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  1. My docked switch tends to shutdown after about an hour of playing Three Houses due to overheating. Does this happen for anyone else? How long do you guys usually play for and does it happen when docked or undocked? My switch doesn't have this problem too much with games like Sonic Mania. I guess a game like that is less demanding.
  2. Super Monkey Ball has a great soundtrack. Here's a cover of Under The Ocean by 130Grit Sound Studio. Also here's a Mega Man X Legacy Collection soundtrack.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzpmVN_Cj5I
  4. I don't ever remember hearing this in Fire Emblem 6. Sounds unfitting too but I like it.
  5. Nice soundtrack. 6/10. I legitimately didn't plan on playing Baten Kaitos at first but I'm glad I did because the gameplay and music is great.
  6. Probably my favorite soundtrack from Melee. It's the best Final Destination theme of the series in my opinion. Now for some Custom Robo music.
  7. Figured out that I needed to use Desmume's View Memory and Ram Search feature. Does anyone know anything about character IDs and potentially reviving units?
  8. If I used your FE12 Class Editor on my .sav file would the characters edited by it gain or lose stats based on the class they were changed into?

    1. Dismissed


      It's not meant for .sav files, it's for the rom, for the uncompressed bin file. It's been a while since I hacked FE12 though, so I forgot the name of the particular file.

    2. Lyon's Dirge

      Lyon's Dirge

      Are there no save editors for FE12? I would create one but I have no idea how...

  9. You guys might love or hate this one.
  10. Amazing. The intro reminded me of Pokemon. Thracia 776 has some surprisingly great music.
  11. Where exactly does Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn's style lie?
  12. I think you are correct in your assertion. Intelligent Systems said that Fates' plot would be better than Awakening's plot and we know what that ended up like. It was debatably worse than Awakening's plot. Those who are worried about the plot have every right to be worried despite the entire thing obviously not being shown. Intelligent Systems can not be trusted to deliver a plot with detail (attention to detail.) like the examples you gave up above. At best all we can hope for is a passable plot. I've already seen some characters wearing modern-like clothes (Why is the female avatar wearing fucking short shorts/denim shorts?!?). If they can't be bothered to put care into the type of clothes they give the characters I doubt they care much about being historically accurate with middle ages education.
  13. I don't remember liking many of the Castlevania soundtracks put into Ultimate but this is one I definitely like. Here's my favorite F-Zero soundtrack from Ultimate.
  14. It's alright but I like the Kingdom of Uraya soundtracks more. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 OST - Kingdom Of Uraya (Night) Mystery Dungeon has always had a great soundtrack. It's great to see other Mystery Dungeon fans here. Sky Peak Snowfield - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky
  15. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I've been using this guide. I put a Rapier with 11 uses (000C000B in hex) into the convoy and found several matching hexs but decided on editing the first set. I change the 00000000 after it to 00850000 (I want more bullion) and always come up with a save file corruption error and the previous save is loaded instead. Can anyone help? Fire_Emblem_Shin_Monsho_no_Nazo_Hikari_to_Kage_no_Eiyu_en.sav
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