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  1. Link for the Map Editor is down. Does some one has a link working link you it?
  2. Does some one now how the 'Item sort by name' sorts the items? I changed a few name, so the sorting is messed up. It's just a minor problem, but I really like to get it fixed. Also, is it known where the tileset for tge hily blood wheel is stored at? Nöjrun is a lot longer than Noba
  3. Thanks @Darrman, for the explanation. I think I understand now, how they work. The Docs you posted where really helpful. I understand now how they work and was able to change a few text pointers. I think I can work on my own now, if I can't find a pointer I can reverse calculate them from the Docs. Didn't know FE1 was so well documented 🙂
  4. That's really helpful, thanks! 🙂 But what if my calculated number goes beyond the fourth digit? For Example if I have 2F716 as the adress, I'll substract 10 for the pointer and get 2F706. Then I drop the 2 and get F706. If I'm now adding 8000 I get 17706 as a pointer.
  5. Hello there, I recently started getting into hacking FE1 just out for curiosity. I just wondered how Pointers in there work exactly since I couldn't find a single one. I looked up in the internet and found this way for NES Pointers: Take the offset, subtract 10, delete the first number so you get a 2 bytes number. Flip the bytes and look for them in you game. As I mentioned I couldn't find a single one. Not for the menus, not for the text so I feel, like I need a bit help on this.
  6. actually I'd love to use the tool once I finished my german FE4 translation and start with FE5. It'll be a great help
  7. The Text for the stats (Like Def, Res, Spd) when the unit gets a level up.
  8. Does anyone know how to change the stat texts of the level up screens? Haven't hacked FE4 for I while and it seems I can't find my notes for it anymore.
  9. Der Herr hat Post von mir :-)
  10. I entcountered one big issue with the FE4 translation I'm working on. I'm just ending his turn on the right spot (I've checked it twice), he grayes out and that's it, the scene doesn't activiate. Since I'm kinda clueless about what what I broke in the game, I hope to find here same answers.
  11. Is there a Version for FE7 as well?
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