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  1. Don't know if this is actually relevant to you guys, but last week Trump met with a Brazilian official who was just confirmed as having coronavirus. Bolsonaro is getting tested for it, but apparently Trump doesn't think he has any reason for doing it, despite being in the same room as the man, and posing next to him for a photo (https://www.instagram.com/p/B9c_wc3nFKT, man on the right is the one with COVID19) https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/12/trump-coronavirus-photo-brazilian-aide-bolsonaro-contact-latest
  2. But that doesn't contradict my point. A politician that campaigns for brexit will vote for it even if they disagree with it, because that's what they promised the electorate that voted for them; it would be dumb to vote for them expecting them to follow their actual beliefs rather than what they promised to do. Therefore, what they will do matters way more than what they actually believe.
  3. Yeah, I don't really understand why nowadays people put so much stock into what the politicians "truly believe", rather than what they will actually do in office. I don't give a fuck if a politician is enacting/pushing a policy because they believe in it or if the reason is merely because the electorate wants it. In the end what matters is what is being done. It's completely natural that politicians do what the population wants them to do.
  4. what's with this "biden is a pedophile" thing that some people bring up?
  5. Polls are showing Biden beating Sanders by 30 points in Michigan, even though the latter won it in 2016. How the fuck is this happening?
  6. Wanna open a real can of worms? What happens when a pregnant manakete shapeshifts to dragon form?
  7. tfw you live in a savannah but there are only boring animals in it The most interesting ones are like jaguars, aligators and maned wolves
  8. Are you still feeding your cat drugs.

    1. Nobody



      My cats are fine (I got another one heheheh)

  9. Damn, Rhea put on some weight
  10. Wyvern Knight is a much better class. It's also better than Wyvern Lord for Cormag, btw. Caps don't really matter, what matter is their stats after the promotion.
  11. haha jesus christ there's no amount of internet begging that would get him out of that.
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