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  1. 1.) First Impressions of me? 2.) Last Impressions of me? 3.) What's your favorite food? 4.) What's your favorite drink? 5.) Would you rather fight 1 Horse-sized Duck, or 100 Duck-sized Horses? 6.) Is a hotdog a sandwich? 7.) Is a cereal a soup, stew or salad? 8.) If tomato is a fruit, does that make a ketchup a smoothie? 9.) What do you call a rivalry between two vegans if it isn't "beef" 10.) Do you have dimples? Also, thoughts on dimples?
  2. I love Swordmasters, followed by Berserkers and probably Sages. Being able to double and crit everything is pretty fun. Though, Sages hit hard because most units have like no Res. I just like my units to dodge and be nukes tbh.
  3. Gonna update how I look once again cuz i'm narcissistic I got a haircut recently! Before
  4. My views changed since making this post.
  5. Rex Glacies had met his fate. Dear Am I doing this alias thing right? You are Nihilego, otherwise known as UB-01 Symbiont. You are a Jellyfish-like Ultra Beast introduced in the Generation 7 Pokemon Game, Pokemon Sun and Moon. In the competitive scene, you are considered UU tier due to your fast speed making you a great lead along with very respectable special stats. However, you are held back but your overall physical frailty and x4 weakness to the common offensive type of Ground due to your Rock/Poison typing. (note: jiac wrote this, nobody else has a giant flavor block) Beast Boost (Passive) - Your Choice Scarf causes Beast Boost to boost your Speed on kills. When you successfully kill your target, you will have the highest priority actions the following night. Stealth Rocks/Toxic Spikes (Active): Each night, you may target an alias with either Stealth Rock, which causes anyone who targets that alias with a non-shot action to be shot, or Toxic Spikes, which causes the target to lose a BPV each night(if they start a night at 0 BPVs, it can't kill them.) You must alternate between these actions. Sludge Bomb(Factional): Shoot a player. Focus Sash(Standard): You start the game with 2 BPVs. You win if you are one of the final 3 players remaining. In other news Superstar, Judas and Right Leg of the Forbidden One have entered the game. Fellow has died.
  6. Actions have been verified. May the odds be in your favor
  7. ##VERB/SENTENCE: FENRIR AESIR d-do i just shoot?
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