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  1. Thx for the reply guys, I am still attached to FE13 that I go to my laptop and edit it. I just took a break today and made some changes on the standing pose. just look if it is better or worse than the last time. Changes: -reduce the size by 5% (I based the size from the female assassin animation) -removed some unused colors in the palette and added some for better shading(still not used at though) -some minimal changes on the drawing itself -slimmer blade I am trying to make a use Serra's colors (the lavender/purple/violet ) for the palette. If you could color it better than me, please change it and attach it here
  2. Well I tried to model her to Saber I even used it for a Saber herself. I tried to imitate a spearman animation from here, Honda Futayo. I am also planning to make a Female General also something similar to a different styled Saber Armor (more armored) with longer metal plates. But maybe next because I just bought my 3ds last week and just got my FE13 Today!! YAY!!
  3. Guys I created a custom animation for a female Knight/Armor Knight for FE8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afet6JELxe4 I used some animations from the discontinued animations here in resource, some animations of Ephraim, other spear type characters from other games. The armor is based from Saber. what can you say about it? as long as its constructive. Also I can't seem to make the sound that Knight makes when walking/moving. the metalish *clank* in their animation? I attached my script. Debug Script.txt
  4. Well I fixed this problem in FE8 by dumping all the nearby animations that might be affected then reinsert them again (and again) till they are all fixed. I encounter that when I tried to use the female assassin available in the resource (I also created a disarmed version of it). When I inserted them the sword equipped and the disarmed female assassin on 8D and 8E slot, the male animation disappears (or glitched). I tried to fix it by: 1-I restarted the FEditor without saving (Of course!) 2-dumped the male assassin sword equipped and disarmed (8B and 8C slot) 3-inserted the female assassin animations (8D and 8E) ****at this point the 8E might disappear (or copy the previous animation): I just move my slot to 8E and insert the disarmed 4-then I go back to 8B (which is already glitched or disappeared) and inserted the male assassin attack animation 5-then I do the same with 8C using the unequipped male assassin animation 6-I check for 8D and 8E for errors and glitch, if still glitched I do step 3 to 6 again and again till they are all fixed. **SAVE - yes, I missed the save part the first time I did this 7-lastly I checked if the male and female assassins are working by changing Seth to assassin and eirika to female assassin in the prologue stage. (With and without animation) 8-They worked fine and it was a relief if not it'll be a bad day
  5. wow with a little edit the sol fencer could look like Saber. EX-caliba!! *edit* so I tried to use you standing png of sol fencer then resized an image of saber that will fit to that body modifiy it to a 16 colors http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110320010241/typemoon/images/8/88/Saber_2.png err... although I am having a difficulty making her sword that has the Invisible Air If this can be made into an animation I would swap Eirika or any female General for her *edit2* well it still looks funny.., im not good at making colors to make an invisible sword visible
  6. Thx guys now I have fixed it... I made a sprite for Gintoki of Gintama and I wish to upload it on the resources. Do I need to have a permission or something to do that?
  7. For the script I got it directly from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vyakic4yfil04d2/Ike.zip I tested it out first on Eirika, on the prologue mission. - opened Feditor > open rom > tools > class animation creator - load from script the "Ike Dis.txt" then saved it as "dis" file - I went to the class animation manager then looked for eirika (disarmed) - I click insert then looked for "dis" file - when it says inserted succesful I saved it then tried it - in game, I got Seth to take her rapier then wait for the enemy to attack - freeze
  8. Whenever I try to generate a created disarmed animation (I am using Ike from the hacking resource) in F8 using Feditor, It most freezes the game most of the time. Is there a good way to create a disarmed animation?
  9. "didn't make them have frames", You mean leaving the mouth and blinking eyes blank? The face in here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRrGvokecks doesn't blink.
  10. So I also tried to switch portraits (just the file names) but the eyes when blinking and the smile were off. Where or what file needs to be fixed? or is it better to switch them on base talks or story scripts? like the load faces in the script.
  11. Thank You, your FE12 NM Module and your sample database has helped me. The databin I am using is the same as your sample, the growth rates are glitchy with its negative values but I am not touching that. I tried to use the character cheat guide of someonewhodied: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=26096 and has successfully switched a characters face and name in-game. Im just curious If those values may are the same with the pointers in the module? When I scroll on blank names in the NMM Charater editor after the "Start of Generic Enemies" from 0x4E above, I notice that some of them have stats and Name/Portrait Value other that 0x00. Is it safe to assume that they could be specific characters like Eremiah Hardin or Roro?
  12. I got decompressed it and it is compatible with FE11 Nightmare but it is giving bad values like 0xBCA7AEA9 for generic name and -67 hp on most characters. Did I made a mistake somewhere? first I got the FE12Data.bin 38kb then used Puyo Tools and got FE12Data.bin 92.7kb - compatible with nightmare but no good values then I looked for BatchLZ77 that can also decompress type 11 and got FE12Data.bin.decompressed 92.7kb - the same If I can't insert them in a chapter, I'll probably switch them in to some characters like changing their face pointer, name pointer, etc..
  13. The rom that I used was my eng patched FE12. I used DSLazy to decompile it and tried to search for the database like in FE11. But there is nor database file inside data/data directory and surprisingly I found it inside the data/cpu but it cannot be decompressed (I'm using the nintenlord's compressor). My objective is to possibly make Kleine and Roro a playable character in the story (like the extra mission ep2) and modify some of their data like class, level, etc. I remember doing this on FE8 using Nightmare modules where you place them at the start of a certain chapter. (I am aware that GBA and DS have a big difference)
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