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  1. tfw you live in a savannah but there are only boring animals in it The most interesting ones are like jaguars, aligators and maned wolves
  2. Are you still feeding your cat drugs.

    1. Nobody



      My cats are fine (I got another one heheheh)

  3. Damn, Rhea put on some weight
  4. Wyvern Knight is a much better class. It's also better than Wyvern Lord for Cormag, btw. Caps don't really matter, what matter is their stats after the promotion.
  5. haha jesus christ there's no amount of internet begging that would get him out of that.
  6. Treck x Juno in FE6 is pretty damn weird.
  7. I used to be a bit harsh on it because i was afraid future fire emblem games would keep the stuff I disliked from it (specially dungeon crawling). Since Three Houses didn't, and actually took the good stuff from it, I now feel somehow more positive about it.
  8. The faia emburemu one or the one itsuki sings in the credits? haha
  9. FE4: 8/10 The game can be a fun change of pace. It has fun mechanics and building up the units is fun, but the maps can drag a bit too long. Nice story. FE5: 9/10 This game pretty much built the foundation to future fire emblem games. It has a lot of creative stuff and nicely designed maps, though some stuff is a bit annoying. FE6: 8/10 It's a nice game, but the hit rates can be annoying, and the same turn reinforcements are bullshit FE7: 9.5/10 I love this game, but it's too enemy phase based. I actually like the map design, tho. FE8: 9/10 Good maps, but too easy. I like the class branches FE9: 8.5/10 Nice game, nice story, but too easy and slow. FE10: 4/10 Not a fan at all. Micaiah annoys me, and it has plenty of awful maps, like Geoffrey Charge and From Pain, Awakening. Too slow, too many allied units. Also, legitimately the only Fire Emblem soundtrack I deslike. It hurts my ears, with all the dissonance it has. FE11: 9/10 Absolutely love it. Pretty challenging on H5, nice map design, and a simple but nice story. FE12: 8.5/10 I absolutely love how challenging this game is on H3, though some of it maps are annoying and the ambush reinforcements are maddening. FE13: 3.5/10 An awful broken mess. Lunatic can be beaten by pairing Robin with Frederick on the first few chapters and the with Chrom and soloing everything. Map design is beyond awful. Story is just bad. Birthright: 4.5/10 Just a bore. It's like Awakening but with improved mechanics, so that's something Conquest: 10/10 Love it, love it, love it. Just a fun game to play. I don't even care about the awful story. Lunatic Mode is the most fun difficulty in Fire Emblem. Whenever I take a weekend to play it, I play it nonstop, from beggining to ending. Great maps, fun gameplay, fun classes. A masterpiece of game design. Reveleation: lol/10 Played it just to say I did it. Not even worth talking about. Echoes: Shadows of Valentia: 7.5/10 Bad maps, cool class progration and combat arts are fun. I don't like dungeon crawling in my fire emblem, and was really afraid it would become a series staple, but it thankfully didn't. Three Houses: 10/10 I really love this game. Maddening brought difficulty, which it lacked. The maps are a bit simple but still fun. It has my favorite story in a fire emblem game, I've played it 9 times but I just can't myself to skip it while replaying the game. I played TMS and loved it but don't feel like it should be in this list.
  10. Eh, it can be sort of mean if used towards someone that is just minding their own business or being nice. Like "hi grandson, it's been a while since i saw you. Come give grandma a hug" "ok boomer" that's sorta mean. But it's no big deal. But this whole generation wars is beyond ridiculous. There are plenty of nice people and bigots in all generations. IDK about you all but I'd take my grandma over most people born at around the same time as me.
  11. I've failed with 14 charm before. The game recommends 13
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