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  1. Sylvain might agree with Edelgard's goal, but I don't think he'd be willing to betray his friends to do it. All of the Blue Lions seem close-knit, and I actually can't see them leaving, except maybe Mercedes joining Jeritza. Characters like Marianne or Lysithea can defect because they don't have strong relationships with others. Sylvain has plenty of friends that he'd have to be okay with fighting against, and I don't believe he would do it.
  2. No reason to assume the series will continue in this direction. Remember when people thought games would all be like the GBA ones? All like the Awakening/Fates ones? I enjoyed 3H, probably my favorite in the series, but things change. No one can predict the future.
  3. They're good. I'd try to rebalance some of their abilities and work on some battalions with passive abilities. I particularly enjoy how enemy battalions can force you to think on your feet. It punishes relying on enemy phase because you can't counterattack a gambit, and getting a unit taken out of the action by a low-accuracy gambit can totally change your strategy in the same way that a critical would, without the permanent death.
  4. We already had a similar thread, so I'll bullet point my outline. First half focuses on all houses equally. Mixture between slice of life and political intrigue as we see development for each of the lords. Dedicate some episodes to fan-favorite non-lords. Byleth isn't a member of any house and is friends with everyone. Post-timeskip, Byleth wakes up in Garreg Mach occupied by the Blue Lions. After spending a little time explaining what's happened, the Blue Lions meet with Claude and the Golden Deer in battle. Claude doesn't want to fight, but Dimitri is too crazy to understand. Byleth manages to recognize Claude's intentions and prevents everyone from killing each other. The Golden Deer join with the Blue Lions and Claude and Byleth use the power of friendship to cure Dimitri's insanity. Now sane, Dimitri still wants to kill Edelgard, but Claude says that things aren't that simple and that they need to question her, without explaining why. The team reaches Edelgard and manages to capture her instead of kill her. She doesn't go crest beast. Claude reveals that he's been keeping Rhea hostage this entire time and knows something is going on, but not what. Edelgard explains the situation with the Slitherers. Everyone is shocked. Claude and Dimitri showing mercy and understanding to Edelgard softens her and brings her to their side. The three factions all march together to destroy the Slitherers. The end.
  5. Ashe gives up hunter's volley and better range for canto. This will reduce his overall effectiveness, unless maybe your entire team is mounted and he can't keep up with them. And while Caspar might double easier, he still has a bad enemy phase. I'd assume he's going to end in grappler, and switch him over to wyvern lord if he gets lucky in his growths. Train him in axes either way.
  6. @T-Doggo It's my understanding that wyvern lord is a good class mostly because it's a flying class that anyone can be. However, putting a unit on a mount doesn't solve all of their problems. It will make a good unit better, but not necessarily make a bad unit good. Generally, a unit is good for melee if they can deal a lot of damage and survive enemy phase. Being a wyvern lord won't help you deal more damage, and it'll only help you survive enemy phase if you canto away from enemies and don't engage in enemy phase at all. Byleth is already a good unit, so putting them on a mount just makes them better. This is the same reason why wyvern lord Hilda is good: She doesn't need help, so put her on a wyvern and make her even better. (Really she only needs help with speed, which you can fix by putting her through pegasus knight on the way to wyvern lord so she gets darting blow.) Now, here are some examples of characters that COULD be wyvern lords, but really shouldn't: Caspar, Raphael, and Ashe. None of them are strong defensively or evasively, so this immediately tells us that they aren't good enemy phase units. This means that their role is to deal damage safely by not getting hit. For Ashe, the obvious answer is using a bow. For Caspar and Raphael, they have it more difficult due to their low speed. Putting them on wyverns will have them doing single hits, getting doubled by every enemy, and dying. Instead, they should be grapplers. Grappler gives you the fierce iron fist art, which hits for 3 regardless of your speed, the best option available for their burst damage. Their goal is to hit a lone enemy in a safe space while your frontliners protect them. In short, wyvern lord is good because it makes good units better by letting them fly. Units who have problems will need to consider specific niches. Good units like Byleth benefit from being wyvern lords because they can survive enemy phase and double.
  7. What do you have against wyvern lord for Byleth? There's no reason not to have more fliers. Maybe are you scared of not being able to train him enough? If so, I understand.
  8. It's impossible to say without knowing how the next game will be balanced. Also, something to note is that this game didn't have playable shapeshifters.
  9. These are good points. And even if you want Raphael to crit, it's easier to get him to crit with killer gauntlets and dex seeds than it is to fix his speed and get him to double/quad. There's nothing stopping him from training in axes anyway if he needs them. Then I guess it just comes down to whether Raphael needs the mobility of a wyvern, which depends more on how many other mounted units you're using. However, Caspar doesn't have as much of a speed or crit problem as Raphael.
  10. Would you say gauntlets are good enough that it's worth making Raphael and Caspar war masters over wyvern lords?
  11. When training units in a weakness, is there an optimal way to do it? Should you just set it as their goal and let them learn it on their own? Should you try to tutor them more, or focus on tutoring students in their strengths?
  12. It's very hard to rank this poorly because it's essentially free. It's on a good battalion and you can use it if you need it, but doesn't cost you anything if you don't. It would be like saying having a healer is bad because what happens if you don't get hit? This is an obvious yes.
  13. It's a cool skill but on a bad class. Compare to Aegis, a skill that's more niche but is helped by being on a class that's actually good, so you can use the character effectively while learning it.
  14. How do you guys feel about the difficulty? Is it challenging enough to warrant the absurd customization options that the game gives you? What about the DLC? Do the additional characters and classes make it too easy? I've never played maddening.
  15. -3 is worth getting if you're struggling to fill a slot or you have more points than you need, but -5 is too big of an investment.
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