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  1. I don't care about the AHR characters, but the fodder is good enough to go for a spark. Ended up with 2 of each with 40 summons including the spark. So I reckon thats a good score. Also got another Guy, 1 more for +10.
  2. Just go and do a battle and immediately surrender. Thats what I do to get those extra rewards... If I can be bothered that is, I often forget to do it
  3. Its not like characters like him have a realistic chance of winning. (Unless they re being memed or something) But I like to be a reminder people still want the lesser known characters.
  4. As I do each year, I vote for 7 characters not yet ingame.
  5. Does anyone know when Guy gets added to the regular summoning pool? I noticed he wasnt listed amongst the summonables on this banner.
  6. Nice to see Guy, Ive been waiting for that guy. (hoho 😛) But getting enough characters from the 4 star pool to get a +10 has been getting harder and harder Ive noticed, how big is that pool now?
  7. Surtr next month? The poor guy has fallen off so hard since his days in the sun. He barely manages to be a speed bump for the powerfull nukes that are running around these days.
  8. Is it just me or was this really easy? At least compated to some other Legendary hero battles recently. I just went in with my standing team on normal and moved on each time after beating it in one go. I normally don't bother with Abbysal but after clearing everything else in one go I figured Id give it a shot and promptly also cleared it on the first try.
  9. I need 2 more Sigurd for the +10, would be nice if he made it past the first round as I have (probably) saved enough orbs to pull him at least once.
  10. I find the mode painfull enough to play with optimal units. Could you show you Priscilla? Im curious to see how you build her.
  11. I could see Karel as an ascended hero on a FE6 banner in his Sword Saint form. Perhaps Lewyn in his "possessed" form on the next FE4 banner. That's likely going to be a gen2 banner? Maybe FE7 Bartre and a infantry version of Eliwood if they have to make alts. Id rather not see regular alts tbh.
  12. Still waiting for Geitz to be added.
  13. Geitz Renault Nergal Lester Noire Frey Dorothy Bartre (FE7) Guy Makalov I can probably think of 10 more to add, but honestly beyond these characters I don't really care that much.
  14. So, I started saving orbs after the last time Sigurd was here. I did managed to +1 him last time but I resolved to get a +10. I never really saved orbs with a goal before and as a non-spending player I have a single +10 5 star exclusive unit and figured I'd get a second one. A few months of saving netted me 914 orbs for Sigurd's return, I also had a lot of chain challenges not done so the total number of orbs was around at least 1000. Surely I could get at least a +5 Sigurd? I'd go with blue when red isnt present to try and get Ullr, results: 6x Regin 4x Seliph 3x Sigurd.... sad face I only made it to +4 T_T 1x Dimitri 1x Seiros 2x Shamir... circles without red or blue started to scare me. bonus: brave Roy, 2x Gray, Ephraim, Katarina, Ayra, Brave Celica, Karla, Siegbert, Eldigan, Lucina, Sigurd (lol), Tiki. so... back to saving for November, hoping for better luck then. I got 6 Mirabilis last time, I guess its fitting that I get 6 Regin this time.. Pity I have zero use or interest in them.
  15. Sad days in legendary banner land... about 400 orbs going for Sigurd. 1x Sigurd 1x Liliana 6x Mirabilis It's like it knows which one I don't want lol
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