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  1. yes, the trailer succeded on it, but by that logic it should have the same level of success than the likes of despicable me 2 or the lego movie, which it doesnt. once the initial hype is over, there must be an explanation regarding the quality of the work so that people keep coming back for so long other than pure marketing strategies. staying at the peak of the box office during four months is something most commercial films cant claim to have achieved.
  2. the first link included my opinion, lol edit: films dont stay in theater for that long if they dont sell, so you got the "7 months of prime time theater" the other way around since it is not the reason why it sold, but rather the consequence of being popular :V the trailer sucked, xD there are other films with a good soundtrack that dont achieve the same level of success, mind you Did Elsa become repaired completely once she sang Let it Go? Does suddenly the part where she breaks down again when Anna tells her that Arendelle is Frozen disappear and falls into despair? Which flaws? Other than some animation mistakes, I dont see narrative flaws. I am not lowering my standards for kids movies, xD.
  3. Frozen thread = Xator has to post something. Here are my thoughts on it. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2294629/board/thread/238474572 Here are Doug Walker's thoughts on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCBxLPoPNMM Here are the Unshaved Mouse's thoughts on it. http://unshavedmouse.com/2014/10/09/disney-review-with-the-unshaved-mouse-53-frozen/ Here are Kyle Kallgren's thoughts on it (skip to minute 4:40) http://blip.tv/play/AYOZ6XEC PBS's thoughts on it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVscW9LEMp0 (and a text response to that video that adds a lot of interesting things about the film) http://www.reddit.com/r/Frozen/comments/2caq4k/of_frozens_popularity_a_response_to_why_were/ JesuOtaku from AnimeNewsNetwork gives her thoughts on it. https://twitter.com/JesuOtaku/status/405572239111630848 https://twitter.com/JesuOtaku/status/405572464907796480 https://twitter.com/JesuOtaku/status/405572674971107328 https://twitter.com/JesuOtaku/status/405572950708867073 https://twitter.com/JesuOtaku/status/405573239784484864 https://twitter.com/JesuOtaku/status/405573816178327552 https://twitter.com/JesuOtaku/status/405573918750015488 Zac Bertschy from AnimeNewsNetwork gives his thoughts on it. https://twitter.com/ANNZac/status/405572259915366400 https://twitter.com/ANNZac/status/405572475477454848 https://twitter.com/ANNZac/status/405572661398360064 https://twitter.com/ANNZac/status/405574452030607360 https://twitter.com/ANNZac/status/405575946565976064 And more thoughts from the general audience. https://www.reddit.com/r/Frozen/comments/31y0q9/why_frozen_is_a_masterpiece_to_you/
  4. Congrats, dondon. The effort you put in your playthroughs is surely an inspiration for a lot of players (including me). I cant wait to see your next playthrough.
  5. dondon doesn't like hercules Xator approves this post. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Good job, dondon. Whom are you going to deploy to protect Fae? Douglas?
  6. you really should have focused on vanessa edit: for reference, this was my vanessa in chapter 9 on my girls only run
  7. ilia is easier go to sacae if you like enemies with 40%-50% avo and 18-22 AS
  8. I was talking to a friend of mine about who the hardest bosses in the series might be, in order to make a Top 10 list or something. Here are some nominees we thought up. - Medeus (FE12 H4) - Hardin (FE12 H4) - Gomer (FE11 H5) - Reynard (FE11 H5) - Canis (FE5) - Reinhardt (FE5) - Henning (FE6 HM) though maybe we need more ideas? anyways, what do you think? who are the hardest bosses you've faced?
  9. more conveyance to know what to do at some points. I mean, stuff like leaving people behind in escape chapters not being available to the player is rather weird. I'm not sure if Awakening support system would work as well in FE5. In fact, the metagame would be very different from the original Thracia 776.
  10. religion building could be interesting, as long as it isn't the integral part of the narrative a.k.a. the entire narrative lies on lore rather than actual characterization or development no useable demigods since it breaks the balance from a gameplay perspective.
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