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  1. Definitely over 50 times, and this is legit no hyperbole. I have like 1200 hours clocked on it.
  2. Wtf i love coffee now but how did this end up getting bumped?
  3. I finally managed to beat this. Chapter 26 was a pain in the ass, and it also took me a while to figure out chapter 27, since I didn't realize I could deploy units in the upper part of the map initially. This was a very challenging run, though I'd be lying if I said I still remember most of what I did in the beginning, since it's been so long. I just know that the pegasus knight talent was definitely worth it, as Falcon Knight Silas was my MVP. Kaze was a very good combat unit, and Nyx also helped despite not seeing much combat. Jakob fell off really hard, but at least was still a 8 move shelter bot. Charlotte was mostly Kaze's pair up, but I really messed up by not getting her to level 5 on one of the free paralogues, Rally Strength would have been a great help. Anyway, my final turncount was 129 turns Here's what I did on the final chapters:
  4. very rough situation, don't know what's i'd do in your place
  5. The small island nations on the caribbean and the pacific are so hard to get right I do think I did pretty well outside of them, tho
  6. I'm rewatching Always Sunny and noticed that while watching "the gang hits the road" he's the hitchhiker
  7. You don't need a paid subscription. If you log in with your google account you can see everything on it
  8. Biden has won, guys, you can relax Pennsylvania won't even be that close lmao Biden needs to win the rest of the votes 54-46, he's winning them by over 75-25
  9. just disgusting, that party is so low that I don't even know what to say they absolutely have to lose this election, if not things will only get worse for you
  10. let me tell you, the shit GOP tries to pull like throwing away ballots wouldn't fly in here at all, nor would the voter suppression which is unheard off (and actually impossible to be done since voting is mandatory). In fact, Brazil ranks higher than the US on "Electoral Process and Pluralism" on the Democracy Index, though your country is ranked higher overall due to other factors such as the funcioning of government (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democracy_Index#Democracy_Index_by_country_2019) And that's without getting into the archaid undemocratic shit that is the electoral college Bolsonaro is a piece of shit even worse than Trump, but the country is still a democracy, the institutions haven't been destroyed, and it would definitely be harder for him to steal an election than it is for Trump (or was for Bush in 2000 lmao)
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