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  1. Hi guys! After a long hiatus, I'm briefly back to trade/buy/sell for B18 🙂 I want to buy/trade: B18 Dimitry SR+ I have: B18-102HR Eirika A few Rs and complete sets of B18 HN/N Thanks for looking as always! +1 kaflet 😄
  2. +1 nekogami92 +1 ChibiToastExplosion +1 CipherHunter Thanks guys!
  3. Hi guys! I'm back with set 7 cards :D Unfortunately, I will be leaving for vacation starting next monday, so I can only complete trades/transactions that are done before Saturday (12/17/16). Thanks for looking :) SR+: Ryoma B02-006SR+ Black Knight B03-047SR+ Robin B04-065SR+ SR: Mia B03-021SR Black Knight B03-047SR Kamui (F) B03-051SR Itsuki B04-051SR Cuan B06-006SR Set 6 Nohr royals (except Xander) R+X : Roy B09-054R+X (reserved) Promo: Minerva P01-008PR x3 Kamui (F) P02-002PR Soren P03-014PR (pending) Sigurd P06-009PR Ayra P06-010PR Volume 5 Promo set: P05-003PR - P05-008PR Random merchandise: FE Fates Microfiber Towel (Birthright), FE Fates 3DS pouch Corrin version What I want (willing to trade multiple/paypal) SR/SR+: All set 7 R+ (except Setsuna and Rebecca) Deidre B06-004SR+ Hector B07-004SR+ (will pay with blood if I have to) Lucina P01-014PR EDIT: Got all my B07 Rs and SRs, thanks everyone :)
  4. Thank you for all the wonderful trades :D +1 Amielleon +1LucinaofYlisse +1 DATbee +1 Chuy
  5. Lol I've traded with both of you and you guys are the nicest people around. LucinaofYlisse always makes sure that yen values are transparent during trades so that no one side feels taken advantage of afterwards! ChibiToastExplosion and I just had a trade where his cards were worth more in yen than mine but since he liked the character he didn't mind trading, so he was probably just recounting our recent trade instead of saying it's bad to be looking at trades strictly by their yen value. With that said, more +1s! +1 LucinaofYlisse +1 ChibiToastExplosion +1 itzjaytea +1 Oscarsome Always a pleasure you guys :D
  6. +1 lightremnant +1 s07195 +1 ghlegend8 +1 LucinaofYlisse Thank you all for the wonderful trades :)
  7. +2 Mason :D Awesome to deal with and goes out of his way to be fair!
  8. +1 Sokloeum - Can't get enough of that double sleeving <3 +1 Amielleon - Always a pleasure to interact with, thank you for the trade :)
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