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  1. i'm too old for animu and mango, sorry
  2. So many great songs 😧 But it's probably Final Holy War from FE4
  3. man, I hope this doesn't become the third conquest draft I give up on chapter 26 hahahaha
  4. I'm just a gift to the women of this world

    1. Rezzy
    2. Nobody


      responsibility sits so hard on my shoulder
      like a good wine I'm better as i grow older

  5. just got caught in some forum drama elsewhere lmao
  6. Jesus Christ, what a mess i got myself into. Fire Emblem foruns are less complicated that that shit.
  7. Actually got to chapter 25 this weekend. Been having a lot of fun coming up with the strats, but now i have no idea of how I'll do the next two chapters haha Will probably do the Midori paralogue either before or after 25 for the nice exp boost and a unit with good stats. (16-3, 2x-19(free), 17-2, 18-3, 19-6, 20-2, 21-3, 22-3, 23-3, 24-3) Total: 112 turns
  8. Got to chapter 16, so i'm updating my progress again since if I do more chapters the post will be too long (9-6, 10-11, 11-4, 12-4, 13-5, 5x-8 (free), 14-2, 15-5) Total: 84 turns
  9. BSFE is better than Thracia 776 hahaha
  10. i absolitely loved this generator hahaha This hot take is for the tellius fans Kaga did racism first
  11. 2nd 3ds game? 500 hours on pokemon x, i think.
  12. I don't think i'll ever get over this game.
  13. Got to chapter 9, here's my progress so far: (P-2, 1-5, 2-3, 3-5, 4-7, 5-4, 6-2. 7-9, 8-5, 1x-5) Total: 47 turns.
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