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  1. sorry guys, I'm obvs new here.
  2. No I am having trouble spriting them. I always have to fiddle with them, and can never get it right. It always darkens the face outline, and changes the head shape.
  3. Hi everyone! So, I am creating portraits for my characters in my hack at the moment, though I keep on having problems creating the emotional eyes and mouths on the bottom and the right. Does anyone know a certain trick to create mouths and eyes that align correctly?
  4. Does anyone know what class is the most balanced skill wise?
  5. Making a FE Hack is very tedious!

  6. Hello, everyone! I am new to the hacking community (as you can see),and I was wondering how I could change the name of a character... I would like to change the name of Vanessa to Lenorya... So, yeah. Thanks, Ogsters
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