4 yet but I would love to see it eventually! I take notes for fighting games mostly. "How to do it" is a really good one! Because if I haven't played a game in a really long time I will forget what strategy I used to beat the map. You could write one of those strategy guide books :) That's really impressive that you remember things in your head like that. I know I definitely forget things easily XD That's how I used to do it for this game. But I kinda want to take it to the next level, since it really helped me improve at fighting games. I understand that. I don't like looking stuff up online while playing either tbh. Weapon stats seems like a good thing to have on hand. Logging support points is really interesting. Too many times I stop playing and complete forget what I was doing with the file. And turn count is a great idea for measuring your improvement.
  5. This question is mostly for the hardcore FE players or those trying to get better at the game. I was wondering, do FE players take notes on specific titles they play? If so, what kind of notes do you take? I want to start taking notes myself, because I want to improve at this game.
  6. Wow that must of taken quite a while. Much appreciated. I think I'm going to go with Black Eagles on my first run. The bonus girl has my interest though... I wanna find out who that is.
  7. It's more about their performance for me, but I do like some characters who are terrible units like, Forde from FE8 and Lyre from FE10.
  8. Character wise: In terms of personality, I'm going to say Camilla. She's an emotionally damaged character who was traumatized by her past and it controls how she interacts with those around her. She's also consistent when comparing supports personality to her story personality. Unit wise: Camilla. She joins earlier, high bases, flight, she can get her Swordreaver weapon on her join chapter which grants her high WTA.
  9. No I would not like to see the same characters come back again. Maybe as DLC but not in the main game/story. Anna is the only exception I'm fine with because she's the mascot of the series.
  10. A lot happened! RIP Nolan :( Also your Meg is ridiculously awesome!
  11. RIP Edward. At least he died and not someone you were actually training! Meg has gotten pretty good levels so far! Also about Micaiah's death, randomizing a death seems like the most fair punishment but that's my opinion. Protect Meg at all costs!
  12. NOBODY LIKES PINEAPPLE HEAD :( Rezzi is looking pretty good! :)
  13. Edward just keeps failing omg! Everyone else is getting pretty nice level ups! Laura is going to be the most buff priest with all of her strength levels. Micaiah reminds me of Orochi from Fates in terms of playstyle which is pretty cool haha. Good work on this chapter! Now you're gonna have access to buyable things c:
  14. I just can't stop laughing! XD Pffft. I can't deny this one bit. OH MY GOD hahaha Nobody cares about Pineapple head :(
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