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  1. Lately i've been somehow missing the old days of this thread.
  2. season 14 of always sunny has been so good
  3. Standing on the corner Suitcase in my hand Jack is in his corset, Jane is in her vest And me, I'm in a rock n' roll band Rinding in a stutz bear cat, Jim You know, those were different times Oh, all the poets they studied rules of verse And those ladies, they rolled their eyes Sweet Jane oh Sweet Jane oooh Sweet Jane I'll tell you something Jack, he is a banker And Jane, she is a clerk And both of them save their moneis And when they come home from work Sitting down by the fire oh The radio does play The classical music, there Jim The march of the wooden soldier oh you protest kids You can hear Jack say get ready Sweet Jane (come on baby) Sweet Jane (ooh) Sweet Jane Some people, they like to go out dancing And other people they have to work Just watch me now And there's even some evil mothers They're gonna tell you that everything is just dirt You know, that women never really faint And villains always blink their eyes And that, you know, children are the only ones who blush And that life is just to die But anyone who's ever had a heart They wouldn't turn around and break it And anyone who's ever played a part They wouldn't turn around and hate it Sweet Jane oooh Sweet Jane Sweet Jane Heavenly wine and roses Seems to whisper to her when he smiles Heavenly wine and roses Seems to whisper to her when she smiles
  4. because i love beef but i also love salad
  5. it is raining in here after 4 months without it and I can't stand the smell of wet earth
  6. No, i don't have any dlc. I didn't do any auxiliary battles, so idk how much they help. I almost always did explore. I only did battle for the paralogues and the merchant quests. i prioritized getting the WEXP bonuses.
  7. I did BL first because they're my favorite cast, and the one I first played the game with. I tried using everyone from the house, and it worked out well. All of them were able to work. Kept Dimitri on his base class, Felix as a assassin with a focus on Bows, Ingrid as a falcon knight, Ashe as a wyvern Lord, Mercedes and Annette as gremories, Dedue as a GK and Sylvain as a Paladin, with Flayn being my dancer. My best units were Dimitri, Felix and Ingrid. Using the Greenary to get speed carrots (5x pale-blue flowers), I got the latter two of them to double very reliably (Felix had spd+2 from myrm and Ingrid had darting blow), even at lategame, and even Dimitri could get to doubling after I focused on giving the boosters to him. Tricky chapters were mostly the mock battle, the Sylvain's brother one, Felix's paralogue, chapter 13, chapter 18 and the last two. BTW, there's a battalion whose gambit gives distant counter to everyone. It's a great way to deal with the siege tomes of the last few chapters. I'd use it on Ingrid, stack avoid on her and send her to bai them all. They'd have less than 10% hit on them and would kill them all on EP.
  8. I just beat the blue lions path. The last 2 chapters were pretty tough. New screen is nice.
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