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  1. When you're in a restaurant, open up a reddit link on your phone and two big boobs pop out Never click on an unknown reddit link in public guys.
  2. I prefer Lysithea as a dark knight for dark tomefaire and the higher move
  3. Oh, it does look good. If you do get it, tell me how it is. havent finished sekiro either. Demon of hatred is too strong =\ and i've also been playing too much fire emblem
  4. I absotely love three houses and think Fates' business scheme was scummy, but the Fates paths are way more distinct than Three Houses' paths. GD, BL and Church routes share all the pre time skip and all but 3 of the post time skip maps. Splitting the game in three just wouldn't fly.
  5. Me: today i won't argue about dumb shit on the internet Me 1 hour later: arguing about dumb shit on the internet i feel like a crack addict
  6. My only complaint about Edelgard's route is that it's 4 chapter shorter than the others
  7. Another good (?) one I remember that happened a couple of days ago was that I was in the world of Tokyo Mirage Sessions, but then a couple of murders started happening, and then people started locking the characters to investigate them, but the murderer was the person locking the characters, and then we (I was alongside the characters) were able to leave the place, but then we were all in Recife (city in northeastern Brazil that I don't have any connection to whatsoever and haven't been to in like 10 years) and were going to leave through the airport but we decided to have lunch at a restaurant and missed our plane, so we went to the beach and one the characters (I think Itsuki?) was attacked by a shark (Recife is infamous for its shark attacks) it was funny
  8. I've actually had plenty of Three Houses related dreams ever since the game came out. Yesterday I actually dreamed I had became a teacher at my former high school and Rhea was the principal lmao
  9. Rhea is not my waifu, this pic is just funny
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