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  1. You know what's funny? I started playing Fire Emblem: Sealed Sword before SSBM came to English shores. I read transcripts off FESS to keep up with the events of the game. Then, awhile later, I went to America (I was 10), and saw a game lying around that was called "Fire Emblem". Believing it was similar to Sealed Sword, I bought it. And then I was hooked.
  2. No, it will not, because SMG was the latest update. Well, the Japanese version doesn't, anyway. Hot, juicy sauce which should be trustable enough.
  3. Yeah, you bloody lucky Americans get to play so many games while we have to spend $100 on modchipping >_> I use Wiikey myself, though you need to have the earlier version of the Wii to have it working. Seing as you probably live in Australia, check this page to find places that do modchipping for Wiikey. Also check here and here for info on the Wiikey. I recommend that you ring all of the shops listed for prices and whatnot. Also, the discount "code" is expired, don't bother. I only got mine chipped like a week ago, playing my JP RD that I bought in Japan for $20 =D
  4. We have $2 coins in Australia.
  5. How can I text edit FE4 with the English patch applied? Do I need the script dump and/or an anti-huffman patch? Shot for short topic intro
  6. No, it's not. Owning a "backup copy" of Path of Radiance is illegal though. It even says so at the back of the instruction manual.
  7. My Wii comes back to me tomorrow modchipped, are there any notable differences between the JP version and the US version? Apart from the bugs in the US version, anyway.
  8. I have Twilkitri's text editor I learned how to hex first, and I was too stubborn to use the editors under the pretense of "I'm not lazy".
  9. The art looks like FE4/5 art, which I preferred over GBA art because it was more realistic. The knights wore helmets, people didn't do crazy stunts (except for Ira and her kids) and people just... attacked. Which was good.
  10. Kyle Hyde

    Favorite Lord.

    Eliwood because I like lances.
  11. One of my noob friends played it (got him killed off anyway) but said "Lucius is hot". When I told him the truth, he was in denial.
  12. I thought he was a woman with a hunched back when I first saw him in Path of Radiance.
  13. IMO, Azel should be ranked a bit higher. I mean, Fire Magic isn't that bad, despite its weight, and Azel shouldn't be getting attacked anyway. Not at least until he's promoted. I'd say Lachesis should go up, but then she's really hard to level, so maybe not.
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