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  1. Those are all valid points if you're going physical. Obviously you can't get DLC if you don't have the base game. But for the digital version, you don't actually buy the Hoshido or Nohr paths. You buy the base game, and get one path as free DLC. You can then buy the other two as paid DLC, just like you would with a physical copy. With that being the case, it seems a bit mean to lock out the most desirable of the three paths - for all intents and purposes the "true" path. The choice at Chapter 6 is the original concept that they built the game up from. And it's what they've been advertising the most heavily out of any feature in the game. You get to make your own choice. I know my choice, and it's been confirmed a valid choice, but it's not available to me unless I pay extra. I mean, I plan on eventually getting all three, and it's not going to set me back by a lot in the meantime, but I can't help that it leaves a bit of a sour taste in my mouth.
  2. The lack of an update would seem to imply you can't, then. Dang. Bit of a dick move, making the seemingly true path entirely DLC-exclusive. Now I guess I actually have to choose which side to choose for the "what if" base purchase.
  3. I have seen all of those. It's just that, based on wording and context, it seems to me that they could be talking about the physical versions of the game. I don't see how it is that the menu for choosing your path exists with all three options on it, but only two of those options are selectable when the third is available for purchase at the same price. Wishful thinking perhaps, but that's why I was hoping someone with the digital version might have something to share.
  4. My plan is and always has been to buy the digital version from the eShop. I know that by doing that, you can make your choice at Chapter 6 instead of at purchase. I also know that the 3rd path is an option on that screen, at least if you've bought it. Information's been a bit on the vague side, so I was hoping for clarification: Can you buy the digital version of the base game, then choose Invisible Kingdom at Chapter 6, instead of choosing Hoshido/Nohr and then buying Invisible Kingdom as DLC? Any clarification is appreciated, but given the vagueness at the moment, I'd like to ask that you only give me an answer if you know for a fact that it's true. Rather than your interpretation of what you've heard, the ideal answer would be one that comes from someone who's actually given this a try.
  5. Any streams on the third route yet?
  6. I have to know if there's some way to get a conversation between Luna and Mitoi.
  7. Doesn't the special edition come with the third path? Have we got any info from people doing that yet?
  8. Hi, guys. I'm gonna be helping out with filling all the supports on the wiki.
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