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  1. Not Personas, but rather, associated arcana. Byleth - Death Edelgard - Justice/Tower Bernadetta - Judgement Ferdinand - Hierophant Linhardt - High Priestess Dimitri - Devil Annette - Magician Felix - Strength Ingrid - Lovers Mercedes - Star Sylvain - Wheel of Fortune Claude - Hanged Man Hilda - Sun Lorenz - Emperor Lysithea - Temperance/Moon Marianne - Hermit Jeralt - Judgement Rhea - Empress Seteth - Justice Flayn - Fool Hanneman - High Priestess Catherine - Chariot Jeritza - Justice
  2. Okay thanks guys. I'll use Marianne. Shame that she had all that riding skill, but maybe I'll take it to A+ if I get the chance for the bonus move. I knew I should've worked on swords earlier.
  3. I would like to use it. Right now Marianne is in my main squad and Sylvain and Annette are backups that might go in. Marianne will be using a sword no matter what, either as a dancer or as a holy knight.
  4. Who would you turn into a dancer? Marianne isn't my only physic user.
  5. Is it really useful to rank students only by assuming they started in your house? Students don't exist in a vacuum; If one of your students is bad, you should be looking to recruit another to replace them. To do this, you have to compare your student in your house to a student who hasn't been in your house for some period of t´╗┐ime.
  6. Is it really useful to rank students only by assuming they started in your house? Students don't exist in a vacuum; If one of your students is bad, you should be looking to recruit another to replace them. To do this, you have to compare your student in your house to a student who hasn't been in your house for some period of time.
  7. If that's true, then she does get lightning axe instead at C+. Either way, the core idea is that she has the power to use "magic attacks" despite not having good spells and without needing to rely solely on crusher. Heck, lightning axe scales based off of resistance, not magic, so she doesn't even need to be a strong mage for it.
  8. Her early levels should be spent as a normal magic user, just one that also has good rallying. Mobile classes don't become that common until around 20 or 30, unless you're making everyone a cavalier. If you're really worried about lack of mobility, you could switch her into paladin to start working on her non-magical skills and defense early while picking up aegis. You could even start her off in cavalier and let her study magic in class instead. Though I'm not sure if this is the best since you want her to get some magic growths too.
  9. I just had an idea for an Annette build that may improve her utility. I feel that she may be underestimated because people are looking to put her in a standard box: She doesn't have the great spells to be a gremory, her rally skills aren't useful if she's not up front with the rest of the team, but she also isn't great as a frontliner. I've seen most people try to solve this with dancer, making her a pure support rallybot. I suggest trying a holy/dark knight build. Holy/Dark knight gives her what she's lacking. Added mobility lets her keep up with the team for full rally potential. Being on the front lines allows her to use ice lance and her crusher, making her spell list negligible. Even a lack of physic is somewhat fixed by being a frontline medic. Her primary goal in this role is still to focus on support via rally and heals, but using the benefits of holy/dark knight (mobility and weapon proficiencies) to be a frontliner that can help with the enemy phase while spending the player phase supporting the team or cleaning up. Now, I'm not going to claim this is something amazing, especially since I've just theorycrafted this idea. All I'm asking for is an honest consideration.
  10. I didn't realize that the seals restock every month. I assumed it would be every week. I would've planned promotions and levels more carefully if I knew.
  11. I don't think anyone is optimal as a dancer. Dancer functions by sacrificing their turn to give a better unit another turn. Dancer should be reserved for the unit that got the most RNG screwed, in order to minimize opportunity cost. If all of your units somehow turned out perfect, then maybe you might want to decide who is the best fit in terms of stats. But at that point, if all of your units are perfect, why do you need a dancer?
  12. Why would you say Marianne is a secondary healer? She has physic, so that's already above a few healers. If you're playing GD and haven't recruited anyone else, she's probably going to be your only great healer too. If you take Lysithea through gremory, she only learns heal, and she'll be spending more time killing enemies than using it. Marianne is also is a great fit for holy knight. I think making her go dancer when she has a great build ahead of her is a waste.
  13. With so many of these available, and some of them requiring some planning and training to acquire and use properly, I thought a thread like this would be helpful to determine whether or not these unique weapons are powerful enough to warrant the effort required to use them effectively. The first chart below is a list of the weapons and who can use them. It also includes whether the skill required is a strength (blue), weakness (red), or neither (black). Skills with an asterisk next to them are budding talents. The following chart describes the stats of the relics, and also includes my guess at a standard weapon that is comparable to it. This should help to estimate how powerful the relics are compared to their more common counterparts, and if the difference is worth it. I hope this thread can be useful for people who want to see, at a glance, what the relics are, how good they are, and if it's worth trying to use them. What do you all think are the best relics? Do you plan to use them all, or just a select few, or maybe even none?
  14. I don't recall seeing that yet. Hanneman says that he's at the forefront of crest research, and he has a machine that lets him simply scan you for a crest, but I don't know if this is a common thing throughout the world. I couldn't imagine every noble sending their children to Garreg Mach just to check if they have a crest when we can see there's an easier way to test it.
  15. I don't know yet if this is explained in the game, but I could imagine you could test if someone has a crest by doing combat training. If your crest doesn't activate past a certain point, they assume you don't have one and give up.
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