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  1. There is absolutely no reason for Jill to be that low and Nephenee to be that high. Also no reason for Renning to be low tier if the Laguz kings are top tier, since you can't use his availability as an argument there. No reason for Gatrie to be better than Tauroneo either considering their stats are basically the same and Tauroneo is much more useful in the chapters he's in, where as Gatrie does basically nothing.
  2. I already posted this on Reddit, but I'm gonna post it here too just in case you are unable to access it and also to spread it Here's the link for those who can access it https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/8qq3rg/dismounting_might_be_back/ For those unable to access reddit, I'll go over it. Here we see a cavalier in a cutscene, wearing very distinctive armor Here we can see many units, and the cavs have the same armor And finally, in the first part with Dimitri, he attacks a unit in cavalier armor without a horse. So either they're using the same armor for different classes (which i honestly doubt), or dismounting is returning
  3. https://www.mediafire.com/file/30adnxkc3eye4a5/FOW.ups If you don't know how to apply a patch (It's okay, we've all been there.) use your UPS patcher program and click modify file. Select a clean FE8 rom, and then choose the UPS patch and hit apply. This is just something I decided to do since I was bored and it's fun modifying the game. Not meant to be hard or anything.
  4. The Overclasses don't come with dungeons. You just sorta go there and promote If I get any DLC I'll be getting the cipher one, since everything else is EA levels of moneygrabbing
  5. I think it was a glitch. like nosferatu killing Doma, but they made it a feature in the remake since it was a more well known glitch.
  6. Boey can't be fixed by star shards, he sucks due to his terrible spell list
  7. Can you save scum on rusty weapons? Also since the draco zombies having an 0.032% chance or something of dropping a dracoshield, the other weapons still probably can be too, but that would take literal months of playing everyday to find every one. You'd need to kill around 3k dracozombies on average to get one!
  8. It's kinda funny. DnD was inspired by the LotR books, but the LotR movies were inspired by DnD
  9. If I don't have anything to do that day, I open up my window and just feel the breeze
  10. I like to think Faye is a psychopath who can't really feel emotions and just feels lust towards Alm, and since she can't truly feel emotions she thinks its love
  11. Turns out the whole time Anankos wasn't a dragon, but just a Bigl
  12. He doesn't seal attacks on turns 4,8,12, and so on, those are the only turns he DOESN'T seal attacks
  13. Bord, Cord, and Barst, complete with a triangle attack! Barst gives up on the mercenary life to be a woodcutter, so he visits his cousin in Valentia. Bord and Cord follow him trying to get him back. They're attacked by monsters and Alm's group rescues them. They can obviously use axes and promote to bowless warriors, but Barst comes with a hand axe
  14. Besides making Faye a cleric, I need to go with the classics. Merc!Gray Cav!Robin Mage!Cliff Bench!Atlus
  15. I find it hilarious how people who haven't played Gaiden are like "They're ruining the story!" What story? Gaiden HAD no story. There were only like 30 lines of dialogue total
  16. Looks like instead of just trapping Celica, Judah controlled her causing her to try to kill Alm. Then Mila probably brings her back
  17. I mean, it IS the third world map theme. They just decided to use it much more
  18. I've never felt Doma was evil. I felt like Judah was using his power for his own purposes. He was the one who gave Rudolph the Falchion to seal Mila, and he wanted Alm to slay him so both of them could finally rest. Perhaps he realized that both his and Mila's ways were wrong.
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