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  1. Thank you! 3-12: EDIT: woops ignore this, accidentally submitted before I finished .-. will be finished in a couple of hours probably EDIT2: Finished btw
  2. I've had some very speed-blessed Micaiahs, even sometimes capping Speed before Level 20. It makes her quite a good unit.
  3. Thank you! Sorry for the wait, school stuff got in the way. But here's 3 updates!
  4. It's been a day but I feel like the majority of you have voted already... Going to Micaiah's Army is Lyre! Volug will be heading to Ike's Army, and Mordecai/Ulki will be going with Tibarn. This is actually probably the best case scenario I could have gotten here as I get the base convo from Volug being in Ike's army AND the base convo from Janaff and Ulki going with Tibarn.
  5. Have a Berserker!Niles. He'll need to A+ Arthur for this.
  6. No, I might have even finished this by then. I just finished 3-11, 3-12 and 3-13 in a row and I'm uploading the pictures right now. I feel kinda bad for the month long breaks I had and I at least want to finish Part 3 by the end of my spring break (though for actually finishing Part 3 there'll be a poll thing that I might as well make now and edit in to this post). EDIT: OK, so the poll thing! YOU GUYS will be deciding who goes in what army. How? Strawpolls! For each army I'll have a strawpoll with every laguz whose position I can alter and the top choices will go in that army. If a unit is in the top choices for multiple armies, priority is Micaiah > Ike > Tibarn. Since I have 4 laguz whose places will be chosen and 3 armies, Tibarn's army will get 2 due to Ike getting Vika/Muarim/Soren/Nailah and Micaiah getting Skrimir/Stefan/Sanaki/Naesala. http://strawpoll.me/7302560 - Micaiah's Army Strawpoll - Pick however many you want, but the top choice for this strawpoll is going in this army. http://strawpoll.me/7302566 - Ike's Army Strawpoll - Pick however many you want, but the top choice for this strawpoll is going in provided they weren't the top choice for Micaiah's Army. Tibarn won't be needing a strawpoll as he'll be taking the two who don't end up in Micaiah or Ike's armies. By the way, my full team for the tower is most likely going to be: Soren Stefan Volug Ulki Mordecai Lyre Ranulf Skrimir/Giffca Vika Muarim Rafiel
  7. Nah, it's not gonna take that long, I'm already halfway through playing 3-11.
  8. I found my first hacker in PVP the other day. They didn't have any ultra crazy buffed up stats or impossible skills, but they had 4 Battle Seals on most of their characters and their Corrin had 4 Omega Yatos in their inventory, giving them +16 in Str, Spd, Def and Res.
  9. Feel free to ignore this, I gave the chapter another shot while going offensive instead of semi-turtling and cleared it first try.
  10. Tips on Birthright Chapter 11 Lunatic/Classic no-grind? I'm fine for most of the map but at the end when the whole map rushes at me someone ends up dying. Relevant members of my team: Corrin 13.58 Nohr Princess, secondary Cavalier +Spd -Lck Silas 13.87 Cavalier Mozu 13.21 Dread Fighter (yes I'm using Mozu in Lunatic/Classic no-grind. oh boy was getting her to be decent hard) Oboro 13.18 Spear Fighter Takumi 12.91 Archer My non-combat people: Sakura 10.30 Shrine Maiden Azura 10.49 Songstress And some pairup bots (Jakob, Rinkah, Kaze, Hinata, Kagero). I'm not against sacrificing anyone not in those initial 7 or Jakob to keep an important member of my team alive. For the record, this is almost my full team for the long run, only adding Ryoma later on. Is it worth changing Corrin to Cavalier for the extra move that would help her deal with the enemies more easily? The main downside to taking her out of Nohr Princess is that she loses Dragonstones, which I'm finding very useful for tanking, but she might not necessarily need it that much as she has 12 defense + Supportive (-2 damage taken if C+ support partner) + Evasive Partner (-3 damage taken +15 avo if paired with Jakob) for a total of 17, against these enemies who mostly do 17 to 23 damage. Reina helps a bit but she's kind of an exp sinkhole, and Takumi being able to oneshot everything is kind of let down by his 11 defense. I do have a bunch of statboosters I haven't used yet which I might if I end up needing to for this chapter but I'm not fully sure who to use them on. Any tips?
  11. No problem. I'll be interested to see how you're going to get sub 130 (on Hard Mode of all difficulties) since the last time I was looking at LTC for this game (which was a while ago) people thought getting sub 140 was either impossible or very hard. I guess part of it is you not objecting to extreme RNG rigging.
  12. Oh, yeah, forgot about that. I'm pretty sure that any laguz that isn't flying has a weight too high to be pushed, since Volug's transformed weight is 40 and Nailah's transformed Cn is only 19.
  13. For Nailah shoving Volug I'm assuming you mean untransformed Volug since I don't think transformed laguz can be shoved: Nailah's transformed Cn is 19 and Volug's untransformed weight is 18, so you should be fine.
  14. Has Fates developed a speedrun community of any sort yet? I'm interested in speedrunning Birthright for fun and would be interested to see any strats or records by anyone else. I'm assuming optimal difficulty would be Normal/Casual (I feel like Phoenix would waste time) with main units being Corrin/Ryoma (+pairup bots, Azura and maybe Jakob early game) and Corrin being a +Str/Spd -Mag/Lck Ninja.
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