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  1. FE4Thread is like that friendship you had during highschool or the place you used to go to that made you feel all comfortable and cozy inside and you revisit it to relive those good old moments but instead feel empty as life moved on and so did your feelings
  2. what is dead may never die
  3. Man if this is Brees' last game, it's up there as one of the saddest final performances by an otherwise great QB.
  4. That's me and that's some little paintings i've done
  5. Hey I cannot wait until Brazil finally gets to do their own version of the Capitol invasion instead this time the army and the police are fully behind the insane fascist in power!
  6. My language knowledge varies according to whatever I'm speaking. Like, Portuguese is my mother language and I'm fluent in English. Also, I am able to communicate in Spanish and French, and I have basic, bare minimum knowledge of Italian and Japanese. French is, and I cannot stress this enough, so fucking hard to comprehend when it's spoken.
  7. I'm here to eat crow and say that despite some games in which he was pretty bad, Baker Mayfield had a pretty damn good season, and most shocking, the Browns are pretty good and entertaining to watch. I still don't like Mayfield but sending Roethlisberger home is Actually Good!
  8. That's fair. Every game I saw, he was just very, very bad. Let's hope he can outperform Burrow tomorrow.
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