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  1. 6.5/10 it's okay Mysterious Being from Pokemon Sword & Shield
  2. I like it 8.5/10 Marnie Battle Theme (Version 2) from Pokémon Sword & Shield
  3. Besides Aegislash, Mimikyu now loses 1/8 of its HP when its disguise is broken, preventing it from using focus sash.
  4. Tbh my problem with trubbish/garbodor and vaniluxe and the mid evolution (i like vanillite) is finding them ugly, while i think the apple thing is pretty cute, and i also think the fangs are a nice, albeit subtle, detail. Why are you caring about ferdinand's speed, bro? he has swift strikes, his speed could literally be zero and he would still double everything on player phase. the only stats he cares about are str and move, just get his lance rank to A ASAP
  5. Seeing people dismissing criticisms of Sword/Shield and calling people criticizing gamefreak haters makes me legit depressed.
  6. ResetEra now has the narrative that gamefreak are poor little babies who are oppressed by the evil corporate and receiving uneeded scrutiny from angry nerds, who in the end won't affect sales in any way. if you dare imply they're incompetent, they tell you you don't really know how game developing work and other bullshit like that.
  7. That'd be so fun. I wish Nintendo would lend members from their teams to gamefreak for a better game =/ I actually really really liked the new pokemon, which makes it hurt even more lol
  8. I actually gave up on getting Sword/Shield completely, even second hand. No Super settings on the battle tower was the last straw.
  9. At this point I legit wish the new pokemon were all ugly shit like garbodor or vanilluxe (rather than so many great designs) so i could leave these games behind and never look back 😩
  10. That's a dumb hot take, the us has absolutely nothing to do with it.
  11. The beautiful mind of serenes forest user Nobody
  12. It's such a shame these games are shapping up to become so pitiable, lame and lazy. I legit love the design of the new pokemon, but what's that good for if the games they're tied to are so lame?
  13. How are the american/european medias covering the South American situation? There are lots of terrible political crysis happening all over the continent, and an actual coup might be happening in Bolivia right now(after an alleged electoral fraud coming from the side suffering the coup). I've never seem this continent being so unstable in my life, though besides the fascist in power and the deep political polarization there's no particular unrest (compared to the other south american countries) here in Brazil as of now.
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