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  1. Huh, I almost forgot about this place, howdy

    1. euklyd


      wow where have you been

  2. Lip Kumatora Any FE character who isn't Roy Isaac Medli kekeke. I'd like to see any of these characters in Smash (preferably playable, of course, but that probably wont happen)
  3. Geez, LoL isn't very forgiving for the lower end PC's, I just got an email telling me that my account "now has a level 1 Leaver penalty" all because my computer decided to take a shit and crash for like 5 minutes.
  4. I know, and I thought I already implied I would not be able to buying things?
  5. REAL money? Well then, there goes my chances on ever getting a skin.
  6. Just won my first PvP match, this is my second PvP match I have played too. Still don't know what Champions I like though. I liked Riven when she was on rotation a few weeks ago, and Kayle, they play nice and have nice alternate skins too, but I wouldn't really get skins unless they were free.
  7. "You're only level 7, Intermediate is for level 20-30s only, reported" Wow, the game makes it so clear.
  8. How would you play with me using a NA account when I'm in the EU?
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